Friday, January 25, 2013

In The Thick Of It.

What does one do when you end up in Jefferson Park? Drink of course because there is absolutely nothing in that neighborhood. 

Fischman's bar is a cool old school bar that is long as shit with frozen pizza and a pretty stellar beer list. They also house amazing beer right next door where you can find almost every nerdy craft beer you and your buddies can look cool taking pictures of. 

Always appreciate local beer and a good fisting. However, I feel like beer labels are starting to look like hot sauce labels, kinda overdone and way too colorful. I mean, it is just beer isn't it? 

I imagine this is how rich people do drunk midnight snacking. This was smashed at the Addison Red Line stop.  

Picked up a shift at Fat Rice and maxed out on the staff meal which is usually the highlight of working at any restaurant. Its when people just make good food with no qualms or worries about dick head customers like me in mind. 

Got to be a part of a huge graffiti based show called "Has Beens and Wannabes." I assume that I am both which is why I was called in. The space is amazing if you have never been to the Zhou B center. They also have one of the most awkward and random bar attached to the main gallery.

Tewz coming correct with a full on installation. It made my two little pieces look like a little bitch.

Trixter and Denz. Looking at this makes me realize how cool blue skin looks. 

I swear, I didn't have a vagina in mind when I painted the black and white piece. 

This is what a 30 second bio looks like. Short and utterly stupid. 

Asend painting the aftermath of his tampon very stylistically. 

Solo coming correct as always. I think this took him 7 minutes to do and thats even too long for him. 

Chris Silva knows how to paint. He also has one of the deepest voices I know for someone under 6 ft tall.  

I would buy this for a really cool kid...too bad there is no such thing. 

Went to a really small studio show full of pretentious college looking fucktards who think introducing themselves as Tyrone is funny. I wanted to punch that fucking plaid shirt smirk so fucking bad. Also, every single person here was under 25 except for Coval, Sarah and myself. Everyone was gay/lesbian as well, but the annoying kind thats fresh out of the closet. We get it - you're gay, wearing pink hair doesn't make you more gay, it just makes you look desperate for attention and stupid. 

Refreshing to see such an organized and pristine studio space. Tony Fitzpatrick's space is pretty well kept. Makes my work area look like a crippled horse with aids. 

Stopped by Gallerie F to check out Lucx and Nice One's show. Great work as usual. 

I took this shot like six times with my phone. This girl did not want to fucking leave this spot. 

I wanted to take a couple of glamor shots of Fat Rice after work because as much as I like the food here, I do love the space as well and its hard to take a shot like this during service...I would also get yelled at by chef for taking pics during service. 

This is dangerous stuff. Proceed with caution and remember that you cannot outdrink a chef or a cook. 

Checked out Angelinas for a pasta craving...environment is not so nice. Pasta craving satiated at least. 

I hate taking the CTA with paint like this. 

The homie Amuse and I had the pleasure of painting inside NEO off of Clark st. You should definitely see it in person with weirdos dancing in front of it. It makes for a good night out. 

Get it? FAT. 

Beats and Bacon night at The Charleston paired with Anne Marie's solid gourmet jello shots. This boob was pretty tasty and strong. 

I like spinning at here. Its cozy and I feel like I'm spinning in my bedroom because I'm facing a wall and feel like I'm going to cry as is typical in my bedroom. 

Leaving a mark in the womens bathroom only to find out how that girls are just as disgusting in the bathroom as dudes. 

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

So The World Didn't End. 2013 Is Going To Be Long.

 I kind of went on a binge with the stickers towards the end of the year. I lost a lot of brain cells sniffing sharpies whilst banging these out. No homo. 

Went to a rogue beer tasting at a poutine place called Bad Happy. We abused the shit out of the BYOB policy by bringing over 30 bottles of rare, douchey beer that would make beer nerds sweat out gravy.

Speaking of which, Bad Happy had a pretty extensive of beer soaking solids that would turn our tolerance from Lincoln Park trixie to the Brawny axe men.


Took a breather and dropped some kids off to the pool. This is only half way through and as you can tell by the super models in this pic, that these were some serious beer drinkers. 

I have no idea why I thought it'd be a good idea to eat a pickled habanero but you best believe my dumbass ate the whole thing. I felt like my ass, face, and ears were going to shit out POO-tine. Booyah. 

I did have a really good time and wished I could have stayed a little longer but I would soon have more drinks on top of this and extend my night. The homie Alex Miramontes knows how to set up a good tasting with good people. Hats off to the chef at Bad Happy for dealing with the crop dusting and curd farting happening in the tight space. 

Made some dinner for X-Mas eve at Laura's house for some adult drunk orphans.

This is what Jenga looks like when a bunch of assholes play. At least some cleavage was present.

X-Mas day. I ate my namesake in China town. 

I got to finally check out Taco Joint on Halsted. The guacamole choices were tasty as were the variety of chips.

The tacos however were pretty meh, not bad but not great, just kind of there. You would think with all the Mexicans in the back cooking the food, the tacos would be on point son! Although the vegetarian sandwich was bangin. 

Went back in time for a wedding in Bloomindale, Illinois. The homies Bridget and Drew tied the knot

There was a cave bar in the middle of the hotel. FUCKING AWESOME!

It was like walking into a cave anus. I kept hoping that this bar existed back in B.C. times and that the hotel was built around it...its the only way to justify this feat of architecture. Otherwise, some pot head owner seriously just thought to build this random cave bar inside a hotel. 

This is how you know its a Phend/Mitchell wedding. This may be the best cake topper I have ever seen in my life. 

Keeping it the fuck real.

Keeping true to the cake topper theme, hot dogs and sliders were served as a last minute snack. I can now die and go to Superdawg heaven.

This is what Logan Square grown up looks like. Noah and Trimm getting dipped for NYE. 

Noah and Krysten broke out the fine cutting boards and charcuteries for NYE. I felt so grown up and sophisticated until I silently farted. 

This is what grown up beer looks like...until you throw it back up.

Hell yeah free CTA! 

Checked out the homie Jon Mill's party for literally a drink, a piss, and a shot. 

He also has one of my favorite paintings that I did which I completely forgot about. DAMN YOU JON!

He also has other awesome paintings. 

An older Amuse piece. Time to dip because we got a schedule to keep.

Trimm was the man with the plan and got us a backstage viewing for Wanda Jackson at the Double Door. Show was damn damn good, but we had to keep it moving. Also check out Trimm's blog for the rap show we got right before we entered the Door.

Stopped by Big Star to see Mike and Brian who had started their own little taco celebration. Lets do that shot and beer and keep it moving.

Ended up at Hannibal's hotel room where I quickly noticed a TV I had when I was in grade school. I also started to feel really drunk and realized that I had worked a lot and still had to work the next day/morning. This day would end with me sleeping in the break room and waking up to my shift the next morning. Its the only way to start the New Year. 

Checked out Little Goat and quickly realized how non white I am.

But Korean enough to drink during the day.

Banh Mi was good but the bread was stale and super freaking chewy. The pickles needed more time and flavor. Otherwise, it was a pretty solid sammy.

The veggie burger was the shit! It tasted like an In and Out burger. 

The goat cheese hash was pretty on point though. 

Oh yeah, I still paint. 

And work. 

Sucks to see great people leave Chicago but luckily Aaron and Nikki are only moving to Indianapolis. Aaron can finally live his dream as a Colts fan IN INDIANA.

Woke up the next day in anticipation for an awesome tour led by the homie Dave over at Goose. 

First of many stops during the extensive tour. 

I've drawn that goose for work so many fucking times...

The sentinels from the Matrix. Times are tough in this economy. 


Ill take fifty please. 

You can also build a motorcycle with these parts. 




Uh...Uh...thats a lot of fucking beer. These barrels will cause so many bad decisions and help so many uglies and fatties get laid. 

Jacob's ladder aka sex room. 

This is what it sounds like when beer cries. Sad thing is that you just know that some beer dick would totally take a sip off the floor and then tweet, instagram, facebook, and link in about it. Many many thanks to Dave for taking a group of asses around and really giving one of the best tours I've ever had at a brewery. It really was an awesome tour.

  new 077 from Won kim on Vimeo.

I will leave you with this gem. 


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