Tuesday, October 16, 2012

From India to Indiana With Love

Started the week chill at the Gingerman Tavern drankin on some dranks and shooting some pools. Loved the empty room until literally fifteen 20 year olds came in. Why do young girls always dress like they're going to a club? Do you know what the difference between a "bar" and a "club" is? 

The homie Oscar Arriola had his monthly secret society of sticker making art nerd thing which I felt an honor to be a part of with some pretty cool artists. It was nice to just sit and draw for a couple of hours straight and shoot the shit with some homies. 

I broke out this big boy courtesy of the homie Nathan West. It was light and definitely not as demonic as the label would suggest and this being a Mikkeller collab, I would have expected something a bit stronger. It made the one black artist at the table sick. 

Clamnation and I being the rebels that we are decided to take the unsafest looking freight elevator down to the first floor and at one point got stuck having gone past the first floor on the way down. I have no idea why the creepiest green light is lit all the way down. It did make me look like a Korean hulk though but then I realized it was my oddly timed erection. 

Time for some beer and swine. The Chicago Beer Geeks are curating the next beer dinner here at work and what better way to accompany a tasting than with a plate of pure pork salt? 


Finally stopped by the Trencherman in Wicker with the gang at Flesh For Food which took over the old Spring location. I didn't post any of the delicious food we had because I absolutely suck at taking pictures and all of the photos look like shit. The food was good, but the cocktails were awesome, also any place that serves beer in a wine glass is alright by me. Like a wolf in sheep's clothing...bro.

Stopped by Township to check out some punk bands play, drink and do more drugs at. The bands were all really good, or its been so long since I've seen actual instruments being played that I was so enthralled with every minute of it or I was just high and dunk and glad to have been standing. 

After 3 hours of sleep, I had to go on the set of a Bollywood movie being filmed called Dhoom 3. I wasn't feeling so hot and I reeked of PBR and hotdogs, but I know I only had PBR. 

I guess homeless people do graffiti in India. 

I have no idea whats going on. 

Job 1.

Job 2 aaaaand I'm done. This is all I had to do for one of the dance/singing sequences about to happen. They wanted colorful "graffiti" garbage cans. I reached down to my inner curry and got inspired. My day would last another 12 hours after this having cooked for 3 clients soon after. Not a fun day, but surprisingly no barf. 

I had to go for a jog after what I did to myself the past couple of days and knowing the stress that would ensue in the following days. This was my moment of zen during my route knowing full well that I looked like a dying retarded gazelle while I was running. 

This Lafayette barn would be my home,work, and bar for the next couple of days. 

The wedding area got even more awesome with leaves turning all pretty and shit.

What do I confit my fingerlings in? Ribeye fat cap of course. These will come back to haunt us soon. 

I made it to the table of fame! I think hoodies make me look homeless. 

This bottle was empty before our prep got done...along with 36 beers. 

Which led to the genius idea of a shot of rendered beef ribeye fat after a whiskey pickle back. And you know what? It was actually delicious. Like a drunk quarter pounder with cheese. 

Our dessert was a Bourbon County Stout. We really really should have called it a night here. 

Instead, Chris recommends DT Kirby's right down the street for some late night dining. Chris who is devilishly smiling in the left hand corner knows something we don't. How to quickly empty our bowels. 

This is a burger with two grilled cheese sandwiches as buns and fried pickles. I almost think that the raw onions were put on there as a joke. 

I have no idea what the fuck this is. It looks like the kitchen scraped everyone's leftovers onto a plate in the back and tried to pass it off as a complete dish. I barely remember eating this but, now it all makes sense why I gave birth to a lincoln log the next morning. 

The calm before the storm. The gang and I went on a search for Breakfast and stumbled upon a farmers market. The usual, veggies, candles, salsas, weird meats...

And some motherfucking skins JOE! I want those turned into boxer briefs somehow but with the head still attached. 

When your wait staff looks like this at a diner, you know you are in for immediate trouble. 

When the local uses his pancake as a tortilla, you know you are in immediate trouble. 

Time for some work. 

It doesn't get any more country than this and I kind of love it. 

Yeah bitches! Do my bidding! 

I get to see Scuba Steve and madadam in Indiana. This will never happen again. I also think I sharted in this pic. 

Man, that wedding was in tents. Get it? 

It rained a lot. 

I have no fucking idea why we thought DT Kirby's for breakfast would be a good idea. The menu was printed on regular paper and stapled together. One server/bartender for the bar, the cook in the back kept coming out and causing a raucous, it was theeee worst food experience I've ever had as if not already indicated by the menu, yes - WHY WOULD WE DO THIS? 

After 30 minutes of waiting for the food, this is the only thing I could take a picture of because the barf that Crista and I had was just that disgusting. Adam opted for the deep fried croissant sandwich. Why the fuck are you so damn hairy? The crazy part is that this thing is supposed to be covered in gravy! Wanna know why Indiana is fat? 

Back home and wondering what the hell this is. I think I've seen this in the Matrix once. Does it take me to that weird cave rave? 

Painted a wall for the homie Tim Zawada. Had a lot of fun doing this in Wicker Park. It was great being left alone and just doing whatever the hell I wanted in only two colors. 

That's it I guess. I failed to take a lot more photos from this weekend because, well I was pretty drunk. I'm also sparing y'all from a lot of the other boring work bull I did as well so consider yourself lucky. Until next time, please don't offer to buy me a drink if I see you because you know I'll take it. 

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