Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Running On Fumes.

I forgot to post this piece a while back so here I am backtracking like an asshole showoff. I copied every single graffiti writer I respect and like to see and kind of slammed it altogether in my own way. It's a fuck cluster, I know.

Dj'ed with the homie Tony Trimm for his bday at the Charleston. I like the booth behind the bar facing the wall so you can't see anyone making fun of your music while you play. The Charleston may be one of my favorite bars in the city. Always chill, good looking people, no bullshit and all grown people demeanor - so I basically didn't belong.

I love eating brunch, but hate cooking it. Cooked a 5 course beer pairing brunch with Two Bros. brewing and desperately needed a drink soon after at 2pm. After several beers at Goose Clybourn, we headed to The Green Lady up North. A bar that just seemed to come out of the blue. Me rikey.

On top of the massive tap list, there was a "special" menu that consisted of super local brews in Illinois. That's pretty fucking awesome. Homebrewing has come such a long way and this is just more proof of its validity amongst the "pros." I shed a little beer tear and immediately went to go pee.

I tried a few beers and honestly it was very hit or miss with the home brews. Some were really good and some were really underwhelming aka crap. It's alcohol so who fucking cares right?

Plus a bottle of this would soon blanket the woes of the home brews. This classic Gueze just reiterated how awesome Cantillon is with brewing some special shit.Breweries like this make me think Belgium is constantly drunk.

Tony, being the middle aged black woman that he is needed like four parties to celebrate his birthday. Half Shell would soothe his cravings for crabs. After my trip to Boston, it was hard for me to eat anything from the sea, so I opted for fries and half a burger. Yeah yeah yeah, I'm being a fucking snob, but it'd be like eating a Chicago style deep dish in Florida.

We were on our way to see Merk 1 and Rude spin at Cole's when I remembered that I painted a tattoo shop two years ago but never went back to see what they did to my piece. They should have just stuck a giant sticker on the wall. I guess the fake bricks is meant to make you feel "street" or "hood"?

Woke up the next morning and had the saddest BBQ with Merk 1. We both realized that we have no friends. It was also hot as balls. I was tea bagging anything cold. A lot of kids cried about their melted ice cream.

There was also an awesome patio jam happening that Shred One was spinning at over at Three Aces. Tim Zawada thinking about the absorbancy of this diaper. "It's creepin son"!

Painted a piece in Hyde Park and gave myself only two colors to work with...partly cause I was lazy and part because I wanted to paint pomegranate everywhere? I immediately thought dingle berries and yes, I did have to dookie.

I don't know what came over me, but I painted another piece the same day. Slightly more than two colors, Rila and I had some fun freestyling our pieces until the BMW driving cunt bag purposely ran over two of my cans. If you ever paint this wall, just watch out for her and ignore her. I mean, you live in a condo, own a beemer, look healthy...why would you care about some bummy looking artists painting in an alley? What a fucking loser. I would never hit a woman but this bitch needs a bat to the face and her stupid BMW would soon follow.

Rila said he has a crush on her.He painted this piece for her. He said he always thinks about her period.

I usually get pretty exhausted after painting one piece these days so you can imagine how I felt after painting two so instead of taking a nap, why not immediately go to an overcrowded street fest?

I ended up showing these two around who came in out of the blue. Chelsea gave the thumbs up after downing a corn dog. She asked for the black one to make her parents mad.

I thought I came across the best dressed homeless but soon realized that Shannon and Chad stole this from a homeless person and decided to get they grub on.

"Let me get some uv dat nacho and shit B." This enormous dog was staring at the two stuffing their faces with such drunken fervor, it kind of made the dog feel shameful.

 Danny wanted to check out the homies at Simones in Pilsen. It was too dark to take a picture of Intel's red pants. It was once white. He finally became a woman. 

On the way back, we saw a dude asleep on the wheel in an intersection. White people get to do this kind of stuff and not get arrested. Amazing.

Tried the brunch over at Longman and Eagle. My market scramble was meh, but the chicken and waffle looked pretty good and fucking enormous. This made my market scramble look like a little bitch. The biscuits and gravy were pretty good as well. I would do dinner over brunch here any day though.

Finished another piece for my upcoming solo show at Aisle 1 Gallery in St. Louis.

I got to do a lot of painting this time around which I was happy about, I'm still way behind schedule with painting because that stupid work thing keeps getting in the way. At any rate, If any of y'all are in St. Louis July 13th, come by and say hello.

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