Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hey Look Revise Got Lazy!

Hello readers of the internet's version of fish wrap.  DJ Intel is at blog control panels.  Either
Revise/Chef Won/Steve has run out of ways to make fun of his friends and talk about his poop or he's just incredibly lazy. That said here is a look at my past week or so.  I hope it's somewhat entertaining.  Let's begin.

Best request napkin ever? Is it even a request?  It's like Esher's endless staircase.

I DJ a monthly party called Face Melt.  This Month's edition was a bro filled dubstep party.  They were very agro while wearing ill fitted button down shirts.  Truth be told they were very friendly and danced the whole night through.  Unfortunately in the end the bro side won out.

Collateral Damage.  Sorry paper towel dispenser. 

Woke up the next morning at a fairly decent hour in hopes to get some breakfast.  I hit the Store Front Company.  It's new to the WIcker Park area and it's pretty damn tasty.  Definitely check it out.

I had this solid take on a benedict. 

For some reason this week I managed to walk passed some amazingly terrible signs.  

Maybe they only serve little people?

Thanks for clarifying this.

Not even sure the basis for this error.

Now this is a good use of restaurant clip art. I really hope there's a fat pizza chef in back making my Chinese food.

I'm still not really sure where the rubber meets the road between Mario and pet supplies.  Anybody?

This is a true statement.  Thanks street artists.  Did you make this Won?

If you didn't know I've been DJn every last saturday at Rodan in Wicker Park with Maker for about 8 years now.  Over the last few months they've undergone some changes.  Most of them for the better.

They added these lanterns.  I'm pretty sure this is their 3rd or 4th appearance on this blog.  Won requires at least one glowing ball picture per blog entry.  Quota met.

The other requirement for this blog is to take camera phone pictures in low light without a flash.  Check!  In this picture is three dudes and a lady playing Magic the Gathering.  It was awesome.  I sent them a round of shots.  Plus the one dude had on a tie dyed shirt and kept his Magic stuff in a fanny pack.  Plus 8 health points.  I hope to see you guys out again.

Rodan also has really talented bartenders.  They made this for some customer who asked for a drink with cucumber in it.  The straw went down the middle of the shaft and the even whittled a head on it.  Artisans!  As you can see the customer really enjoyed it.  Not a drop left.  

DJ Element.  Download some free mixes. 

As Revise covered in his last blog entry we had some friends in town from Arizona.  They came here to judge the Illements Bboy battle (breakdancing).  Normally we go out there to visit because the weather is so much better then Chicago's in the winter months.  But this time around they came to see us.  I hope we were great hosts.  I think we succeeded.

This guy bombed on things while Odin looked sickly.

Bboy House got down on the floor at Empire.

Arizona isn't really use to 4am bar culture.  They learned this night.

Sorry no Ranch dressing here.  

Yes he really fell asleep on the counter at Village Pizza.

That's my Rico.

Look at this fucking guy.

DJ Top Speed was killing it on all 45's.  Those are the little tiny records with the big holes... no not CD's youngster.

DJ Illanoiz and Moz Definite.

The highlight of the event for me was the showcase battle between Chicago's Self-X crew and Arizona's Furious Style Crew.  

Now it's time for some random things I saw throughout my week.

Oh you know, just a box full of bananas and ketchup filled napkins.  It makes perfect sense.


Pass the Faygo! Be sure to friend me here if you all ready haven't.

These are awesome.

As are Merkt's cheddar fries.

Ice cream cone technology advancements!

Yep.  This happened.

I purchased this great screen print.  It summarizes Chicago Perfectly.

Oh that's a perfectly good use of straws.

I love it when a giant panda falls asleep on me on the CTA.  WTF?

What a crazy week plus it has been.  I feel like Ferris.  Thanks Won for letting me be your first guest blogger.  I hope I didn't suck too much.  Before I end this I'll finish up the last requirements.

I drank these beers.  The Sucaba formerly know as Abacus was solid.

This is Korea's PBR, but so much better.  I also comes in a ginormous bottles.

This label is misleading but so adorable.

Korean bbq was had.  Chicago Kalbi is my new favorite spot.  They were actually helpful and friendly.

I ended out this week making homemade "easy" seitan.  It's turned out pretty awesome although it looks like a big turd (poop reference check).

After making a tasty seitan sandwich I rushed off to DJ for Red Bull at their Night of The Taurus Event.  It was pretty crazy to say the least.  It took place at the Stan Mansion in Logan Square.  That is a beautiful space.  Too bad they filled it with drunken industry idiots.  Kidding.  

I DJd from here.

This topless bloody thing danced behind me like a snake.

Steam Punk burlesque also happened.  It was weird!  The weirdest part was all these performers are mostly suburban accountants in the daytime.  

Hey Jenny what you do last night?  Oh, I cleaned my office did some TPS reports.  What did you do?  Oh I got naked, put on a lace see-through body stocking, some stilettos and a gas mask and seductively danced to dubstep.  Not much.

I love double lives!

I think that does it.  Here's a free mix for making it to the end.

Just click the pick.  It's kind of like a cute Korean toddler getting into mischief.

Thanks, DJ Intel

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