Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Miami Basel pt. 4

Went to stop by the Ironlak wall to see Omens painting his 74th piece in Miami. 

Ran into Mags who I havent seen since her college days in Chicago. It looks like shes getting arrested in this photo. 

This character collage is fucking serious. Sofles is a damn beast. 

This is how Mear One likes to travel. He's so damn eccentric. It took him 6 weeks to drive here from LA on this thing. 

This is that collaborative piece that was done in the bum's bathroom. At least he has something to look at when he's jerking off now. 

This is South Beach's welcoming sign. 

Checked out a hotel that lent out its rooms to artists. 

Awesome card if you never want to put it into your pocket or wallet but just to look at. 

Mike Reynolds had a series of awesomely executed paintings of the BEEBS in renaissance settings. Justin Bieber really does look like a lesbian.

We stumbled into this performance art thing where the kimono girl was ready to show off her anus and I quoting this from her mouth "you guys can stay, I make money by showing off my anus." It was awkward, but the A/C was pretty amazing in this room. The husband seemed a little annoyed that she kept saying "anus" to strange men. 

How do you know you're in Miami? A complete stranger asks you to move his car for him because of his DUI and motor being locked unless a clean breath is blown into what was probably his anal probe. 
I did it for my readers so I can take this flick. You're welcome. 

Dude paints fast as fuck these days. 

I got to paint again. Shit is getting out of control son! 

CZR's Bird looking at asshole Jovan photo bombing my piece. 

Did I mention that he's a male model for Chef Boyardee? 

Quietist gallery opening ever. I didn't take any pics inside because A. It was seriously too quiet for comfort B. The art work sucked ass. 

This piece is dope, but I would seriously freak the fuck out if I saw this in person and at the same time jerk off probably. 

A gallery sandwiched between a club. 

Food truck lot going on for the fatties. This is how the city of Miami kill off fat people so that only the beautiful adorn the streets. 

So many ways to cover up the crappy taste of your food. 

Pre cooked ceviche? Just call it a fucking cod salad. 

Pre cooked shrimp ceviche? Its called a shrimp salad. 

Remember when you were young and happy? This is what young happy people do. They start dancing like assholes in front of other happy assholes and cause a commotion on a super busy street. 

See you in Part 5. 

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