Monday, January 23, 2012

Where Do I Begin?

I appreciate dreads and all but this is just fucking gross. The smell was even worse. I'll never look at cauliflower the same again.

Cta bus tracker on the actual stops downtown. Sweet, now we're only 8 years behind every other country.

What do two old friends do when they get bored? They paint and complain about young people. Fellow gout sufferer Erie and I bonded with fumes and stories of gout pain.

The Norse Bar hosted a preview party for the Brew Ho Ho that went smashingly well considering the snow bukakke the city got this night.

Uh, yes please.

I didnt know whether to be scared or excited by this label but I drank the hell out of this son!

Danny and Jeanelle held an awesome drinking/eating party and poured out some heavy hitters that made the rest of the cold night very manageable.

Remember what hip hop shows were like? Yeah, that's why I left early.

The graffiti nerd in me comes out and geeks out over writers that I always admired. Chip 7 was one of many dudes that killed shit with a super unique style.

Here is my copy of the 3 Floyd's beer dinner I did with Lincoln at work. It was an all carnivore meal which any cook can appreciate. It was a pretty epic meal that included a quart or two of barrel aged Dark Lord gelato.

Um yeah, beer was drunk and so were the participants.

Ever wonder what a $18 beer tastes like? Strong as hell and deceivingly smooth. Two of these may turn into some awkward cousin kissing.

Employee party.

Back to work.

Requests on napkins like this make me glad I don't dj anymore. Look at fucking piece of shit list of songs. "Her newest song"? If you dont know the name of the song, you don't deserve to hear it.

Fucking stupid.

Dang. This was my view for the Brew Ho Ho. As you can see, a few people came out for it. I hate baking and I don't think I want to see any kind of dough for a long time.

I'd rather draw. - for the full recap in photos.

The calm before the storm.

Despite my better judgment, I stopped by the CHAOS home brewing club's annual chili stout night. I was surrounded by beer fans all day. Needless to say, I was a little burnt out by this time.


I can't believe January isn't over yet. I had a great time throwing the Brew Ho Ho and doing the 3 Floyd's dinner in one week. I would never recommend booking yourself back to back like that ever. Too many people to thank - All the kick ass brewers, bakers, Roy, and all the good people that make beer fun!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Spring Time In January Will Only Lead To More Snowfall

Started the week with my first wall piece for 2012. Since this is supposed to be our last year in existence, why not go out with a fruity blue pebble bang? By the way, it is freakishly warm for January. This can only mean one thing - a fucking massive snowvalance in February like last year.

Cyfn hooked it up with his chill spot up in the Avondale hood of the city. Keith likes to squeeze in the Egyptian lover dance before finishing his piece.

Took a little stroll looking for some grub around Addison and Cicero when I came across this epic sign. This makes me want to salsa bachata a little harder. Also, am I the only one who thinks these are terrible DJ names? And is there any relation from DJ Tsunami to DJ Hurricane?

Checked out the space for the Brew Ho Ho and got a little excited. Only way to find out where this is, is to send an email to

If you ever want to feel like a baller and pay for rides like a baller, give Uber a whirl. It's pretty fucking pricey, but there are some days you just want to feel pampered on your way to the laundromat or local crackhouse. I'm not gonna lie, that shit was a pretty comfortable ride. This service should be used get laid or looking to get laid.

Rolled through the homie Ryan's place to check out his pad and try some beers. We all gave mixed reviews on the sour brown from 3 Floyd's. You can't compare this first attempt to sours such as Cantillon or Russian River, but I think it can hold its own.

Ryan wasn't having it so he went to go play some black people music. IRONY!!! Ryan also brews under the moniker Second Story Brewing and brews some illy shit son.

Still feeling festive from listening to crunk being played by a white boy that brews beer, the gang and I stopped by Yusho.

Sleek and vintage interior with what felt like 5 ft tall stools. I'm 6'1" and my feet were dangling in the air during dinner.

Yeah, yeah, I get it.

It's another yakitori style restaurant with craft cocktails. It seems like yakitori is quickly becoming the new tapas in Chicago. As this trio of wings prove, you're going to have to order a lot of food to get full especially if you a fattie.

Or go with a group and order the entire late night menu to try the variety. This twice fried chicken was pretty damn tasty. I would eat this sauce off a living testicle. That shit was fucking good.

The leek stick was as good as it can get considering it was the only vegetarian option on the late night menu. That and soft serve ice cream.

This pork belly though...words can't express how good this was. I was ready to rummage through my poo to get another taste of this. Tender grilled pork belly topped with kimchi with a sweet sauce. One taste of this would make any vegan want to eat meat again.

The bathroom housed this larger than normal toilet roll for drying hands. All I could think about was how large a person would have to be in order for this to look like a normal size roll of doo doo paper.

Breakfast at Feast downtown. Nothing noteworthy about the place really...just thought this plate either looked cool or like a plate full of leftover garbage.

Then it was off to setting up one of my oldest friend's surprise party. Nick was very gracious to let us use Cobra Lounge for the surprise party. I was cooking in the kitchen making Sang's favorite food groups - meat and fried.

Met up with Lincoln over at 3 Floyd's and Marina at Glunz to go over the menu for the carnivorous beer dinner at Whole Foods next week. I made a little snack consisting of a boiled/broiled pork belly with reduced tarragon cider butter sauce, a standard charcuterie plate and a tri tip roast with shaved brussel sprouts cooked in bacon fat. Like I said, a snack.

I'm grateful for good friends as I got to hang out and feed a lot of them at Sang's party. Gotta give a shout out to Intel, Nick, Greek Nick, and Maker for helping me set up the surprise. Don't forget to wish Sang a happy bday at his official party here.

Also wanted to do a quick plug for long time friend Melody who is trying to get some pledges to fund her film project here. Help a sista out!

Monday, January 2, 2012

I Guess The World's Supposed to End Soon.

Started the week hanging with some homies for some dinner and scotch. Oh, and Hannibal Buress swung by and watched the bulls game with us. He went to college with Tony Trimm and killed some time before a show. Pretty awesome talking to someone that wrote for 30 Rock and SNL. He must know what Tina Fey's hair smells like - I imagine and hope it smells like a gyro sandwich.

While dinner was being prepared, this happened.

That's okay because fresh pasta happened as well and it was well worth the almost 4 hour wait for dinner.

Goose Island came out with a gluten free beer named Sorbet.

And then changed the name to Queen - OA. Tasty fucking beer, gluten free or not. A nice mellow sour with grapefruit notes and a smooth finish. The sorbet board didn't even last 24 hours before I changed it a metal anus with a goose head sticking out.

Fucking hailing hitler with his chode sticking out. Not a good look 63rd street center. You get what you pay for and this shit design looks about a $1.49 worth.

New year's eve with no plans is awesome because you can do whatever you want without being relegated to a bunch of bullshit that always happens only on "NYE." So with no plans and a thirst for randomness, I stopped by the Marriot hotel bar downtown to check out the gay cyclone in the middle of the lobby. I've also used this Marriot's bathroom over 20 times over the years. It's my secret poo spot downtown.

After paying 12 dollars for a Templeton Rye on the rocks, escaped for something a little less ridiculous and relatable.

Nothing spectacular, but they do brew their own beer and if you've ever wanted to date a white person, this IS the place to go.

Dinner time.

Why not treat yo' self sometimes? This may be my new favorite place. Classic French menu, awesome clean decor and a killer drink menu and staff.

Uh, yeah.

FUCK!!! The food was damn good. The pureed potatoes was like eating God's ejaculate. The onion soup fondue was solid, blackened brussel sprouts, and even the simple bib salad tasted complex and delicious. I want to come back here and eat a trough of everything they have.

High on food and dranks, stopped by Beauty Bar for the pre party where nails and hair were being did. It was chill and kinda cool to see a bunch of skin tags on the ceiling.

This is more my speed.

The Chipp Inn off of a side street makes for a great getaway from anything pretentious or hipsterish. It's a tiny awesome bar with cold ass beer, folding chairs and a pool table that makes Asians penises look black. I'm home.

Regardless, I still managed to suck at pool.

Checked out Small Bar on Fullerton where 12 house DJ's were to play for 6 hours. So do the math...six hours of house music should roughly pan out to about 15 songs.

Dear Santa, buy me a phone with a flash. This is where I start to lose memory.

We ended up at Big Star for some reason.

I'm going to assume that I ate food here. Happy New Year everyone!

It was good to see the Abrahim and Larry. They are irreplaceable in my book. I couldn't have asked for a better partner to hang out with for NYE than Dio. And thank all y'all for reading and making me want to actually keep this blog up!