Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Truckin Along

When keeping it real goes wrong. 

Honored to be standing in the homie Joey Potts's wedding. I'm just glad my tie wasn't yellow or red. I have no idea why Joey is standing like an awkward British boy in this shot. 

Wedding ran like a tight ship. I'm just showing off the board I did for them.

I was "that guy" and took a photo with my shitty phone while the ceremony was going on. You can never take the Asian out of the Asian. 

The mandatory "married in the streets SON!" shot. This would make for an awesome rap cover. 

The happy couple getting ready to get they drank on. 

When artsy couples get married, they do things in an artsy fartsy way. The table assignments were all hung on this cool teal board. Damn creatives. 


Joey finally got his keeping it real face on. 

Artsy fartsy.

The reception and wedding was held at the High Concept Laboratory near the Hideout and has a patio/deck upstairs with this awesome view of the skyline. Also has an amazing view of the Home Depot off of North ave. 

Getting ready to get introduced to the guests. Aaron is getting ready to throw up so he can drink more. 

Shitty shot of the first dance. 

Amazing gift wrapping. It's going to be hard to guess what guests got them.

Dipped out for about 10 minutes to check out Ruben's piece at the Ada. A really chic restaurant with a faux back yard. It's one of those "cool" places that make me feel like a fat teenager upon entering. 

DJ Pickel in the house. Nothing better than good DJ's djing a wedding...I feel like it really does make a huge difference. 

Congrats Sara and Joey! 

Aaron and I dreading the morning hangover. 

What cures hangovers? cooking food for 40 people and eating a shit load of bacon and beer. 

This is the Twisted Hippo/Flesh For Food crew. We apparently have a ninja in the crew. 

The last two shots may be the worst pictures ever taken on the history of this Earth. The tour that Trimm is on rolled through Chicago so he made a visit with the rest of the acts to Longman where I should have stopped drinking after my 12th drink...instead, I stuck around and had 6 more and ate bone marrow...again. What made this dinner even more awesome was sitting at a table with Dose One, Jel, Serengeti and Why next to us. I think I also hand fed Dose some Venison.

Stopped by the Bedford for a drank with the homie Ryan and had a snack of grilled octopus. It was okay. The Bedford is nice, don't get me wrong but something about the vibe in there is off putting to me. I get it, it used to be a bank...I fucking get it already. I feel like I'm at a club that I got dragged to and decided to stick around and just get annoyed. Then again, maybe its just me.

So I finally tried it and I have to tell you that it wasn't so bad. It was basically a Taco Bell taco with more sodium. I was more impressed with the salsa verde that they came out with. 

So hey, I upheld my end of the deal and posted sooner than I thought I would. I'm fucking tired. See y'all around. 

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