Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Miami Basel pt. 7

This morning fucking hurt...real bad. We tallied up the drinks and amount of time it took us to drink said wasn't pretty. It was hard to walk and function all day. 

Nothing a fruity French sandwich that took 45 minutes to make couldn't cure. 

Mandatory Whole Foods shot. 

Lame discount card. 

Where are those dishwashing Latinos when you need them? I kid...sort of. 

This was all painted! 

Fucking screen printed! How awesome are these? There were a lot of these and were all this stunning. 

Acrylic paint! HOLY FUCK BALLS. 

These were done with layered mesh. I quit. 

You know when you feel old? When you remember using these to save your high school english papers. 

Stencil on cardboard. 

Really glad to see Kofie pieces and White Walls SF gallery reppin hard at the Scope fair. Jennifer was very kind and gracious. Love this place. 

This is like a boys town decepticon logo. 

And the beat goes on. 

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