Monday, July 16, 2012

Running to the Lou

I've griped about seat hogging fuckers on this blog before and this bitch is no exception. Again, the bus is crowded, and again I had bags in both of my hands but this ignorant cunt is lounging over two seats. This makes her already ugly face so much fucking uglier. She also has the face of someone's who's twat probably fucking reeks of rotten fucking gyros meat. You selfish fucking bitch, I hope your ham hocks that you call legs are comfortable you stupid bitch. 

Went to Barn & Co. in Lincoln Park and had the absolutely worst BBQ I have ever tasted in my life. Fucking blasphemy calling yourself a BBQ restaurant. Not to mention how large and obtrusive their awning is. No smoke ring, every single protein that we had was dry or over cooked, the sides might as well have been cereal with all of the sugar they use, and the cheese filled link was gritty. I can't stress enough about how bad the bbq was. Any Texan would kill themselves knowing that a place of this caliber exists.

Don't buy produce at gas stations in Southern Illinois. I ate this bitch inside out. The 12 year old boy in me giggled for about an hour and I did send this out to at least 10 friends of mine. I'm an idiot.

Time to hang some work for my side of the gallery at Aisle 1 in St. Louis.  There is large piece missing from this group but you get the gist.

Also had to paint the name of my show on the outside. Not bad for about 45 minutes of quick, rushed, painting in the Lou heat.

Jenn hooked it up with a homie rate at the famed Mayfair hotel downtown. I think it is officially the oldest hotel in STL Judging by the chandeliers, I'd say that there have to be ghosts up in this bitch.

For being an old hotel, the central air conditioning was simply amazing. This icebox made the heat damn right enjoyable.

Ruben and I did dual solo shows in the same gallery only because we don't like each other. Here is his one piece that breaks down to 600 little pieces.

He's aight.

He also likes to work huge apparently.

Some of my b.s.

Postcard image.

I love me a nice glass of scoch. I hope someone got fired for this.

Started the next day painting with the homie big Phers ATT ICR. It was 95 degrees at 10am. This wall is maybe 5 ft tall with two dudes painting simultaneously. It took almost 7 hours to finish because of the heat.

And then we got smart and propped up a tent to hide from the sun. Unfortunately, Phers got his redneck tan on. I just got more Filipino looking and Phers just looked more racist.

12 bottles of water, a box of popeye's chicken, a full days of sun and a shower later, we finally get done. We combined both of our names and painted every other letter. PHEREVISE...get it?

Wanting to eat something else besides deep fried food and beer, the gang and I decide to check out Salt.

Basically a renovated mansion turned trendy restaurant, the upstairs house some cool rotating art. I guess it was Pete Wollager's turn this time around.

Seasonal beer for dinner? Hell yeah. $16 only!!!

Got hooked up with their charcuterie platter that included some seasonal in house cured salami that made me want to slap an Italian. I'd hate to make a pun but the rest of the food could have used some salt. How ironic huh? The rest of the small plates had great flavor and execution, just wish I had a touch more sodium. 

Feeling pretty satisfied with dinner not being a quesadilla, fried chicken, or late night pizza, we went to a little speakeasy party. Everything was really cool about it except for what had to be the shittiest DJ I've ever witnessed touching turntables. Its a shame too because his music selection was awesome. Just couldn't mix a damn thing correctly. Not to mention how loud and unbalanced the sound was...turn the fucking treble down dick!

Not letting the overloud, shittily mixed music deter our night, we went down the street to check out El Lenador.

Fucking awesome. The name of the bar would suggest a Latin themed place but alas, it used to be a German/Bavarian lodge for raping/pillaging vikings.

Now its home to weird depressing hipster bands. The bar is awesome though with a huge banquet style room adjacent to the bar. This made me really like St. Louis.

As well as Bill Cosby's sweater used for mom shorts on a girl that had be less than 25 years old. What is this obsession with dressing like moms and hipsters? White people are so fucking strange to me the older I get. Get an identity already.

Went to City Diner to get some late night veggie pita sandwich to be healthy which was thwarted by the extra order of chicken buffalo wings which I ate like a homeless crackhead.

Promising to leave for Chicago at 11am, Ruben and I left the hotel at 11am instead and ended up leaving around 230pm. Ruben added onto his mural that he started back in November. He's not done and if you ride with him, don't ever believe his "I'm almost done," "20 more minutes," "I only have a couple of things left," or my favorite, "I'm done in like 10 minutes."

Took at piss at Ruben's apt and noticed that his living room is also his art room. This looks like a hostage holding room. I can't even imagine how many brain cells were killed producing work in here.

Check out the show at Aisle 1 if you live in St. Louis or plan on going to St. Louis within the next three weeks! Ruben and I did really work hard and are proud of the work. Major props to Bryan Walsh and Jenn Carter for all of their hard work and hospitality. Big ups to Phers for sticking out the day and finishing the wall with me and yelling at kids trying to eat his chicken.

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