Monday, October 8, 2012

Well Rounded.

Started the week at the Goose getting ready for Halloween with the happiest looking demons and monsters I can do. This was my fourth Frankenporter board I've done. Time flies when you drink a lot. 

When plans fall through, Mitsuwa is definitely a good alternative.

There is nothing ever wrong with a good bowl of ramen and braised pork belly. My bro and I maxed the shit out of dinner and also embraced our inner yellow at the same time. 

Also checked out the beverage section which housed every single artificial flavor drink you can think of. I opted for the most boring drink that was a Korean 7up, it was called "you are a failure to your family." Tasted real good at first and then shameful at the end. 

Cooked an intimate dinner for friends Linda and Jula (I may have misspelled the name, but its pronounced you-la). My mise en place was all set. 

This pork loin roast was pretty damn tasty. Made me want to cut a hole in it and do bad things to it with an old school lamb skin condom while it was warm. 

Wanna see two Asian males look out of place? 

Prepping for my 4 courser with Templeton Rye at the Whole. If your house ever smells like shit, just roast some garlic and shallots. The smell is intoxicating.

If you ever wanted to get horny while you cook, melt 16 sticks of butter for no good reason. This would later be joined by white wine and poach 30 monkfish portions. Hot damn. 

The beast for the Mash Tun fest at the Bridgeport Art Center. This 100 lb. beauty would be consumed in less than an hour. 

These are days when I love knowing the people I know. I got first dibs and requested the cheek, ear and part of its rear. My face was pretty shiny after consuming this. 

Drew from Flesh for Food don't fuck around when it comes to animals, especially pork.

Yes. I ate the anus. The meat in the tail is tender and the skin was like eating a rich kettle cooked chip. 

The venue was no joke. Either we were all going to have a good time drankin or this was a vampire feeding ground. That opening scene in Blade will forever be with me. Damn you SNIPES!

Unicorn Blood is the truth from Pipeworks. Support local! 

Keeping with the animal theme, I went for the Sticky Fat which enhanced the fat coating my mouth. 

There were simultaneous openings in the building next door to the loading dock where the festival was happening. Chris Silva had an awesome piece in one of the group shows. I would feel really creeped out shaking this hand. 

There was also an interior design/furniture show on the floor above the group show. There were some really cool things that I know I could never afford and would end up breaking. I also looked like a hobo oogling cool furniture like I've never seen tables or chairs. 

Janelle and Danny wondering where the bargain bin is for furniture. 

Went back downstairs for last call and this happened. I don't think I can ever go to a fest without ending it like this. These guys murdered it! I'm talkin 30 minutes straight. It made all that pork fat in my stomach really really happy.

Stopped by the Co-Prosperity Space and checked out an awesome solo show there. I forget the artist name because I'm an ass, but he had awesome work and filled the giant gallery with all kinds of styles and eye candy. 

Then this happened and falafel would soon follow as well as passing out immediately from a long day of Bridgeporting. I'm starting to fall in love with Bport. 

I have no idea how I woke up, but I had a date with the Twisted Hippos to collab on a brew for my Under the Influence show on Nov. 3rd.  It's going to be a hoot and you should definitely order your tix asap.

Its going to be a stout in honor of the black and white cookie episode from Seinfeld. Come have a taste Nov. 3rd. 


Checked out an opening at Oh No Doom over in Bucktown. Good to see the homie Veggiesomething doing his thang. Always a fan of his design work and clean line work. He's also seriously one of the nicest dudes ever. 

Awesome work right outside the gallery. Tera kills it. 

Joey, Sara, and I stopped by Frontier so we can pop Sara's oyster cherry, which all sounds gross as I read this. I ordered an elk sausage and got the saddest amount of housemade giardinera ever. It looked like someone's leftover. The oysters and dranks were good at least. 

Woke up ready to paint in a dirty dusty alley in Evanston. Got to finally check out the official Metropolis Coffee shop. I freaking love this coffee. 

It was bustlin son! White people love coffee Sunday morning. Overwhelming activity happening here. Decent spinach pie and quiche though. 

Migue kills. I wish I have these kinds of visions in my head. All I have are sausages, porno, and sour patch kids in my head all the time and thats all I have room for. 

Cyfn dropping it like its hot. He wears nice pants when he paints.

Rila wears no pants when he paints. Its really awkward to see a grown ass man in diapers painting a wall. 

I don't know if I could ever do a normal piece again. Back to the drawing board for me I guess. Shout out to by bro Kyu for kickin it. 

I rewarded myself with some Buffalo Joe's in Evanston. I haven't had these wings in years. I think they be killing baby ass chickens because the wings were tiny! Or maybe I just got fatter. 

Football Sunday at Tony's house concluded at Folklore with the homie Madadam making a triumphant return complete with Dengue fever from Costa Rica. If you ever wanted to lose weight fast, get on that Dengue son! Adam looks almost a week younger.