Tuesday, March 27, 2012

So Much Yellow Part One

Flew out to L.A. and spent a little time out West for some much needed time away from here. Groupon and Virgin America had a simultaneous sale a month ago selling round trip tickets as little as $80! I bought that shit so fucking fast you'd think it came with a turkey melt. Virgin has a remote control that lets you do anything you want on TV. It made the 4 hour flight feel like a 4 hour flight.

Upon landing, I caught a nasty fever and threw the fuck up and couldn't move all of that night or the next day. Way to start a fucking vacation. This is the only picture I could muster up from my cousin's apartment. Smack dab in downtown LA. It was a renovated loft complete with over designed chic shit everywhere and high ceilings. Not complaining one bit, well except for the body chills, constipation, vomitting, and brown urine.

Mustered up some strength to take a walk the next day and breath in some freshly made smog.

It's always good to see a happy beaver.

Doesn't quite compare to Chicago's Merchandise Mart, but at least this one has a watch tower.

Stopped in an "artisan," "craft," "douche," wine/beer shop to see if I could score something I couldn't find back home.

Instead, I found shit I could find everywhere around home. I did however find a bottle of Russian River's Damnation. Not the best shit they put out, but I bought it for the sake of not being able to find it in Chicago. The clerk that checked my ID said she was from Chicago...Glenview, Chicago. FAIL.

My stomach was a little on edge but I couldn't pass this up. I didn't care if I was going to shit my pants afterwards, at least my cousin lived close by.

I ordered the pastrami dip and specifically asked that they arrange it in a dick and scrotum presentation. This shit was bananas. The au jus dip was just salty enough, the pastrami was thin and flavorful and the house made pickle gave me a hard on.

It was an old style bar complete with a speak easy room in the back of the dining area only open at night and upon request. Plus they have British bartenders who say cheers at least 20 times while you're there.

Took a nap and woke up to a dog licking my face and thought it would be good to see some of the homies right next door at Artisan House. Another bar/specialty store that is fairly new to downtown that looked like the setting for a match.com commercial.

The "shop" side. All the standards, wine, "different" beer, cheese, and overpriced everything that you can only serve on wooden cutting boards.

The bar side was pretty swank though with all kinds of mixology type cocktails and fancy dancy food served in bowls that looked like skate ramps. Luckily the company of Moses (Kid Static), Trent, Jeanie (my couzzo), and Liz didn't mind. I couldn't even stomach a full glass of wine. My insides were really angry with me. I guess even the toughest food stomachs need a break every now and then. Fucking bitchass stomach.

Forced myself up the next morning and met up with the homie Anger from the infamous CBS crew out in LA. We caught good ol' Joe rebelliously buffing some graff. You may remember him from some of the street art films to come out in the last decade. Crazy bored white people need hobbies too.

Ah, good ol' Cali. After you pick up some weed, why not go next door and get some liquor? I think a gun shop was right next to the liquor store. One stop shop.

Stopped by 33 and a Third to pick up some paint for the week. I didn't take many pictures of the inside of the shop because it was too weird. It was literally a black box with a dude on a chair and his dog. It was bizarre...I was either going to die or walk out with a lot of paint.

This was on the wall though which made me really happy. I have never seen a Craola piece up close so this was exciting for me. It's true what they say about shitty cameras not doing justice to real art. This shit is bonkers.

Apparently there is another set of Ukranian twins that paint exactly like Os Gemeos. We'll call them Os Pierogis.

The back lot had awesome work as well including this Kofie and El Mac collabo.

This looked cool and delicious.

Grabbed a bite to eat before we got started. Yes, this is pizza out in LA. I was with a New Yorker when we had this so you could imagine the banter and dissecting of this pie. The pizza had no chance.

there was some really cool shit on the walls along the way. Both sides of Melrose has all kinds of crazy art work everywhere and the surprising part is that most of its pretty freaking good.

Steel MSK.

Not sure, but its fucking dope.

Dcypher CBS.

Dcypher CBS.

Revise CMW.

My favorite part of the piece.

This is how Haste rolls up to a wall with a roller pad the size of Lexington Steele's cock and the same color too. He rolled his wall in literally 15 strokes...kind of Lexington Steele.

My cousin is kind of an yellow pages for Korean food in the aptly named K-town. Not cause she's yellow herself but because she can tell you the best restaurant for whatever you're in the mood for. In this case, chicken, spicy, and a ton of it.

My favorite kind of cooking and eating. Everything in one pot cooked together eaten out of the same pot and then the real Korean shit happens.

They add even more food to the mix and turn it into a whole new dish. I basically ate Korean food for every single meal of the day for the first three days. It's sad to know how terrible the Korean food is in Chicago compared to LA, I blame Check Please, vegans, and white people which are all somehow related.