Monday, January 23, 2012

Where Do I Begin?

I appreciate dreads and all but this is just fucking gross. The smell was even worse. I'll never look at cauliflower the same again.

Cta bus tracker on the actual stops downtown. Sweet, now we're only 8 years behind every other country.

What do two old friends do when they get bored? They paint and complain about young people. Fellow gout sufferer Erie and I bonded with fumes and stories of gout pain.

The Norse Bar hosted a preview party for the Brew Ho Ho that went smashingly well considering the snow bukakke the city got this night.

Uh, yes please.

I didnt know whether to be scared or excited by this label but I drank the hell out of this son!

Danny and Jeanelle held an awesome drinking/eating party and poured out some heavy hitters that made the rest of the cold night very manageable.

Remember what hip hop shows were like? Yeah, that's why I left early.

The graffiti nerd in me comes out and geeks out over writers that I always admired. Chip 7 was one of many dudes that killed shit with a super unique style.

Here is my copy of the 3 Floyd's beer dinner I did with Lincoln at work. It was an all carnivore meal which any cook can appreciate. It was a pretty epic meal that included a quart or two of barrel aged Dark Lord gelato.

Um yeah, beer was drunk and so were the participants.

Ever wonder what a $18 beer tastes like? Strong as hell and deceivingly smooth. Two of these may turn into some awkward cousin kissing.

Employee party.

Back to work.

Requests on napkins like this make me glad I don't dj anymore. Look at fucking piece of shit list of songs. "Her newest song"? If you dont know the name of the song, you don't deserve to hear it.

Fucking stupid.

Dang. This was my view for the Brew Ho Ho. As you can see, a few people came out for it. I hate baking and I don't think I want to see any kind of dough for a long time.

I'd rather draw. - for the full recap in photos.

The calm before the storm.

Despite my better judgment, I stopped by the CHAOS home brewing club's annual chili stout night. I was surrounded by beer fans all day. Needless to say, I was a little burnt out by this time.


I can't believe January isn't over yet. I had a great time throwing the Brew Ho Ho and doing the 3 Floyd's dinner in one week. I would never recommend booking yourself back to back like that ever. Too many people to thank - All the kick ass brewers, bakers, Roy, and all the good people that make beer fun!

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