Monday, November 18, 2013

Austin, Texas. Hometown Of Gout.

This is absolute blasphemy. I guess this is revenge for Chicago having "BBQ." I did try a slice and it is as terrible as all of this looks.

Disappointed with my Chicago pizza, thought I'd try some BBQ immediately after being picked up by the homie Sloke. Green Mesquite is good gate way BBQ. Pretty standard, not terrible by any means but not like cut my dick off amazing either, but solid. 

Met up with Chops, Alex, and Scuba to check out weird mustaches and bearded people - EVERYWHERE, I meant Kurt Vile. 

I forgot who this dude was opening up for RJD2, but pressing play on a lap top and getting hype to your own shit across the stage is still weird to me. It's not hater shit because he had good mixes and content but its like he had nothing to do up there so he over dances to compensate the lack of action happening for his djing. Eh, just give me another fucking Shiner Bock already. 

RJD2. First off beat mix and we left...that was ten minutes into his set. I don't think anyone can do 3 turntables like Kid Koala and anyone trying pales in comparison unfortunately. At least he got that Madmen money son. 

Ran into the homie Supher from San Antonio donning his finest threads, old pussy. 

Oh man...this is going to be a long fucking weekend. 

I nerded out and went for a run. I took a lot of these kinds of shots but realized that this looks like any path in any city in any park area.

Alex and I got hungry and decided to try one of the newer looking restaurants near the place we were staying at. They brew their own beer and have BBQ. 

Breaded deep fried ribs. FUCK YES! This was definitely a winner. You didn't really taste the root beer glaze too much but damn, you taste the deep friedness of this heart attack.

Always a sausage in my mouth. The BBQ there was meh as well as the beer they brewed. This place was too clean and it looked like design students tried to make this place look "rustic." 

Trailer Park Boys. 

Sloke getting down. 

I'm always a fan of dive bars. This ground level bar felt like an awesome shitty basement dive. I don't know why Asians get made fun of for doing karaoke because this room was full of whites waiting to sing Hootie and Dave Matthews. 

The only bar on 6th street that didn't have shitty college students skunk drunk. Any blues band headed by a half Asian has to be amazing and if I'm not mistaken, the keyboard player was literally dying slowly on stage.  

Fat Tony from Houston killin the stage and his DJ checking his email (Tony Trimm joke).

Fucking Pelican killing the game! 

Got to paint during the fest for the first day and tried something a little different - caring. 

Speaking of caring, I heard very unfortunate news regarding a friend I met in Chicago a few years back. The homie Joe Nots lost his life to a fucking drunk driver in LA when he was on his way to visit his girl. He was a good dude with a great attitude. Condolences go out to his crews and fam out in Cali. Bullshit way to go. 

Got to see Ice T, COCO and entourage in the hotel lobby. Ice T is going to end up looking like the crypt keeper. 

Austin also has like 4456 food trucks. Chi'lantro wasn't bad. ANOTHER KOREAN TACO FUSION THING. When did tacos become so god damn expensive? 

This place was really awesome. Great veggie options and perfectly cooked plantains.You really can't ask for anything more after standing/walking for over 10 hours and drinking for 12.

Day 3. I have a lot of photos that all look the same from all of the bands I got to see. Killer Mike was for the people doing a surprise performance to replace Action Bronson. It was bound to be an epic performance until it didn't happen due to sound issues. 

Back side. 

Chops doing a racist Stevie Wonder impression.

Alex impersonating a poetic lesbian.

Watching Slayer sitting on a white leather couch. This may be the best and only way to watch Slayer from now on. I also found a new bowl on the bear skin rug with weed still in it! Thank god it wasnt pcp. 


This Chicago dog over at Franks was soooooo close to being authentic. The bun wasn't steamed, otherwise I almost sharted with excitement with how good this was. The waffle fries nachos were amazing. It made all the Shiner Bock I drank feel like Cristal in my stomach.

Speaking of sharting...I love stalls like this. Full size doors, anonymous farting and shitting in complete private quarters. I'm sure there was dirty STD sex that happened here.

Breakfast, Texas style. 

Finally get to say that I had some balls in my mouth. Prepared well, properly skinned and I'm comfortable enough in my own sexuality to say that these balls were damn tasty in my mouth.

Fucking fried chicken spaghetti! 

Bucket O chicken.

Mac N' Cheese.

These birds are everywhere in Austin and they don't give a fuck.

Finished a pencil sketch sippin some coffee listening to a dude next to me shout out "story" ideas into his ipad mini. It looked as ridiculous as it sounds. 

I had to. It is the original mecca that is the Whole. 


Health Starts Not Here. 

Cool spot right across the Whole. Not so tiny after installing tents that almost stretch half a city block. 

I hate when douche bags try to open arcade game bars. This bar had this awesome misleading mural only to find that there were less than 10 arcade games in the bar. They also had that really annoying loud jumbo jenga game...I'll pass.

Getting warmer and warmer to great BBQ. Ruby's didn't disappoint with the sleepy cozy interior and plethora of sides and meat. This should have been my only meal for the day. 

I feel like people in Austin are used to waiting in line for good food. This spot was good...again with the creamy pork broth. The noodles felt a little undercooked at first but got that good tooth feel as the meal went on. The Asian White Castle burger was pretty tasty as well, although that may be the saddest looking scoop of potato salad ever.


You know whats awesome about Austin? Having a house with your own private wall to spray whenever you want. I dont think Sloke needs the practice, but this is still awesome.

I literally ate so much, that I almost threw up. This was BBQ bliss. This dude and the guy that runs Franklin's BBQ apprenticed under Mueller Meat Co. The brisket melted here just looking at it. I would lose both my big toes to gout if I lived in Austin. 

Small Asian kids doing manual labor? I must be back home. 

I have a ton of concert photos and videos from FUN FUN FUN fest but I wouldn't do any of the bands justice, besides all the photos look like the stage is exploding. I easily saw over 50 musical acts between the fest and pre/after parties. Austin is rightfully labeled as the live music capital of the world. I also officially hate the taste of Shiner Bock.