Monday, October 17, 2011

Is That Gout Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

This is day 4 of my flare up and as you can see, the hair growth on my foot hasn't stopped at all, thank goodness that rogaine finally kicked in. I should have a full furry foot by winter's end. For anybody that has ever had a gout flare up last more than 2 days will attest to how fucking painful that shit is. Just saying "the gout" is disgusting enough. I may have over done it in Denver with the booze and meats.

Making and eating food like this probably never helps with the purine levels in my body. How can you say no to a good Belgium style pot of mussels though? Gout is God's true curse to humans.

Also painting on my feet for about 4 hours and walking in shitty chucks can never help either.

I must have taken acid right before I painted this. This somehow says what it says.

Out of all the old schoolers in Chicago that is still active and painting, Labrat has definitely stood out with his dedication to keep with the art and make sure he stays current. So many old school writers here get stuck in their ways and think that they don't have to change but true writers/artists like Labrat keep that momentum going and its damn refreshing that he can still school new writers with the best of them. He also has one of the most epic toy collections ever...these two things have to be related somehow.

Here's Cyfn showing us that you can accomplish anything no matter how tight your pants are.

Repos got lazy and just looked at his shirt for his fill in.

I'm an avid rider and supporter of the CTA and have been since a youth and I have seen my share of shit go down on both the train and bus routes. Out of the almost 25 years of riding the CTA, nothing has bothered me more than the "just came out of the closet" guy. I'm sure Sanjeet here from Naperburg had it hard growing up coming from a strict family, yadda yadda yadda. Now that he's in the "big city," his main priority is to let everyone know he's gay. I get fact its pretty fucking obvious, so just relax and stop trying to be friends with every single white female on the bus. WE FUCKING GET IT.

I have no idea what possessed me to make Greek Moussaka, but I did and it was a pain in the ass. A delicious pain in the ass, but pain in the ass nonetheless. Pain in the ass, pain in the ass, pain in the ass...yes I can say it one more time.

Checked out Portishead at the Aragon this week and holy shit was it worth the wait. I went with my sexy gout boot and sweated to the what is one of my favorite top ten groups of all time.

Only thing that sucked was the $3.00 cup of fucking tap water. I feel like management sat around and joked about whether or not they would be able to do this and sure enough...fucking assholes. As if the 7 dollar BUD options weren't bad enough but charging 3 dollars for a basic necessity like water is just evil. It's probably so they can pay for their fucking Roman vomitorium style bathrooms. Fucking stupid.

Nonetheless, the show was amazing and its awesome and weird to see Beth Gibbons so happy and energetic considering how depressing most of her songs are. I can finally cross them off my bucket list...Elton John is the only person left on my list...fingers crossed for a tour.

A lot of out of towners in this past weekend and what better way to greet them with my sexy gout boot? This beaut made my walking experience this past week bearable. Although the pain was still prevalent however the next picture would prove to be quite the effective remedy.

Plus the word "medical" is in the title so how can it be bad? My only concern is how identical the container looked to a semen and urine sample cup.

Graffiti tour day.

MSK never ceases to amaze me at how high they set the standard with their productions and skill level. It's also scary to see how many letters and logos were familiar to me from just straight marketing and commercials.

Sucks to see a legend of style capped by these two poles for a billboard ad. I can't speak for anybody else, but Syse along with the other Feds like East (see previous post) were inspirations for me and I copied the shit out of them.

This was truly a gem to see. Haven't seen an Empo-wer piece in a while. Such a solid dude and piece.

Always loved seeing Shred pieces as well. Styles like this can cross decades and its relieving to see that the ability to painting pieces really never leave your system.

They stuck Cove near anything that resembled a fence so he can feel at home.

Fucking Ruben killllllllllled this wall. My shit 3gs phone does this wall no justice. Its about time he painted the outside considering how much time he spends inside.

Omens...dude just got sooooo good sooooo fast.

So speaking of drunk Mexicans, Pilsen had its annual open studio walk thing...perfect for out of towners to see how many a lot of crappy art.

The art walk consisted of homes, shops, halls, cafes, alley's, elotes carts...basically anything with a wall with yet another set of photo prints was considered to be a gallery.

Although some of the spots were really cool and vintagey.

I would like to live here so I can see that portrait of my aunt everyday.

This room is one step away from being a retro 50's style diner.

My favorite pieces from the weekend. Fucking amazing lines and color blends. Look at the creepy lady on the left...thats some El paranormal activity type shit son.

Went well the hell out of the way off the main strip to visit the homie Rahmaan who has had a studio in Hector Duarte's space for years.

He doesn't have to look at porn, he can just paint it. Needless to say, I'm pretty fucking jealous of dudes skills.

I have no idea why I thought this was hilarious.

This is how all art walks should end, with a trip to the Mexican candy shop.

Um, translator please?

I was a bit overwhelmed with all of the weird looking vegetable candies and guacamole chips and settled for what was either a corn on the cob or a yellow grenade. It looks gross kind of was.

I think Chicago may have worn these Texans out. They did have to walk more than a city block which is dubbed as a "Texas Mile" in San Antonio.

I have another out of town friend coming in soon with an art opening at 2620 W. Washington this Friday 10/21 so we'll see what I get into next. I also havent drank or eaten meat in like a week straight which has to be some kind of record for me. My gout flare is better but only time will tell. No worries because no matter how much less I drink or eat carnivorously, I'll still be an asshole.

Also have to send a shout out to Celisa for being an equally awesome tour guide when she wasn't busy yapping about her boyfriend or texting him constantly or bleeding. BOOOOOOOYAHHHHHHH!!!

Thanks for reading. Ill leave you with a random act of baby.

Untitled from Won kim on Vimeo.

Have a good week everybody.


  1. Those pink skull paintings are dope, who's the artist?

  2. I wish i knew...I saw these in passing.

  3. You got a recipe for that Belgium style pot of mussels?

  4. Sorry to hear about the gout.
    Portishead was indeed a great show. Except for the stoopid drunks acting all drunk next to us. A couple of them got ejected from the show.
    Statik's studio is indeed dope. I always knock on his door when I'm in the area.
    As to the Mexican candy picture. Pelón means bald and pelo rico means delicious hair. Yeah.