Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sleep, No Sir, Ain't Got Time.

Saturday, September 29 to Saturday, October 6
A guest post by @somedumbwhore.

Saturday.  We started talking about doughnuts at 9 am.  Finally got them at 11:30 pm.  Sister Sam got a bacon doughnut to spite me.  (I do not eat the meat.  Ever.)

Then to Rodan for the messaround with Maker and DJ Intel.  There was also a DJ Trew.  Thanks to special guests John Simmons and Nolan for hanging out with me and Pistol Crystal.

 We even took breaks from working in our Hello Kitty CafĂ© to visit with those guys.

We are pretty serious about this goddamn game lately.  Sometimes it's all we think/talk/text about.  (we = me, my sister, Pistol Crystal)

There was a car that night so there had to be Taco Bell.

 These assholes don’t realize it is 4 am and I have no intention of taking them for a walk.

 Monday.  Welcome to October (this is really my calendar).

My main goal for 2012 was a shit ton of spending, also known as #wastefulspending2012.  I've done a great job of spending on booze, food, trips, more booze, and shoes.  Three cheers for me achieving goals!

(Note: this accounts for only 57% of shoe inventory)

Tuesday.  Kind of rapey down there.

Got home too late from work and had to pass on New Facemelt.  Congrats to those guys on new space and new night.  I’ll be there soon.  Facemelt is always my favorite night to get belligerent.

Later that night, Joeleen was inspired by my conservative work attire and started researching 90s business lady fashion.  This quickly led her to Mormon fashion blogs.  And that quickly led us to dreaming up our own fashion blog.  Conservative ladies are often pregnant and their fashion pics are typically staged outside.  Here’s what happens when Joeleen and I pretend to be fashion minded and pregnant outside:

Wednesday.  This is what an extra 30.6 lbs looks like.  Also known as full blown fat.  I may need to settle down with the excess eating.  Sometimes #wastefulspending2012 can go too far.

Thursday.  This is what a 20 hour workday looks like.  I probably made cunty remarks all night.

Friday.  Sean Dove is handsome and talented and his opening at Inkling required more spending.  I had to buy all of the prints.

Also at Inkling, these ladies demonstrating the merchandise.

Also, these guys.  I am a superfan.  See Google for: Jenny Frison.  Also: Steve Seeley.

Chicago really isn't that far.  Come visit!  You can stay with Won!

Came home to a rager in my backyard.  This Humboldt Park Commune knows how to have Fall Fun.

Saturday.  Volunteered, packed, then headed to Boston to see my sister and Elinor!

Also, Boba Fett and a Stormtrooper.  My brother-in-law has good taste.

Thanks to Won for letting me post my chest on the internets!

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