Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Playing Catch Up

Finally got to go check out Schwa after years of hearing stellar reviews from everyone that wasn't me. It was advised that I bring a bottle of booze for the kitchen staff, but after hearing this advice from more than 10 people, I figured they would have enough liquor to stock a bar. I did a small piece for them instead...what happened afterwards was something special.

The inside decor reminded me of a kidnappers house, but with a much much better soundtrack. Everything from death metal, to hip hop, to rock back to Wu-Tang.

It was also BYOB so you can basically have this amazing meal and supply anything from a $100 Bordeaux or a Nati Lite with your meal.

The psychotic cooks also do all the front of house service which is fucking mind boggling. I didn't take pictures of the courses because I wanted to remember this for myself. Michael Carlson and his staff was simply amazing and the food - This was basically the best meal of my life. If you can get reservations here, it'll change your food life. I also got to throw a Chinese star in the kitchen and got a kiss from the chef himself. OH, AND DID I MENTION THAT THE WHOLE MEAL WAS COMPED?????!!!!

And then there's this chalkboard at work done by the homie Sam for the big Parm sale. What's scary is how meticulous he was capturing all the oil residue off his overbaked skin. This is when we truly care about our jobs.

Since I've been diagnosed with The Gout, I have cut down on beer significantly here and reserve special beer days. I got to visit the brewing team that is Twisted Hippo. This is only three of the taps out of their 15 taps, all home brewed. This will be an adventure.

Yes, that is a bunk bed above 12 glorious tap handles all different, all ready to rape your palette. The beers ranged from seasonals, to stouts. All Belgian styles and all delicious. I would rent this room with rubber sheets and "alone time."

This would make heroin addicts syringe with envy. This highway of tubes are all regulated by the dedicated duo Marilee and Karl who basically made beer their lives...on top of working full time jobs! These guys will make you look like limbless handicap children when it comes to productivity.

They care so much that they roll each keg to sleep at night to settle their tummies. These guys are super humble, kind, and always ready to share so if definitely check out their blog to see what they're up to and where they'll be sharing beer.

Checked out Sable Bar and Restaurant downtown. Located off of State St. near Grand, Sable is in a hotel all swank and fancy looking. Although the door looked like a giant Hershey Bar.

The space is fucking huge. Huge front bar complete with $13 dollar cocktails, and a huge middle room with a wall full of wine. Did I mention that I ate at Schwa for free?

Started with the fried cheese curds that came in a mini shopping cart. They were delicious but how can you ever go wrong with fried anything and cheese?

I forgot what this was but I do remember it being under salted and underwhelming flavor wise. I just couldn't stop thinking about Schwa.

This veggie curry thing which the waiter told us was one of the chef's grandmothers recipe, was fucking damn good. Although the grandma would be pissed to know that this dish cost $17.

Dessert was good too, but did I mention that I ate at Schwa? Yeah, the Schwa high lasted a couple of weeks. I realize how unfair it was to eat at any other restaurant and do a proper judgment. Although I will vehemently be against places that under season their food. The drinks on the other hand were pretty damn good and made me realize how homeless I looked in this place, so it was right up my alley.

Went to help out the homie Abe over at the Xmarx headquarters. They were getting ready to do the Lunatique benefit event for Redmoon Theater. This where good knives go to die.

They are in the midst of moving and as you can see, they've been getting ready...for months.

I love the set up, because everything is where its supposed to be which makes life so much easier in a kitchen. I had the lovely assignment of julienning over 40 pounds of root vegetables. My blister raged like a herpe sore on the mouth.

What makes working great is the staff meal that comprises of food quickly made with left over ingredients and/or recipes being tested out. The meal was delicious and really did make for a great end to the day. And how can you go wrong when baller cooks are making food for each other?

After work, went to go check out Ruben's art show over at Silver Room. Pretty subtle from the outside.

They weren't crookedly hung, he meant it to look this way. He walks on a tortilla incline everyday.

Good shit, makes me feel all googly inside like a soft wet slimy kidney bean.

Here's Merk 1 rocking the tables. He grew his hair out to look less Mexican only to end up looking way more Mexican.

We started off in the V.I.P. room before the event was open to the public. I took a quick second to take a picture of the hungry rich mob of people that were ready to feast on some fares of the best restaurants in the city. Abe did a curried beef and cabbage bao, root vegetable slaw (lemon mustard dressing), pineapple som baal. This was the most fun I've had in a while food wise. It was fast paced, filled with intermittent shots of bourbon.

Maude's joined in on some of the bourbon shots and paid homage to the magic that is pork.

Time for the gala! This was quite the event complete with pop up shows, amazing food, chefs, and a girl to guy ratio of 4 to 1, which was the most impressive part of the whole event. To top it all off, most of the guys were gay.

Told you.

There were spectacles like this throughout the whole evening. I didnt know what was going on but it was all visually appealing. I just couldn't imagine what it would have been like if I had done some shrooms or an acid tab. I'd probably still be in the building looking for the talking wolf's head.

These place mates were really cool and interesting until the drunk cooks (i.e. the Xmarx team and I) started tearing it apart and doing inappropriate things with the pieces.

I have no idea how I woke up to paint the next morning all the fuck way in Evanston, but it happened and I'm glad it did because I have a long way of reaching my goal to doing 50 pieces this year. This is 7. I'm so fucked.

Rila did a fucking Florida post card piece. He was influenced while jerking off to My Little Pony's reruns.

Cyfn is already on 67 at age 46. Not bad for an old timer.

This is how much paint Cyfn usually brings to the wall as well. He may well reach a 100 pieces this year, especially at the rate he's going at. Beast mode.

I have no idea why I have a picture of Skeletor's wife on my phone but I must have been aghast at this so fuck it.

Sorry for the delay in posting. I worked 13 days in a row before my trip to L.A. and had a lot to take care of before L.A. like replacing everything I lost in the wallet that I lost. Bloody brilliant as the Brits would say.

Brew Springsteen coming up y'all!

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