Saturday, December 1, 2012

Won Doesn't Have Standards

No Really he doesn't, that is why I ( Crystal aka PistolCrystal ) am writing this blog entry.

This is a dumb Idea for a few reasons:

  1. I sleep A LOT
  2. I don’t know any celebrities  ( thanks TONY! )
  3. This entry is already really late.....
Aside from that I started about a month ago putting this action packed entry together.

We all met up with Won on Halloween and I waited for him to get drunk and asked him to let me write an entry he said yes SUCCESS!! :

I then proceeded to take a shit ton of pictures, that at the time ( 4 Bourbon cocktails 2 beers and 3 bars  in) seemed like a capitol Idea. Here are a few gems that I can explain:

I laughed at this ... never trust someone who doesn't write all of there letters facing the correct way.

Our hot friend Ana was there and I think she was telling me "Crystal you really can't write, don't do the blog" and that's Won's thumb all like "shut up Ana! Crystal, you're in!"

DJIntel being a gentleman... Yes he is lighting another grown Man’s cigarette

Won said this would make me shit myself. 

SO I ate the Pizza and then ate some Taco bell, you know to coat my tummy...
Yes this was our friend Edwin’s first time having a Dorito’s Tacos locos ( he didn't know I took that)
Originally because I am a pescatarian ( think half assed vegetarian who eats fish sometimes) Won said to do a blog on what I eat...  So here are some of my favorites from the month:
How can you go wrong with a beer that has  a Treasure Troll on it?

Darkmatter Unicorn Blood Espresso French toast from Township? YES!
Georges in Andersonville: That's a pretzel cone yup! 

Since we are in Andersonville maybe HopLeaf?

Duh! Yes Hopleaf ( missing from picture Mussels and Frites)

And since it was the holiday I stuffed my pie hole with actual Pie
And Drank A Harrison Gourd from Wormhole Coffee

and then had more pie
and talked someone into opening a 2011 Dark Lord on Thanksgiving

Yes that's Vegan corned Beef..

Frank's and Dawgs Slammin' Salmon was amazing 

I saw Lauryn Hill and Nas.
Nas was great! and amazing well balanced set here is a shitty far away picture of him

Lauryn Hill was a crazy Cat Lady

I also did a hair/ Fashion show thing for charity  where they dressed me like a deranged circus freak and put extensions in my hair

 I later went out with said extensions and they fell out at the bar...
and the DJ Intel wore them

That's not the only creepy thing he did this month...
He grew a pervert stash for Movember

And shaved Jordan Into his head

I went out on Black Wednesday and I usually  hate going out Down Town to places like Underground, but I decided that we would make the most of it by photo bombing a humping couple ( I bet that girl is pregnant now so congrats girl!):

Ok so I guess this didn't suck too bad and I guess I don’t sleep that much.

Sorry no boob pics maybe next time!

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