Monday, October 29, 2012

Starting To Feel It In My Bones.

I think the best way to start off the week is to open a New Glarus sour. This beaut was just the right amount of everything that made the Bears victory even sweeter. 

Worked on some growler art for the homies at Twisted Hippo brewing. I'm kind of excited to see how this turns out. 

Checked out the WBEZ chef battle royale over at Salvage One and waited in line for half an hour.

Got to the door and waited in line again.

Got inside and waited in line for beer.

And then waited in line again for food.

Took a break and went outside for a breather

Came back inside and waited in line again for food.

It was a really cool space, with a lot of antiques and wares all around this massive 2 story warehouse. 

This awesome old bar where Intelligentsia was being served was the only place without a line. 

Antique robot nip.


Hard to tell if Pickel is in costume or not. This could be a normal Tuesday night for him. There is nothing that he is wearing that I miss, although he can easily get away with this costume on any given night at Debonair Social Club.

This is what happens when 4 grown ass men get together with movable halloween decor. And yes, we giggled throughout this whole process.

Checked out an old abandoned bar party where Kojack and Ryan from Virtue had a little jammy with a kick ass punk band that made me wish I was white for a second. 

Terrible graffiti is the true mark of being in a terrible neighborhood. 

I think even Satan would be disappointed in how ghetto this is. 

Ryan explaining why he looks like a hipster lumberjack. Because he's an idiot. 

I have no idea how I got up the next morning, but looking at a wall like this will get you goin. I don't think my mind would be able to comprehend or come up with anything like this and if it could, I'd be afraid. Migue kills it yo. 

Cyfn with a simple style that looks like Gyfn.

Rila murdered this wall. It looks all smooth and soft like his pretty little mouth. 

I ended up doing a piece for Reggie Destin who tragically passed away this past weekend. R.I.P. Rede. 

Finishing up with no where to go. 


Woke up from a nap and painted a face. I never got this close to a man's face...I hope I never have to again. 

Its so hard to find these days. 

This is one hard working drag queen. Three costume changes (one of which is not pictured) and like five songs within an hour on a Sunday morning. If the endless mimosas or bloodies don't get you going, a hard working queen should. 

stopped by Longman for Virtue Cider's fall thing where bobbing for apples in a tub of cider would prove to be really fucking hard. Anthony and Ryan challenging each other to a cider beard off, complete with a sticky beard kiss on the mouth - seriously. 

Ended the week checking out an impromptu performance by Hannibal Burress at Town Hall Pub. I slammed a beer and did a jello shot by this time after passing out at the Trimm manor. It was time to call it a day. 

I hope to see yall at my party this Saturday. I'm turning old. See me here.

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