Friday, November 16, 2012

Get It In While You Can.

I don't know what to think with the weather fluctuating the way it is. Either way, theres never a bad time to make some mahfucking pea sizzoup with Drew and Bridget. That hock basically made the soup what it is - delicious.

"Craft" beer has blown the fuck up in Chicago as evident by this ridiculous line of caucasians. 

Beer Hoptacular took place in the same circus tent where Cirque Du Euro Weirdness takes place. 

It got a little intense under the circular tent. I couldn't fucking think straight, let alone navigate through the endless amount of yuppies that were in attendance. 

I am that guy that brings his own beer to a beer event like an asshole. I'm no better than any of the people that attended but you better believe that I had better beer in tow than beer under that douche tent. 

Finally got to check out the long anticipated restaurant by the homie Abe and crew called Eat Fat Rice.    

To further my doucheness, I brought more beer to the friends and family night.

As you can see by this menu, the prices are very reasonable and they are generous on the portions. 

Fuck yeah pot sticker crepe. 

Trio of pickled veggies to add a little "swag" to the main dishes. 

The veggie plate tasted fresh, and light.

Nothing wrong with a little surprise dish with pickled anchovies. 

God damn, I would eat a trough of this if I could. The fat noodles were fucking great. 

Stuffed and satisfied from the awesome meal, the gang checked out a little punk show at cafe mustache sort of down the street in Logan. I kept thinking about sleeping on those fat noodles and eating my way to sleep on a plate. 

Dio, Trimm, and I decide to check out the Monkey's Paw for brunch the next afternoon and needless to say, we won't be heading back anytime soon. Cold food, 45 minute wait on food at a bar not crowded, no comp on drinks from said terrible wait and service, and using a bullshit excuse like "there are kids in the back" as viable reasoning behind wait on cold eggs does not fly well to three hungry ass patrons. 

The bloodies were good though. Not fucking $10 good, but good. And yes, that is a pickled egg on top. It looked like they scooped up garbage with the cup and called it garnish. I still somehow spent $55 on a round of drinks. 

Thank god for Soup Sunday at the Trimm manor. The delicious soup made by Krystyn and Noah satiated all of us and got us right back on track. Not to mention the copious amount of High Life and pickle back shots consumed. It more than made up for the Monkey ball brunch. 

This is what a proper street artist drawing session should look like minus the period salsa bowl and prescription drugs in the middle of the table. 

When you get tired of drawing, just put stickers on top of stickers. 

You thought I forgot about this little guy didnt you? He is now looking like a teenager. He's only 2 and half years old. My nephew will beat your kids up and make it look good. 

I got sick as hell during the week but that didn't stop me from completing a few projects and coughing up phlegm at the same time. 

Functional art.

On my way to the Eco-Andersonville homebrew contest where I saw that artist that painted the side of Simones paint the side of another outdoor space. He hates it when I mention it to people all the time which is why I always state it. Ruben, how long have you known me? You should know better son! 

The attic above Hamburger Mary's in Andersonville was the venue for the contest. It was a cozy little space with "kookiness" everywhere. It was neat and hot...very very hot. It may have been my meds mixing with the tiny amount of beer I was consuming, either way I was sweatin to the oldies up here. 

Feeling productive, I hacked up more phlegm and started another piece. 

I hate being sick. IT TOTES SUCKS BRAH. 

Thanks for reading. 

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