Tuesday, March 27, 2012

So Much Yellow Part Deux

Finally feeling a little better, I met the other cousins that were in town randomly. None of us planned to be there all at the same time, so we kind of just took our main cousin Jeanie hostage. A cousin from Chicago, Atlanta, and a couple from Korea. She may have slept a total of 6 hours this whole week. Speaking of food, she suggested we check out famed spot Nickel Diner right downtown.

Another old school type diner with hand painted signage, and fifties style decor around the medium sized diner. Mexicans were making the food so all was well in the universe.

And then there was this. A home made apple bourbon glazed pop tart with bacon. This was ungodly good. This makes real pop tarts look like 60 year old syphillitic balls on a hot summer day.

Time to road trip 2 hours South to Escondido, CA. for a Stone Brewery lunch and tour. You basically walk through a nature walk before even reaching the door.

I didn't see the signs that said follow the douches' but I figured we were all going to the same place by now.

This is the indoor section of the restaurant. Like an enchanted forest fucked a millionaire home and birthed this awesome bar restaurant.

I guess this would be the tramp stamp tattoo it would have?

We opted to sit outside and really enjoy the sun.

I had to get beer that I couldn't get back home and a Ruination with Habanero on Cask sounded like just the thing I needed after that shit traffic out in LA.


What tastes good with beer outdoors? Really baller ass food. Bison rib eye, duck tacos, sausage bowl, and 5 happy ass Koreans.

We had a little time to kill between lunch and our brew tour, so we took a little nature walk that was part of the brewery. SoCal is fucking nice as shit. Clean air, fresh ingredients, and everyone has a beard here so I didn't feel too out of place.

If people didn't feel like reading this then...

Maybe this is more up your alley?

Brew tour time complete with an in house speaker system for the guide. The tour was nothing stellar but was still good to see the operations and taste really really fresh beer straight from the source. As cliche as it is, the beer really does taste different here.

That's a lot of fucking beer.

We had a long drive back and feeding heavy ales to a Korean that's used to shit Asian Lagers, needless to say he passed out thinking about math all day.

Stopped by Santa Monica to check out the sunset and get yelled at because my cousin drove onto the sidewalk for this shot without knowing. This makes me want to play Grand Theft Auto or listen to Sheryl Crow for some reason.

So this area is basically a giant tourism haven as you can imagine. I didn't take too many photos because we all know what giant tourism looks like, lots of noise, people, chain restaurants, stores, and Asians.

And Hari Krishna's chanting. We took the elevator with some of these guys at the parking lot and one of them tried to sell cheese pizza. Fucking idiots.

Finally back to just relax a little before we "hit the town." Einstein wanted to show off how gay he can be by wearing some of his costumes.

Poor dog. So if furries dress like animals to have sex, what are animals that dress like people to have sex?

So if you've ever hung out with a group of 15 people, you can imagine how hard it would be to navigate and control an unruly group of drunks especially a group that drank a shit load prior to going out. Jeanie's room mate wanted to take us to a club that was an old bank (Bedford anyone?). Upon walking in, we all basically were looked at like bums. It was a nice gesture on Sarah's part, but just wasn't our style. Plus all the Armenians were giving us dirty looks.

After much debate, we walked on and ended up at Falls Lounge which I totally misjudged. The douchey vibe was there but the music was fucking awesome. The DJ was playing all funk and soul cuts the whole night. This was home to me, plus the bartender looked like Eva Mendes in the dark. We parked and thats when the shots started to get passed around.

It was a chill spot complete with a door man that was from the wild hundreds in Chicago. That definitely ain't no mahfuckin Glenview.

Dope! I asked to take a photo of his lanyard and he happily obliged.

Hot dog break. Jose Garibaldi was dead set on having me try one of these bacon wrapped joints with the full jalepeno. All made out of a cart. It doesn't get any streeter than this folks. I just kept ignoring the fifty plus things that was wrong with this and just ate the damn thing. It was good...it did its job - Ill leave it at that.


This is where I started to sober up back at the house where copious amounts of booze and pot was to be had. Jose just came out of his stand up coffin to join the party. A lot of laughs, shots, and beer was had this night.

Woke up in the morning to paint another wall...right next to the one I painted the other day. There was some kind of model shoot happening down the street and of course they chose the graffiti wall as a backdrop. I forget how "street" this makes pretty people look. Nice cargo shorts asshole, what are you 12?

Rens rolled through to say what up and his homeboys brought this brief case boombox. Shit was super fucking cool and of course its Canadian.

Finished this piece stressing out about whether or not I would have enough paint to finish. Thank god for paranoia and frugality. Not my best, but not my worst either.

And then Haste had to show me up all crazy working on this right across the way. How do I even start to compare or try to match this? I felt like a child after I was done seeing this.

Met up with some of CBS cats again at a dispensary for an art show that Anger set up.

Dope little spot that had dope art work painted and hung all over the walls. Some heavy hitters were in attendance including Haste, Anger, Ryoe, Fishe, Versus, Mear One, Decypher and a few others that were hanging out and just enjoying the free Fat Tire.

Then the craziest shit happened. Haste kept talking up this bar that was right across the street from the art show and how it was like a hidden speakeasy. Shit was proper walking in and they had some good shit on draft and an extensive wine list. Had a nice Oskar Blues Ten Fiddy and a Damnation.

Then I saw this dudes face and yelled out "YO, Carl." Haven't seen this dude in like 10 years. Never really hung out with him in Chicago but would see him around and had mutual friends. What are the chances? I think he was wearing the same Mickey Mouse shirt I last saw him in when he was in Chicago.

Sunday Funday. Met up with old friend Lindsey here at the Larchmont Bungalow. Picture the outdoor collection of a Williams - Sonoma catalog and throw in a couple of "hip" and "funky" staff members and boom goes the dynamite.

I got a light dish and ordered a bottle of water that fucking cost 5 dollars. Did they tell me it was five bucks? Fuck no, I found out the hard way and just treasured every drop of that water bottle like it was God's piss.

Onto West Hollywood to meet up with DJ Popstatic at another LA staple. Apparently this is where Janis Joplin was last seen before she died. Great.

Biker bar centric decor, kinda kitschy, but fun.

They also have a few hundred items on their newspaper menu. In case 6 deep fried cheese things weren't enough.

Last night for some of the cousins, so I made dinner for the fam and Bboy Stunts and Lexi rolled through to chill and Lexi brought some home made wine that his dad made. This shit was fucking baller. I've had so many home brews recently so it was very refreshing to try wine in the same category. I won't lie, that shit was some really good shit.

After dinner, we decided to check out the soul night at the Short Stop in Echo Park where I would randomly run into Moses again. After all the LA people left, I thought itd be a good idea to walk around and write on things.

I've heard locals talk about this epic special for $4 tequila shot and PBR. When in Rome...

The Gold Room runs this special everyday and serves tacos during certain hours with your booze. Now that's what I call a value!


Disappointed in not receiving a taco, I would finally try a food truck out. There were hundreds around this city but I'm so burnt out on their novelty and wacky gimmick. I just wanted a normal burrito from a neon truck that has painted fire and circus lights all over it.

I can also appreciate a good condiment buffet.

It tasted like shit, but for what its worth, I can say that I had food out of a fucking truck in LA.

Woke up the next morning to a surprise package in the lobby from my cousin as a nice little send off before returning to the Midwest. Double burger and fries animal style. A big fuck you to my gout.

So many people to thank for making this trip what it was. Austin, Raina, Sun, Moses, Jose, Kim, Lisa, Sarah, Trent, Liz, Anger, Haste, Self, Rens, Lindsey, Jarrett, Carl, but the hostess with the mostess was the cousin Jeanie. She really knows how to show guests a good time and genuinely gives a shit about you. I had a blast and definitely plan to go back. WEST SIIIIIIDEEEE!!!!!!!