Friday, September 7, 2012


So yeah...another long delay between posts, but I've been trying my best to deal with a really important loss and it hasn't been easy. I'm trying to keep on truckin and do my best to update. It's been rough and will continue to be for a while. I'll try and keep up the best I can y'all. 

Beer will be drunk soon. This is my humble collection, with some rarer stuff in the back. Whenever these get open, black out will soon follow.

Doing some reconnaissance work in Bridgeport for my Iron Brew event and had to make a mandatory stop at Pleasant House.

After the food was ordered, the cash dude tried enticing us to try the salad by bringing out an impromptu crudite plate with gardens they grow out in the back...BASTARDS! It totally worked.

I love places that have more kitchen/work space than actual sitting space. This way you know what's really important

However, the food was fucking amazing. The veggie pie, the mashed potato, and peas with mint all made me realize how much I missed food food. No frills here, just good shit all around. 

Here's that salad that we got coerced into ordering. It too was damn tasty and depressing to know that all vegetables don't taste or look like this. 

Nothing like ruining your short lived healthy eating with a nice homemade cobbler. 

Finally got to freaking paint on what had to have been the nicest day out of the year. I just wish I wasn't so damn hungover to enjoy the day and not feel like 20 frat boys punched me in my head and stomach. 

Migue knows how to paint. Painting next to dude made me look like a child finger painting on the wall. 

The homie Karen hooked up tickets the same night for a preseason game. Even preseason tickets range in the $100 for the bears. Fucking win a super already you millionaire cocksuckers. 

Pretty baller seats though. I hated seeing kids sitting in the same area not giving two shits about the game and caring more about the $8 hot dogs and $65 ice cream they were stuffing into their faces. What a waste of money for those stupid parents. 

Had a nice little send off smoking/cooking session for the Trimm before he went on tour. Smoked this bad boy for a bit along with a pork shoulder and some potatoes. 

Skillet in the mean time hooked it up with a slutty little bird in the oven. I can't even imagine what the ghost of this chicken would think if it could see what happened to it after its death. For shame...but damn tasty.

Painted for an art show in the south west side of the city which was nice because I literally had the whole wall to myself. I get inspired to use a lot of colors when I think about certain things. I think I've lived in boystown too long. 

I wasn't kidding son. 

So this happened. My fifth homebrew beer event in Bridgeport. I'm too lazy to post all the links to pics. It was a great time and I'm relieved and terrified that I didn't vomit the next day which means my body actually digested all of that booze. 

Speaking of vomiting, went to cheer on the homie Fact for his 30th bday. True love is his girl holding his head up to vomit into a plastic bag. Happy birthday you shit hole! 

I can't stop eating at Longman & Eagle. It's a fucking delicious obsession and disease. The homies Celisa and Ryan of Virtue kicked it and helped me wallow. 

This bone marrow dish was amazing. The sweet jam they paired it with along side the grilled bread just made me realize how much I love eating food as an adult. This is my ice cream when I'm sad. 

I have nothing good to say about this. 

I got to help out an idol of mine Doze Green up in Rogers Park. I've been a fan of his work since I started painting. This dude was in Style Wars! Thats baller enough for me. I loved seeing him work and  getting a sense for his methods when painting which was kind of just playing it by ear. This freaking wall is literally a city block long and just getting to spray beside him made me feel all warm and jealous inside. 

Cooked for a surprise 30th bday party in the West Loop. Some highlights included fingerlings confit in beef fat for 6 hours, bacon vinaigrette, marinated smoked short ribs with cilantro pesto, and the dreaded lobster croquettes from the food network show I was on. 

I finally got to see PUTS live! I've been waiting to see them since the late 90's. They pretty much killed it with their set...I just wish then went on a little later so more people would have been able to appreciate them. 

Painting at North Coast made me feel ancient. The fest was all neon clothing, weird furry boots, drugs, vicks vapo rub, sunglasses, and shit head hippies. Did I mention that I was stark sober throughout this fest?

Mr. Muthafuckin Exquire. Dude is fucking tiny! 

The Rapture. They did the theme song for that TV show Misfits. I was the only person impressed by this fact.

Waiting to catch Atmosphere and ran into the douchiest hippies around. These pieces of shit refused to stand up and got angry when people tried to get by their enormous window drape blanket. They were pushing people out of the way to not step on a blanket that's already on grass where dogs shit, piss and where crackheads lay their head to sleep. AND, they were stingy about sharing their weed! These are the kinds of festival goers that need to stay home and shoot yourself in the dick. 

Meh, I still got to enjoy the show at least. 

Girltalk. I can't believe dude is still drawing so many people into a set where he clicks a lap top and dances. I mean people used to get laughed at for playing a CD and pretending to DJ a party. I'm being a hater. I'm just jealous I didn't think of if first. 

The posse wanted something "harder" so we headed over to check out the homie Zebo killing his set complete with backup dancers in their 40's. This is where I realized how sober I was looking around seeing everyone popping pills and jumping 5 ft in the air. I looked like a scared immigrant in the crowd. 

All of this music and I almost forgot to post what I actually painted for North Coast! Pretty much explains the weekend. 

Food porn shot. Frontier has some ill ass oysters. I got spoiled after having had Publican oysters a week before. 

I've never seen a shadier entrance for yoga in my life. This is how you lose your kidneys. 

I think I'm in love.

Love makes me hungry.

You will be mine...until you become an adult dog and then I will look for another amazing puppy.

I'm really glad Ed wanted to meet here as I've been dying to try this place out. 

This dong went down pretty quick and easy with my Old Fashioned.

This duck heart gravy hash thing was rich upon rich upon rich. I felt like this is something Mr. Burns would eat for breakfast everyday. It was bascially a salty dessert for me. I'm also a sucker for a perfectly cooked egg on top of anything...and I mean ANYTHING.

I do plan on coming back here and looking creepy by myself eating duck hearts. 

Little man went on vacation this past week for a month to South Korea. I'm terrified to see how much more he'll grow out there. I also hope his mom makes him wear funny Korean clothing. 

This makes me respect the hell out of food scientists because this bag is disturbingly accurate with the flavors of a loaded hot dog. It didn't make me have to shit right afterwards either. Double score!

Thank you for reading.

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