Sunday, December 18, 2011

Camel Backing The Wagon.

Nothing like ending a work day with seeing a drunk Santa Claus handing out gifts to even drunker patrons at a bar. I can't complain though cause I got a wicked Hoegaarden shirt. I also pulled out a pretty gnarly thorn out of my thumb this'd it get in there? Only Santa, the donkey, Mexican and I will know.

I was bestowed the honor of cooking for Tooch and Steff's 2 yr. anniversary dinner. Romance has hit the fan with a remote control on the table and Tooch's version of a tuxedo. Well at least there was a candle?

It was a French inspired 4 course menu consisting of some heavy proteins including beautifully seared duck breasts. These tits don't come cheap though.

Those quack boobs didn't go through nearly as much as this vanilla parsnip puree that got roasted, poached in butter and then pureed with whole milk.

So, I kind of put the gout on hiatus once Tooch whipped out some heaters including this years BCS from Goose Island.

This sour beer made me remember how good beer can be. Tart, not overly sweet, and just well balanced. Knowing Jolly Pumpkin beers, The rest of this 4 or 6 pack probably all tasted different.

Continuing the sour journey, this beer was pretty tasty. It made my foot tingle with anticipation of pain to come.

Definitely not worth risking my gout over. Disappointing all around.

I don't understand some breweries that come out with series of beers all meant to be aged over years and years. I wish they can brew beer good enough to drink from the beginning. The Bruery is brewing beer to be released every year in tune to the song "12 Days of Christmas." I'm not waiting 12 fucking years to try each verse from the song. Case and point, this beer was pretty good for a Christmas style ale, but beer enthusiasts will all chime in and say "it'll be better in a year or two." Fuck that, get me six shots of whiskey so I can get fucked up now. I just hope that the "5 Golden Rings" won't be brewed with any kind of urine.

This brewery makes going up North to Wisconsin worth it. Always a solid choice from the very drinkable Spotted Cow to this Cranbic, its always a pretty solid choice.

This was a rare treat - The Dark Apparition from Jackie O in a smuggled growler. You can smell the fat sweat from the beer nerd that was able to obtain this. Almost as if we still lived in the Prohibition Era. Dark, Roasty, Smokey - delicious. I don't think Jackie O has brewed anything bad. Pretty rare to always come out with heavy hitters that are equally delicious and rare.

It's been a while alcohol. I miss how you make me feel - like an idiot.

It also makes me eat things I wouldn't normally eat like this dessert creation over at Longman and Eagle. I forgot what this was supposed to mimic but the bacon ice cream on top was fucking delicious. Smokey, salty, shit definitely looked weird the next morning.

No pictures from Saturday as I did absolutely nothing in fear of my foot exploding and nursing a hangover. It's been a while since booze and I got along and the hangover made me realize why. Sunday was time for the Holiday Art Bazaar thing over at Simones in Pilsen.

A last minute art sale with creative types hocking small wares and artsy gifts. It was a mellow time and a chance to catch up with some old friends.

Joey Potts making Oscar Fotoflow feel uncomfortable. Joey had the crotch of his jeans cut out and kept doing hug handshakes. It was really awkward.

These are some rude fucking treats. Nathan West had a lot of cool shit on hand complete with a prop 100lb. type writer on display. Gotta hand it to him though because he biffed with type writer in tow and his groin took all of the impact. This is why cups were invented.

Gotta thank the homie Andrea for helping me out with the anni dinner. Congrats to Tooch and Steff. Thanks for the onslaught of beers that'll inevitably make my foot the size of a baby beluga, but its all worth it.

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