Tuesday, February 7, 2012

All Kinds of Shit.

Had a meeting with Roy at Estelle's where the open kitchen behind the bar is ever present and all up in your face. I love open kitchens because I know this guy won't teabag my fries or cum in my cup of mayo. Dude was on point and banged out burgers without boogers.

I was honored (like I always am) to have been invited to participate in the monthly live art event - Atomic Sketch Event. This was my disgustingly messy station. All the essentials - paint, brushes, and whiskey.

It's a plethora of drunks who look to buy art at a ridiculously low low price. I was selling banana dick paintings for 5 bucks and small canvasses with swear words on it for 10 dollars.

I ain't kidding son.

So while I was painting like a 12 year old kid who just learned how to swear, Uriel was bangin out awesome pieces like this and doing portraits. This is literally what I was wearing during the event. Patches of quilts on top of other patches of quilts and Steven Tyler jeans.

Tony and I had a Korean mandate that started with this rare treat. Black bean noodles side by side a seafood noodle soup utilizing the same rice noodles. This made my Asian balls tingle with joy but made my Asian butt angry as it has been a while since I've had this.

We took our yellowness to Super H Mart, which is a mega Asian grocery store that has one "American" section which was basically filled with all the things that make Americans fat. Milk, cream, butter, eggs, and sodas...sounds about right.

I kept confusing everyone with my brother here. If you haven't been here yet, then do yourself a favor and give this place a shot. Every single Asian delicacy can be found here including a semi decent food court. All those pot stickers you get at any restaurant can be found here in 67 shapes and fillings. Plus if you have yellow fever, go where the yellows shop.

Speaking of fat Americans, check out the calorie chart at Burger King. They post this for consumers to see and yet we still stuff our faces with its "char-broiled" deliciousness.

Always cool to see random graff writers getting up on things only other graff writers will see. That Sever stick is dope.

I went on a date with myself and treated myself to Leopold which used to be Relax Lounge. I did get lucky cause I gave myself a handjob soon after the date.

I love going to restaurants right when they open. You get to get everything fresh, its quiet, and you don't feel like such a loser if you're the only person there...which was the case when I went.

Started with a beet salad that had all kinds of good shit on it and under it. The goat cheese smear under the salad was a nice creamy salt surprise - take that anyway you like. It was damn good.

In pure fat boy mode, I forgot to take a picture of the cheese course because it was so fucking good. I had gotten extra cheese because I bought the kitchen a six pack of beer which I can appreciate being offered on a menu.

I don't know how or why my phone camera got all Elizabeth Taylor lens fuzzy on me but this picture doesn't do the poutine and veggie pot justice. I'm kind of glad I was by myself because if anybody saw me devour this they would think I was homeless for years eating my first morsel of food. It was damn good...damn damn damn good.

Speaking of damn good. I love Cantillon...I don't love spending $30 for a bottle of beer. I better be able to fuck the bottle after I drink this.

Stopped by the West Loop where old friend Oscar Fotoflow was celebrating his 40th bday party. As the first guest, I got the honor of setting up all the dj equipment.

It was at this cool live in loft where both of the bedrooms were built from scratch. This bedroom can give you that nice secluded/murderer in the woods feeling.

It was a great party. Good music, good people that were all respectful and kind and this amazing home made flan. I almost shit my pants at how good this thing was. I'm not a sweets person but I'd deport fifty immigrants to get another spoonful of this.

Birthday boy doing what birthday boys do. Blowing on things.

You can't get more gangster than this. I didn't get the memo that it was a bring your own giant fucking burrito party. Here's Brook getting it done.

Got up the next morning to help the homie Josh help cook at a house that has airplane runways all over the gated community. Yes, actual planes do fly in and out of this complex.

Check out those crazy birds on the wall.

So the highlight of the dinner was taking some time out to check out the antique car collection the client had.

Ah the good ol' days when gas cost a tip of the fedora hat and a penny a gallon.

Of course if an Asian person owned a car like this back in the day, they would have been killed and stuffed in a rickshaw.

This is Austin Powers car.

This is pretty gangster. This made my vagina kind of wet. Nevermind, it was my leaking anus.

Painted this hungover on an extremely misleadinging cold day. Fuck you Tom Skilling! You lied! Apparently this looks like a quiche or cantaloupe.

Painted this ditty a few days before. This day was nice and balmy at least.

The rest of the guys taking it in and thinking about where I peed while I painted. No one will ever know.

I like to paint.

Rila ate a bunch of gay gemstones before painting this.

This piece will be going to St. Louis for my July show.

Inspired by Pepto Bismol.

Somewhere amidst this, a superbowl party was attended along with Rodan and shots of tequila somewhere. Regardless, I'm glad to be home...for now. Work is getting ridiculous. A lot of double shifts these days. Taking it all in y'all.

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  1. 1. It's hard reading your blog sometimes 'cause of the effect dairy has on me...but that "patches of quilts on top of other patches of quilts and Steven Tyler jeans" killed me.
    2. Rilla is a beast...and you sound like a hater, haha.
    3. $30 for a bottle of beer?? Did you win the lottery???