Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Miami Basel pt. 3

Cyfn and I back at it collaborating on a wall just big enough for one person. We also later found out that a homeless person uses this area for his personal bathroom. We smelled almost every visit while painting this area. I think we also caught the HIV.

Finally getting to check out some shows. 

Tons of Lichenstein inspired work everywhere.

Kind of like a nightmarish Sesame Street scene with a lot of rich white people. 

This is a low price. You would think that a better sign would be created when asking for $9500.

Ces in complete camouflage. He may have come back from alligator hunting? 

Toilet of my dreams. Any kind of shit would look good in in a bronze bowl. 

Columbian style dog with pineapples, chips, mustard, onions, tacos, burritos, and a pizza slice. 

Ran into more Chicago homies. Its starting to look a lot like Pilsen. 

Another midnight snack with what seemed like a whole green salad on top. It was decent and the fact that it was made by greasy looking frenchmen made it all the better. 

The homie Haste CBS about to get it in. 

See you in part 4.

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