Monday, July 18, 2011

No Gang Signs, Just Pitchfork.

So I thought it was fucking hot last week. This past weekend was like walking into a disgusting gonorrheaic mouth. The humidity in Chicago is no joke and until you experience how uncomfortable it can be here, you'll see why people start clamoring for fall/ other words, we are never happy.

These sexy looking donuts were going around work and all I can think of was two girls and a cup for some reason. Either way, an erection was had once this thing was in my mouth.

In my mission to paint every nook and free space at work, this strip was done after hours all with spray paint near the express registers. I just realized after this was done how sad the Chicago flag looks on both ends.

After this 14 hour day of doing my normal shift, cooking for a group, and then painting, I treated myself to the most delicious thing on earth next ranch dressing - the 7/11 chili cheese dog. I love the "fresh off the grill" statement. These awesome dog tubes roll on hot curling irons for hours and they have the nerve to say fresh off the grill. Well, I fell for it so I guess it works.

It's Pitchfork music festival time and in true work fashion, we pit foods against each other. The apparently already victorious raw bacon strip vs. the cool jazzy kale.

This is what I would dub as graffiti puke.

After a shitty long work week, it was a time for merriment and remorse as a comrade decided to go to another store in the company. She decided to celebrate at Goose Island Clybourn where after a lot of consideration, I decided to go with the duck reuben for dinner. It was gamey. It was rich. It was kind of perfect. It's not for the weak though. If you go for this, don't think about Daffy Duck and start giggling with food in your mouth like I did.

Ebony and Ivory. Jeanelle, you will be missed...Cody on the other hand, makes me want to puke in a kids face and punch an old lady in the stomach when I see his face.

When it was all said and done, the group of us did a pretty good job of representin.

On my way to work the next morning, ran into a literal rainbow coalition. White people hate being white so they try to be as "coloful" as possible.

Thanks to Meghan from work for hooking this up. I would never go to a festival at my age during this kind of heat UNLESS I get a pass like this! And yes I did take this in one of the VIP port a potties so I wouldn't look even more out of place.

Regardless of the pass, I still wanted to watch DJ Shadow with the peoples as the sound from the VIP stage area wasn't all that great. What sucked was that it was too light outside to appreciate the set that was specific to the visuals he had set up for the show.

Untitled from Won kim on Vimeo.

Here is my journey to get to the spot where I was standing.

After drinking a lot of shitty Heinekens, I got hungry and ambitious. I walked over to Publican and had dinner by myself like a loser, but it was a hell of a dinner. Can't ever go wrong with a sodium filled meal ala house made pickles.

Over salted frittes with eggs and pork rilletes or what I dubbed as shredded pork. The eggs were so perfect but was overwhelmed by excessive amount of salt. I like my rilletes to have a nice fat layer and not be so fibrous. Nitpicky sounding but when I pay these prices, I better get what I want dammit. I didn't feel as weird eating by myself and almost liked it more than having to talk to someone. I just ordered, ate, and left. I finished way before the two couples sitting on both sides of me having bullshit conversation and staring at my food.

Enjoyed the most expensive bloody mary on the roof top at DeWitt Hotel. I looked homeless in here but still stuck around to finish mah drink at least.

All fancy and shit, the DJ was too cool to DJ so he just stood while music played.

Seriously though. White people all look alike sometime. Pitchforkers are no exception.

Not to be outdone by the previous day, the weather beat down like Rodney King's arresting officers. It was fucking hot. You couldn't do anything to not sweat. So I just went for it and stood around to check out Odd Future for a few songs and realized that all I could hear was fucking bitch, rape, fucking, mouth fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck. So I was well on my way to check out Shabazz Palaces in the shaded blue stage.

Like night and day. Not only was it 15 degrees cooler, the hippy contingent was out hardcore.

Now imagine all of them sweating.

Best graffiti I've seen in a while in a port o potty.

It was a very long work week. I was tired, delirious, and productive. I did get to hear a lot of great music and realized how much I missed good live music. Superchunk, Deerhunter, Toro y Moi, Shabazz Palaces, DJ Shadow, and Baths were some of the notables from Pitchfork that I was super impressed and excited about.

Thanks again to the Meghan H. for the hook up!

See y'all next week.

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