Monday, September 24, 2012

Let's Keep It Moving.

So work is starting to pile up again as the season is starting to finally change. So with that said, it was finally time to change the boards over at the Goose Clybourn. 

Both boards that is. My jerking off arm almost fell off after doing double time this day. Luckily, I've been teaching my feet on sensual pleasures. 

Finished this up with the homie Nathan West as well. My arm was not feeling good this week. 

This may be the largest shrimp I've ever drawn. I got a little uncomfortable after finishing work. 

Trimm back from tour and brought back some regional edibles. Readers of this blog know how much I love my charcuterie items and this was no exception on how awesome and magical the pig really is. All the way from Seattle, the fat and richness of this just settled into my mouth like warm jizz on a bukkaked face. 

I forget where this beer is from but get it? 420 brah...BRAH! LIKE 420!

Every time the homie Scuba Steve comes to town, trouble follows immediately. 

I did put this into my mouth. Steve being a fine connoisseur of processed cheese sauces, he couldn't help himself. 

He would soon a lot of weight the following morning and rape my toilet. 

 Not looking forward to carrying this around, but it was definitely fun to do something different.

This is great on so many levels. I just have the worst feeling that this person is pushing 40 and just started "street art" and is now being ironic somehow. On the other hand, it could be a 12 year old who just wanted to get up, I'm really hoping its a 12 year old. 

Rolled through Brad's birthday party with 8 lbs of meat and three friends and the first thing I noticed was this enormous waffle in the fridge. I was speechless. 

The man of the hour who basically ate and drank everything that was handed to him. Beast mode son. Although I was ready to burn the feather in his hat until he told what it was for...tickling. I left it alone. 


There was plenty to eat, drink, and stare at in awe. Steve and I had a man date to complete so we got full of dead animals, beer, whiskey, guacamole, cider, sausage, Bourbon County Stout from 2008-2012, and chips, we headed over to the Typical Cats show over at Bottom Lounge. 

Reluctantly woke up the next morning to head down to Lafayette to do a site visit for a wedding I'm catering out there. This dismal arcade also was home to a laundromat and syphillis. 

Instead of coming out all the way, he supports his alternative lifestyle in a subtle way by wearing the gayest hat ever. 

Not to be outdone by the cheese dog Steve had earlier in the week, he double downed a couple of big beef and cheddar's at Arby's. "Hey Siri, what's an Arby?" We never found out. 

So this is the first thing we see upon arriving to our first destination in Lafayette. The phone bounced off the smashed squirrel and propelled itself to where it is in this picture. We all had a good laugh until we realized that this was possibly going to be a meal for someone in the hood. 

Good to see the homie Sacred killing it as always. 

Twice on one stretch of wall. Fucking over achiever. 

Finally got to Noah's house and was greeted by every Asian males wet dream.

Hitting the farm in style with a cold Blatz on a cart ready to view the farm! 

Seeing a wedding site like this makes me a little excited and honored to be cooking for Noah's wedding. The whole plot of land is amazing and should be a good place to do all kinds of bad things you hope will stay in Lafayette. Looking forward to it! 

 Every visit out of town should include a brewery visit.

Solid visit and all the people working were super cool and inviting. The specialty beers were solid and made the depressing drinking room a little more tolerable. 

Noah took the whole posse over to the Black Sparrow. A newer gastro pub with a concentration in specialty cocktails, and decent food. I felt like I was transported back to Logan Square. 

$5 dollar bacon wrapped dates. Delicious. The orange slice looks awkward on the plate though. This is something a culinary student would do to "jazz" up a plate. I still ate the orange though.

The diablo pizza was delicious and it packed a nice gentle heat that would end up coming out not so gentle in the morning. 

I tried everything everyone else had. The tuna was good, the cuban pork sammy could have definitely used a little more moisture and flavor. The pickles on it definitely helped it out. 

You can never go wrong with goat cheese and tomato sauce. So freaking good and warming. All the food was very good with a cool laid back vibe inside. We all had a good time and were on our 12th beer at this point. Time was maybe 7pm. 

Then all hell broke loose and stromboli's and pizzas were ordered to ensure our diarrheatic outcome later. Steve couldn't fit the food in his face fast enough. 

Nothing better than drunk cooking. I sometimes think I'm better drunk cooking than not drunk cooking. 

I blame this mostly. We finished this bottle and a little off the other full bottle of this. 

Part of the motley crew. I was an honorary caucasian for the night. 

So Noah lives in an amazing vintagey house with a bunch of cool shit. The above document is a death certificate from 1879 in German! Creepy but fucking cool! I love shit like this.

I had to in the spirit of being an idiot. 

Skillet hooking it up with an amazing tomato salad over at Trimm's Sunday funday. 

 Then the evening started with this stupid belt buckle and the retarded decisions that would soon follow.

Like starting a bonfire in the grill on an all wood porch. 

The night would end with blood.

My night and long week/weekend ended with a Blatz on Tap. Happy Monday bitches! 

I love the colder weather.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Re-Evaluating The Self.

 Got a little antsy and made a lot of stickers that would all end up on poles along my morning commute. I'm sure all of them got taken down soon after.

Its rare that Sam and I get to really go all out on a board, let alone a six foot tall board with hairy nutsack music notes nonetheless.


 Its been too long my good friend. Korean seafood pancake full of canned and fake crab meat just cooked enough to not cause food poisoning and cold beef noodle soup. This is the proper sendoff to for summer. Fuck yuppy block parties and bitch ass funnel cakes. 

On the other hand, bone marrow from the Purple Pig is also a proper send off. I also spy some proper ass proscuitto as well.

Oh hell naw, no he didn't. I did. Clams with merguez sausage in a spicy tomato sauce. Oh god this was so good. Alex Ayala and I basically went head to head ordering as much food from the weirdest parts of animals.

Then I just went with my usual comforting salty cured meats. Sopressatas and proscuittos will win me over no matter the situation...I mean it. You can cut a finger off and if you presented an array of cured meats, I would forgive and eat with 9 fingers.


The night ended with us nicely buzzed and Ayala sneaking in a 6 pack of PBR and watching Big Trouble in Little China in a theater full of scumbags. This could go down as one of the best Thursdays I've had in a while. I also shit out like 6 animals and an adolescent the next morning.

After work, I painted for some marketing company occupying that little triangle where all the homeless people eat pigeons and leer at women on Division and Ashland. It was a strange experience painting so out in the open like this but when you present a box of 35 montana cans and a 100 caps, I just start painting and don't ask questions.

Went to bed at like 11:30 so that I can wake up and get my paint on at The Meeting of Styles in mahfuckin Englewood bitches!

 Statik brought his ghetto Ikea shelving unit from his house. He usually files old buckets of chicken in those shelves.

Aeros snappin as usual. He did a self portrait of himself passing a stone.

6 hours in the sun later. My arm fucking killed but not enough from raping myself later.


This made me really excited for season 3 of The Walking Dead. It also made me strangely horny.


French girls are pretty good at painting apparently.

Jonski didn't skip a beat. This dude has always been dope since I became a fan in the early 90's. Very few people out there that just stay dope and keep getting better. What an asshole!

This piece spoke to me and it told me that Che is played the fuck out. The zebra and the piece is dope though. Anyone know who did this?

So Repos is notorious for taking forever to finish his pieces and for good reason. He has to eat tacos or some thing. At least the finished product is always dope. If he took forever and he sucked...those are grounds for making him eat raw kale.

Labrat, another legend in the game that hasn't missed a beat with his painting skills. I hope to be this good when I'm a 60.

I can't believe Arize isn't sponsored by Adidas yet. All of his awesome characters wear Adidas all the time and I think he deserves some socks or something.

What can you say about Asend that hasn't been said of that boil on your genitalia?

This made me want to go swimming in a public pool for some reason.

This is up here but you know there is going to be that ONE person who is going to fuck it up for everyone by getting caught fucking a sheep or something in the back. 

Yo, that's a shiny ass owl B.

I could fucks with a Chachi piece. Always a fan of his style.

I think Amuse did like 15 pieces this weekend. This is one of my favorite Sege pieces. These two have been murdering walls this year. I'm trying to catch up...these fools are schooling my ass. Fuck y'all.

Cyfn and Migue showing us what interracial love is all about...inconvenience.

This is what James Brown would look like as a smurf.

CZR finally did that self portrait and he pretty much hit the nail on the head with this one.

Looking forward to painting with this dude Komf in the near future. Been liking his stuff for a while.

Seeing all of those minorities painting made me hungry for more salty meat and what better way to satiate my tastebuds than Publican Quality Meats?

I think I sharted pretty hard during my visit.

 Tuna muffalatta, and a lamb pork sausage on a lobster roll. I'm going to have to run a lot to work this off.

Or my bro and I can go hit balls. I never realized how therapeutic the batting cages can be. You kind of forget about what makes you sad, angry, or frustrated and focus on trying to hit orange balls whipping near your nuts. I think I found my new therapist. Dr. Hutch.

Drinking always helps too. This monstrosity was made by the homie Anthony over at High Dive. That white tongue is a thick slice of smoked gouda and it came complete with a maxi pad under the pint glass.

Now this is a Sunday for me.

When did kegs become decor? This is just wasteful and gratuitous. I remember hating kegs because of how heavy and inconvenient they were...nothing's changed and seeing them stacked like this make me think of one word - hoarder.

Checked out the Fat Pour, another "craft" beer bar with 6984 taps at which 6983 of them suck. Quantity over quality here folks.I felt immediately uncomfortable and so unattractive so fast. This bar is more proof that Lincoln Park found a new home.

Word to your moms.