Monday, January 2, 2012

I Guess The World's Supposed to End Soon.

Started the week hanging with some homies for some dinner and scotch. Oh, and Hannibal Buress swung by and watched the bulls game with us. He went to college with Tony Trimm and killed some time before a show. Pretty awesome talking to someone that wrote for 30 Rock and SNL. He must know what Tina Fey's hair smells like - I imagine and hope it smells like a gyro sandwich.

While dinner was being prepared, this happened.

That's okay because fresh pasta happened as well and it was well worth the almost 4 hour wait for dinner.

Goose Island came out with a gluten free beer named Sorbet.

And then changed the name to Queen - OA. Tasty fucking beer, gluten free or not. A nice mellow sour with grapefruit notes and a smooth finish. The sorbet board didn't even last 24 hours before I changed it a metal anus with a goose head sticking out.

Fucking hailing hitler with his chode sticking out. Not a good look 63rd street center. You get what you pay for and this shit design looks about a $1.49 worth.

New year's eve with no plans is awesome because you can do whatever you want without being relegated to a bunch of bullshit that always happens only on "NYE." So with no plans and a thirst for randomness, I stopped by the Marriot hotel bar downtown to check out the gay cyclone in the middle of the lobby. I've also used this Marriot's bathroom over 20 times over the years. It's my secret poo spot downtown.

After paying 12 dollars for a Templeton Rye on the rocks, escaped for something a little less ridiculous and relatable.

Nothing spectacular, but they do brew their own beer and if you've ever wanted to date a white person, this IS the place to go.

Dinner time.

Why not treat yo' self sometimes? This may be my new favorite place. Classic French menu, awesome clean decor and a killer drink menu and staff.

Uh, yeah.

FUCK!!! The food was damn good. The pureed potatoes was like eating God's ejaculate. The onion soup fondue was solid, blackened brussel sprouts, and even the simple bib salad tasted complex and delicious. I want to come back here and eat a trough of everything they have.

High on food and dranks, stopped by Beauty Bar for the pre party where nails and hair were being did. It was chill and kinda cool to see a bunch of skin tags on the ceiling.

This is more my speed.

The Chipp Inn off of a side street makes for a great getaway from anything pretentious or hipsterish. It's a tiny awesome bar with cold ass beer, folding chairs and a pool table that makes Asians penises look black. I'm home.

Regardless, I still managed to suck at pool.

Checked out Small Bar on Fullerton where 12 house DJ's were to play for 6 hours. So do the math...six hours of house music should roughly pan out to about 15 songs.

Dear Santa, buy me a phone with a flash. This is where I start to lose memory.

We ended up at Big Star for some reason.

I'm going to assume that I ate food here. Happy New Year everyone!

It was good to see the Abrahim and Larry. They are irreplaceable in my book. I couldn't have asked for a better partner to hang out with for NYE than Dio. And thank all y'all for reading and making me want to actually keep this blog up!

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