Monday, December 12, 2011

Short Post, Not Because I'm Asian.

The post is short because I didn't have time to take a lot of pictures during work and my phone does this annoying thing where the shutter takes a long time to open so it makes me look like an idiot standing there with my phone pointed at something.

I worked a mini shift over at Avec for shits and giggles. The homie Jesse is a veteran in the restaurant world and kills it on the line here. This magical entry makes vegetarians wish they ate which case a massive bowel movement would follow soon after.

These are caricatures of the staff and judging by the illustration of the eyes, they're all Asian except for the carefully drawn white devil eyes.

Make that shit tight!

RIP Soundwave and yes that is a Campbell's "soup in hand" right next to the speaker.

Went upstairs after prep was done to check out the action and ingredient run for these fools. The size of the kitchen is the size of my left testicle - TIGHT. In a space that should only have one person, three people handle all the orders of the night. I felt bad for the cook who's first night on the line was this night - she was a hot fucking mess. Her face looked like she was ready to die, fuck, puke,and shit all at once. It was magical.

Jesse was in the middle slangin them fancy flatbread/pizza thangs and in control and feeding me on the side like the stray yellow dog that I am.

I will say the one thing good about fuck ups is that you get to eat them.

Worked a 12 hour day at the Whole where I had taken another attempt at baking. It wasn't too bad except the cookies looked discs of shit because of all the stuff I put in it to make them "different." I don't know why baking is so hard for me, but I do know that I fucking hate it. Anywho, the homie Josh called for help cooking at a private gig in Deerfield for a good sum of cheddar. Went to an Eastern European deli called "SHTRAM" which looks like Shitram in Wheeling.

It was awesome. Just all kinds of weird Euro shit from candies to animal organs without the shitty Techno music that they love for some reason. I love this shady alley dining room they created for diners who want to feel like they're eating in a sex slave rec room.

This was the only picture taken during the party because I didn't want to look like the thief taking pictures of things that I was gonna steal. The house was fucking huge, the kind of huge with probably 10 bathrooms. I was taking dumps in what was seriously a closet bathroom that was nicer than my whole apartment.

For how nice and ritzy everything was, I thought this was pretty retarded looking for some reason.

Another Sunday, another group of dudes watching millionaires play football and complaining.


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