Monday, December 5, 2011

I Think I'm Getting Soft. Need To Start Drinking.

The nephew is starting to get a personality. This is the "I'm going to hide food in my mouth and keep it there and refuse to spit it out" game.

Got to help screen print some art work with the homie Colin Palombi for the 10 x 10 project coming up. First step is molesting the design with oil and then playing the congas on top of it.

Bake ink onto screen with light and some kind of emulsion process.

Wash screen.

And something like this should emerge out of washing out the screen.

Squeegy that shit son. I would show you the finished product, but I'd rather you just show up to the show and encourage you to visit the link instead you lazy bastards.

Spudnik Press got it going on complete with blaring shitty techno music from what sounds like an over coked "producer" upstairs.

Is there anything better than working at a grocery store on Thanksgiving Eve? Yes, hitting yourself with a spiked bat over and over again.

So in spirit of the holidays, here is a piece to express how I feel about the holiday season.

Nothing happier than a pig ready to be cooked and served with beer.

Finally got to eat out and check out some place new and of interest.

The interior was painted by Solo. Been a fan of his work for years growing up in Chicago and have a deep rooted respect for his work and aesthetics. He also loves his negative space.

Started with the individual grill sticks Union is known for and specializes in. We went in at a good time when it wasn't crowded with yuppies in striped shirts. The chef and staff were in good spirits and recommending stuff for the duration of the meal.

The Devon roll was the shit. Named after the North side neighborhood known for Indian restaurants, this roll had a hint of curry, and featured tempura potatoes all up in it.

Forgot what this was, but it was equally impressive in taste and ingenuity using thinly shaved cucumber as the nori. We had a few more rolls and dessert which all in all was quite good. I would definitely go back on a pay day.

How do you wash this tee shirt?

Went to Chesterton, IN for a little home brewing event that I put on in a gated community complete with a password to get through the gates. I always wonder what people do for fun in these kind of communities and how many drugs or weirdo sex parties happen.

Best feature I've ever seen in a kitchen so far. A suction slide that you can sweep into! This made sweeping the floor awesome. More home and professional kitchens need this.


Here is some of the trash I swept into the suction thing.

Had to try it fresh, just so I can tell what the difference will be after aging it. Fucking $30 a bottle! Its like the Cristal of beer, except I doubt you'll be hearing any rappers rapping about a stout blend in "da club" anytime soon.

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