Monday, November 14, 2011

Slow Times At Goutmont High.

My foot is taking its sweet ass motherfucking time healing. Thank goodness pot is readily available and always around and apparently calorie free. Just cause my foot hurts doesn't mean I'm staying in. I'm giving my foot the middle finger and getting shit done and taking a lot of shits because all the pills I'm taking give me the fun runs.

Happy birthday to me. Nothing like doing a beer dinner on your birthday, having to taste and spit out awesome beer. This lineup is noting to scoff at as the 120 minute IPA comes in at almost a whopping 15% ABV. Cooked a hefty 5 course meal and then popped open a Darklord beer from 3 Floyds in celebration.

Here's Chris from Brutally Honest Brewing showing us what not to do with good beer. I was ready to grab a straw and start sucking it off the table. There's a beer nerd out there in his mom's basement shedding a tear at the thought of wasting a "rare" beer. Rare, not because it's impossible to get but rare because people place wayyyyyyyyyy too much value on it.

Waking up on a Saturday ready to work is as exciting as stabbing your face with a sharpened garden tool. However, when a cool opportunity like cooking in a Museum exhibit comes up, it kind of makes it worth it. In this case the Museum of Science and Industry had a little dinner with Kevin (who is the resident for a month), and five smart ass teens. When I say smart ass, I mean like for real smart, not LOL smart.

The Smart House exhibit designed by Germans is totally green, sustainable, and shits on your chest with recycled feces.

If you ever wanted to feel retarded, hang out with these teens. All of them get excited about science, are polite, super smart and go to Neurobiology camp in the summer at lie.
You lost me at dissecting rat brains and keeping them alive for scientific purpose.

Feeling insecure and unproductive cause of some teenagers, I started to paint and tried to make myself feel better by crying out loud.

Repos delving into his softer side and color matching his snuggie at home.

Keith was blowing his piece all day.

This cake is so street it hurts. Shout out to Gangi for the graffiti wall bday cake son! This is when keeping it real goes wrong.

Checked out Nathan West's contribution to an art show/fundraiser for the LGBT organization in relation to anatomy. This was one my favorites from the show.

Asian man eye envy. This would be the least intimidating laser eye beam to come out to destroy your enemy.

So the night was to benefit some lesbian/gay/trans/bi thing. A lot of med students, doctors, and weird pre meds wishing they were artists.

NOW ITS A PARTY! I don't know what LGBT peeps do in the privacy of their own home but I was informed that the popcorn was not for eating.

He must have put these socks on ready to just stunt the hell out of them - success.

A little light on photos and content because I've been staying home cause of the G-O-U-T. The medication and a shit load of pot smoking keeps me at bay, otherwise I may have murdered someone by now.

Plus, this kid is hilarious.

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  1. That's dope about the Smart House dinner. What'd you serve?