Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Miami Basel pt. 9 The Finale.

Hot damn. This makes me want a Snickers. 

There is a computer programmer crying his eyes out right now. 

Typical Tuesday Miami orgy aftermath. 

Yes, they do sell booze on the streets here. 

Art and a steaming bowl of kimchi stew will cure any hangover, oh and puking your balls out the night before. 

Mear rushing to finish so he can finally use the bathroom. 

Mr. Wane doing a typical two story sized piece. 

That is some serious jewishness. 

Speaking of which...

This meal cost 26 dollars...NY prices in Miami. 

This made it all worth it though. 

I have no idea what was going on with that trophy drink in the middle but fucking Christ, even I think thats over the top. 

This mural sums up Miami. 

How can you not eat a place called the "Big Pink?"

Best damn Grouper sammich ever. 

As if the above meal wasn't enough, I had to try the famous stone crabs before I left. 

I forced myself to eat this and immediately got nauseous from overeating...when in Rome right? 

This would soon be gone. 

One final mark. 

Lucky ass birds with their free bread and warm weather. 

All 9 parts have been edited down alot...I have almost 600 pictures I didn't post! Shit was just out of control art wise down there. Miami does not sleep! Good to be back though...sort of. 

Miami Basel pt. 8

VIP texters. 

Looking at framed Banksy pieces quickly made me realize that this kind of shit is really meant for the streets. It looks weird indoors. 

Hell yeah Craola! 


Man, someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. 

As Dio put it, "This looks like you cutting your toe nails." Nailed it! 

If you need bullets for that gun sale...

I've heard of anal bleaching but is it possible to do this? 

C'mon...seriously? This looks retarded. 

Fat kid dreams. 

Almost done, I swear. Part 9 coming up.