Monday, October 1, 2012

Oh The Colors.

Finally got to check out Doze Green's finished mural over in Rogers Park.

This fucker is 1 city block long. The two pictures make up about 5% of the whole thing. I get to say that I helped out Doze Green on this mural and yes I do feel cool. 

So now its Mear One's turn for his Mile of Murals project. Its about to go the fuck down. Two graffiti heroes of mine in a month. My panties got damp. Big ups to Dustin and Lea for having an open mind and really pushing for these awesome artists to come paint our fair city! 

The Red Bull Three style week was happening simultaneously and you best believe we took as much advantage as we could. 

What do one and a half Asians do during a show?They also started doing Algebra soon after.

One of the competitors from South Korea being bullied by Trimm. This dude said he is 35! The thumbs up is the new piece sign in Korea. 

The Gas Lamp Killer wrecking shop on stage dancing like he has a seizure look easy. 

Oh hey, Its Mear One and DJ Nu - Mark. Fucking cool kids. 

 Stopped to get a "street" sandwich from a dude with black nails. Perhaps painted so he wouldn't have to show how really dirty they were. It was some sort of pulled pork served on a hot dog bun with some kind of spicy relish/slaw thing. I really need to start eating before I drink so these kinds of decisions can be avoided. I did really appreciate the hand sanitizer napkin holder.

If you ever want to be worked up to a murderous rage and hate life, do inventory overnight at one of the largest organic grocery stores on Earth.I can't look at Pop Chips and Jay Bars the same.

So after I got off at 8am, I got the breakfast of champions. A hot plate of laxatives and a bloody mary. Fuck a inventory.

Stopped back to check out the progress. Needless to say, its coming along nicely.


Mear had a hankering for some yellow people food so we decided to check out Urban Vegan on Montrose and Ashland. Pretty damn good, despite being hungry an hour later. The food is fresh and plentiful and you kind of feel good eating it, especially when talking "shop" about "art scene."

Checked out the Alphabet Soup show over at Gallerie F in Logan Square. It was a little crowded. 

I tried to take decent photos but when you are surrounded by awkward graffiti nerds and pre teens, the last thing you want to do is stay idle. 

It was like walking into someone's hot mouth in a bad way.

Fonzo RGS.

The homie Cove CYA DC5 LOL BRB


Amuse 126 DE 

Amuse 126. I was really feeling this piece especially how well it matched dude's shirt. 

Mime absolutely destroyed these panels. Christ on a shit stick. So dope. 

Now he's just showing off.

What good is art if it isn't functional? Yes, that is shame on your face. 

Random hipster coffee shop opening right next door pouring bourbon and coffee. I can deal with a little sprinkle of  yuppie hipster douchery, but when I get surrounded by makes me really hate being a human being.This coffee shop will have to sell 5000 cups of coffee a month just to pay the rent. Better stop buying so much pomade for that stache brah.

Totally underrated awesome person of the year goes to Bryan. This dude knows his shit about everything and isn't an asshole about it like other know it alls.He's cool to the point that this random dude just started talking to him about nothing - This is his "get me outta here" face. He is also the most Japanese looking person I know - Its an Asian thing, we just know.

Donuts son.

This is how I would liked to have seen the show. Asend showing off the process of doing E. 

Aftermath of having a group graffiti show. This window was completely blank. hahahahaha

Holy fuck balls thats clean. Sege showing us how to properly burn a wall. BUBBLE GUM SON! 

Omens always coming correct complete with an elephant that made me feel uncomfortable for some reason. 

I say I say, can you hear me now? 

Rila with those baby soft fades. He painted this piece with a pair of white framed sunglasses and a mohawk All he needed was a pair of zubaz pants and that look would have been complete. 

Repos painting out his aggression over not getting an Iphone 5.

This is going to be a long day for Cyfn. Look at all the fading he did. 

Its my blog, so I get to post more than one picture of my piece. This fucker took me 6 hours to do complete with a bathroom break and a sit down alley picnic with no utensils.


Checked out the world finals for Red Bull at the Metro. USA! USA! yeah Four Color Zack took it and with a name like Four Color Zack, it doesn't get any more USA. 

Then Quest love and the worst most useless hype man on Earth took to the stage. No afro? I want my free guest list access back! Give that man a set of drums please. I can watch him wailing on drums for hours, but him playing "rare" records on serato...not so much. Plus, did I mention how shitty his hype man was?

So they announced the winner and a big period confetti bomb went off. Everyone got sprayed. 

If you ever want to see it done right, please check out DJ Jazzy Jeff if you ever get the chance to. His hype man is mahfucking Mad Skillz. Jeff's set is so fucking good and well laid out and he even blended a little dubstep into the mix. I was mesmerized by the set. However, I did have a montage of him getting thrown out da crib by Uncle Phil playing in my head the whole time. 


Second day, second piece. Nothing motivates like depression, hangovers, and out of town graff legends. 

Komf One killing it as usual. 


Worst one block of traffic on Earth right past this bridge. If you ever need shit to sell, just bring a table and your most random objects laying around the house, on and a sombrero may come in handy.

One of these things don't belong with the other. 

Live music at a torta shop...shit is real playa.

Gotta love a good vegetarian option with Turkey.

Come back to find a hippie vegan painting right next to me! Mear friggin did this in two hours. Just when you thought they were all laid back pot smokin surfers. 

Debs literally murdering it.

Whats a graffiti artist without leaving his mark somehow? 

Scuba Steve, Mear One, Dustin, Lea, Celisa, Heath, Kyu, Komf, Keith, Sege, Amuse, Jash, Bryan, Trimm, Shanbake, Donna, Leks, Repos, Rila, Asend, Julian, Karen G, Nate, Sam, Jeff, Jason, Crystal, Sang, Red Bull, Alison, Abay, Maker, Chops, Renaldo, Tubs, Debso, Czar, Melon, Fonzo, Polack, Cebl, Cove...It was a good week.

Also check out if yall got some extra time. Better pictures, less bullshit emo dribble. Stay tuned for a slew of guest bloggers who don't sleep very much at all either. 

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