Friday, November 9, 2012

Things Are Never What They Seem.

Finished up a painting the other week are quickly realized that I paint things that look like clitoris's and vaginas. Call me Georgia O' Queef. 

I'm not really into Halloween or anything but I had to check out some of the bars dressing up as other bars. This is Lula's bar dressing up as Violet Hour. And I gotta say, that they nailed it on the head! Complete with outside faux mural to the overly dressed mixologists to the ridiculous ornate qualities that VH is known to be. This would start a slow down fall to one of the worst hangovers I would experience the next day. 

Not to be outdone, Scofflaw dressed themselves up as now defunct Bonny's. Complete with the old staff, and dj's. This original painting is the icing on the cake. What surprised me the most is how Scofflaw was able to make the whole place smell like a urinal cake just like Bonny's used to smell nightly. It was packed full of assholes and teens so the only 25 year old and up people left, i.e. my friends and I. 

I don't know why or how I'm still out at this point. Go Coles. 

Hannibal camouflaging in the dark between two white women. Best costume ever. 

Pistol (who will soon be a guest blogger on here) and Jason enjoying the wall of Abe Lincolns. This wall would be passable if children colored all of these illustrations. Scary to think that adults have no innate ability to color within the lines.

Regretting going to SmartBar, I stumbled home blacked out and saw this on my phone. I can't even begin to think why I thought this was significant in any way. GOOOOOO BLACKOUT!

Started another painting. This one is going to take a while. 

This is a scarily accurate rendition of a liver. 

This is some of the beer related artwork from my Bday/beer event Under the Influence. It was a good time. 

Calm before the storm. 

Calm during the storm. This is the beer that I brewed with Twisted Hippo labeled the "Black and Yellow." 

It was a huge success. Beeramids, live art, all kinds of beer, Flesh for Food, great people, I couldnt have asked for a better event to come together. 

This is where it starts to get a little hazy. Ended up at Lazo's with Nathan West, Virginia, Monica and...

An overgrown hobbit. This creeper picture quickly made me realize what a great bear Shawn would be. I also barely remember this late night snack. I remember a congo line that Virginia and Monica got into while Nathan, Shawn and I conceded any more activity face down in food that'll make our bowels look like a nice chunky bowl of chili. 

Hello old friend! Hang in there! 

Finished this other board and thought my hand was going to fall off. I also thought my head would explode from all the beer consumed the previous night. I should clinically be dead.

Good to know. Who the fuck is making your food until then?

The homie Sang hooked up some bulls tickets for my birthday. 

Half time show was way intense. Two golden men in speedos doing all kinds of balancing acts on each other. I wish I was European sometimes and appreciate the craft so I wouldn't keep thinking how mega gay this was. 

Went to Kuma's for a victory burger and almost had a heartache seeing Sang eat raw vegetables. This should make up for the 80lbs of meat you consumed this week. 

File this under: What the fuck are you thinking?

Had a little fun for the Oskar Blues beer dinner. Each course was Thanksgiving themed. This first course was a deconstructed mashed potato. Buttermilk gravy gel, cream poached then fried potato cube, hollandaise and chives. 

Pork shoulder ham. Brined like a ham overnight, baked and glazed with apricot mustard...shit was really really fucking good. 

This was a turbulent way to start off 33, with a lot of work, emotion, and drinking involved. A special shout out and apology goes out to Janice. I'm so sorry for being a complete asshole at my own Bday party and not realizing how awesome and amazing you are as a person, friend, and worker who always has my back. I let bs emotions get the better of me and I mistreated you. 

Thanks for reading! 

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  1. I want to have mouth sex with that Pork shoulder ham. I'm glad you don't remember most of your birthday week. That was sweet of you to apologize to your friend. Very big of you. I hope she accepts.