Monday, September 19, 2011

Wedding Fever Cured

Second weekend in a row catering a 100+ wedding for me and things got a little heated when I brought cooking work home with me. One thing led to another and I basically lost it for a second and kicked a panel in. I swear I'm not an angry person, just always mad.

I take a ton of pictures of my nephew so that I have black mail material in the future when he becomes too "cool" for his elders. Those pants will haunt him for the rest of his life.

Saw the leaning tower of Niles, IL on our way to get ingredients for the wedding. How fucking random is this? I can't even make fun of it cause its just so weird.

Wedding day where my crack team of cooks are being ever so professional smoking while cooking over the grill.

I caught the whole bridal party smoking crack before entering the tent.

Feeding 130 people all at once can be a daunting task and that is why it so fucking crucial that you hand pick your team and know how to delegate things just make sure shit is smooth.

Oh and make sure there is plenty of beer around so nerves, insecurity and doubt are taken care of.


I kept thinking of how creeper I must have looked in all of the pictures taken during this speech. And yes the bride and groom are sitting on the ground.

White people dancing is like staring at a car wreck, you just kind of gawk and it becomes kind of mesmerizing after a while.

Another cool reason to have boobs. Although I do kind of feel bad for that bottle, its suffocating.

So ironic that after working a wedding, I attended a wedding brunch on the following day for the homie Joanne Yum-Gutierrez-Gonzalez-Park-Gomez. It was in an awesome space in the North side in what used to be a bank now turned massage parlor/home/thrift store? The food was awesome and all cooked by one woman so kudos to that work.

Fucking awesome. I wish I had a door like this to my bedroom so I could jerk it in peace.

I need to own a hammock before I die.

The vault is now converted to a happy ending room.

Thank you crack team of drunken asshole cooks. Stephen, Janixa (double fisting beers and hiding a beer in her tits), Paul, Caity, Crista, Andrea, Amanda, Steve, and Patrick.

I'm in a daze from the past two weeks. It was a lot of work, planning, and thinking and door kicking.

See y'all bitches.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Life Moves Pretty Fast. If You Don't Stop and Look Around...

Ever see a movie on the rooftop of a grocery store before? Yeah, me neither. The joys of working in a goo goo plex of a grocery store is the space and creative use of it. In this case, a drunk rooftop movie night to begin a week is always a good way to start. Im hoping Debbie Does Dallas or Tits and Asses part 15 will soon be in rotation.

One of my oldest and best friends Ibrahem was in town for just a night but didn't get the memo that it was 2011. I think his favorite bands include Nickelback, and Creed.

We met up at the Lockdown near Ukranian Village for mothafuckin half off burger night. I ate all of this shit son! Avocados like the egg is always going to be tasty on any burger. Toppings are getting out of control on burgers these days and I blame Kuma's Corner for this. Just make sure the patty is good first and foremost and everything else will follow. I'm waiting for the day where they just put a whole other burger on top of a burger as a topping.

Knowing people that work in the adult beverage industry can be an awesome and dangerous treat. They always flip for the bill, but you end up drinking till everyone becomes a caucasian blur. The Village Tap in Roscoe Village has this awesome beer garden complete with retractable roof where drinking comes second nature. The inside is as tight as a Korean on pay day but this back is as open as a prostitute on pay day.

Ebony and Ivory represented with gradiant pastel shirts and matching hats for Sketch Thursday. Its how the new interracial gays accessorize these days. The couple that draw with interlocking arms together dress together stay together. Say word.

So my shithead cousin that I haven't seen in like ten years or so came into town with her two friends and took over my apartment, and drank my fancy beer without permission. This is Jeannie demonstrating how the beer I saved for over a year and a beer that you can only find in Boston was drunk. This is why I don't have any Korean friends.


Having family in from out of town was a good excuse to visit the good peoples over at Xmarx Chicago for their inaugural Labor Day Comatoast Brunch. Get ready for Asian photos.

Or rather photos with Asians in them. Jeannie's drunk traveling companions. Mind you that it is quite sunny outside and they are "buzzed."

The very tasty bloody mary's may have had something to do with it.

Here is a comprehensive list of the ingredients used for the five course brunch.

Home made Creme Fraiche, heirloom cherry tomoato, honey, fresh goji berries, candied toasted almonds, fresh chocolate mint.

French sausage, sauteed spinach, Italian butternut squash, candy cap mushrooms. The mushroom water that reconstituted the shrooms had a distinct maple syrup smell/taste. It was kind of crazy.

Proscuitto di Parma, sweet and brilliant melons, grilled figs, I forgot the cheese, smoked balsamic, marigold leaves (tastes like oranges).

Double yolk duck eggs, arugula, zucchini potato pancake, tomato hollandaise, roasted padron pepper. Holy fuck, shit was bomb son. The dessert course was a take on coooooooookie crisps with cold mint milk. If you can get into any of these meals, I would highly recommend it. Definitely an experience. Korean or not.

So fast forward a couple of days, sleeping at work, working crazy hours and then having to shop for a wedding I'm catering...scary thing is that this is only a 1/3 of everything I would need. 150 person reception, I was in charge of everything from booze to food to service to supplies. Learning will ensue.

Untitled from Won kim on Vimeo.

Speaking of learning. The nephew is up and running full speed complete with incoherent words and actions.

Game time. The reception was in full swing and service was fast and furious. The team did they thang without a hitch. I just wish the shithead owner of the coffee venue who already charged the bride and groom to rent out the whole cafe for dessert didn't charge and extra 200 to use his shit counter space and fucking oven. I don't ever ever plan on returning to JUPITER OUTPOST on 1139 W. FULTON. Boycott this place, cause they take advantage of people. You make sandwiches dick, get over yourself and don't charge $50 an hour to use counter space.

We made the best of the situation and food was made, sent out and consumed.

Congrats to Brian and Kristy for an awesome reception. Powell brewing came through and did a special Hefeweizen and Milk Stout batch. It was unique and guests all got to work off the calories by going up and down the stairs.

Here's the motley crew comprised of cooks, drunks, and drunk cooks, can you guess which one is which? Here's a hint - they're all of the above. Oh, did I mention that I had work the next day after this 14 hour day? FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After work, joined my brother and his kid to play in the park to try and wear him out. It ended up that the baby wore both of us out and we ended up getting chinese food which just made things worse. Note to self, Welles Park is pretty awesome.

So, I'm on day 8 of work and can't stop till Sunday with another 150 person wedding coming up. I'm also setting up a three man art show for October and here is a preview of a piece that was recently done. Needless to say that I'm pretty fucking tired, but I wouldn't want it any other way. I just like to complain about things like everyone else.

I also painted at the Northcoast fest but didn't really take too many photos or anything noteworthy. I only checked out Little Dragon and got tired of hanging out with 14 year old on drugs and happy. A day off shall come soon, I can feel it.