Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Miami Basel pt. 2

You know you're at some kind of art festival thing when passengers start drawing in public. I think this is the one week in Miami that everyone is basically an artist instead of some clubbing methed out coke head.

Old ass Retna piece circa 1956.

This shit made me horny and hungry. 

Sexy Cobra Kai mothafucka! 

Jick just wrecked shop on Miami. Dude murdered it out there. 

This was the first piece I painted. I didn't post in part one because it got dark and shit. I must have eaten a pack of starburst or something before I painted this. 

This is what you get if Retna and Reyes had a baby. 

Invited the homie Omens to paint in the same lot we were painting. This party about to get started. 

Chicagoans are creative about preserving the temperature on beers. 

Squeezed in a little quickie in Lil' Havana. 35 minutes son! 

Also stopped at a "cafeteria" that was also a laundromat for a bean taco. I also bought lottery tickets here. They know how to really use a space here. And the taco was pretty bomb too. I just pointed to a picture like a douchebag tourist to order the food. 

Another legend Daze at the next wall that we would be painting. 

See you in part 3

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