Monday, July 11, 2011

Hot Like Scrotum Skin.

Chicago finally got its dick wet with humid ass weather and high ass temperatures. So everyone whining about the cold can suck it. You got what you wanted so fuck off and pay my A/C bills.

Guess who's back? This little dude is up and running. His favorite hobbies include eating and trying to break his uncle's iphone.

On a good note, I got to paint a lot of cherries and get a nice pacman in there. Yes, this is serious work...

Especially when you see shit signs like this. Whoever's boyfriend or girlfriend said that you were good at art and writing FUCKING LIED TO YOU!!! This place obviously outsourced to a 4 year old who just learned how to write to do all of the boards.

Boiler Room had its one year anniversary party where buddy/co-worker Nathan West had an unveiling of his mural in the outdoor area. Couldn't take any pictures because of all the d-bags having fun and eating pizza. A lot of beer was consumed this evening...a lot.

This is an amazing shirt. I wanted to have a picnic on it or play checkers. It made my day.

At one of the houses I cook at has this bathroom right in the kitchen has a ton of mirrors. If you've ever wanted to feel weird and creeped out by your own junk, do this to your bathroom. You've never wanted to see your balls in so many angles.

Stopped by the homie Chef Abe Conlon's spot to do a little sign work and saw some pieces Jarret Spiegal and I did last year for our show. These fuckers are huge.

I think we simultaneously had our periods when we did this one.

Cold as ice.

This is when I love having the friends that I do doing what they do best. This is a shepard's pie that was fucking tasty as hell. I almost smashed the bowl after wards to lick whatever remnants were left behind.

Stopped by David's house where the family was celebrating his daughters baptism. One Asian male named Won pronounced Juan and fifty Latinos actually named Juan.

Brooks showed up to show that stereotype about black people liking fried chicken aren't true...wait a minute...

David also owns a really old painting of mine aptly hung in his bathroom to help you take a dump when looking at it.

Stopped by a friends art opening that was inside an apartment. This is Nick Bach in all of his Asian mutt glory. His art work is pretty fucking intense and very well executed...him on the other hand - the picture says it all.

So much detail work in this and great stuff going on until you look up and see a gay donut. That is some "art school shit."

Had a moment to breathe from working the whole week and got to check out the Logan Square Farmers Market and do an impromptu dinner for some really cool people. I love farmers markets but I gotta tell yah, you want to talk about Whole Paycheck? Quality was great but dang, the prices had my balls tingling with anger and bewilderment. Its like a spidey sense.

The host Andrew whipped out some surprises of his own and shucked a bunch of oysters! These meaty little fuckers had me ready to fuck a mule.

One of the dishes I had a chance to take a picture of. Pan seared perch on top of sauteed rainbow chard, morel beurre blanc sauce, topped off with micro arugula and ribboned sorrel.

I had a great time this day and can't thank Lee and Andrew enough for hosting and Shawn Smith organizing this all. Cooking without pressure in a home kitchen that is better outfitted than most professional restaurants with cool people in the mix was just awesome.

Thanks again to Lee, Andrew, Shawn, Caity, Nathan, Nick, Abe, and you mothafucks for reading!

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  1. 1. that shepherds pie looks fucking delicious.

    2. is that piece in david's bathroom from the big brother little brother show you did with ANTCK? i like it.

    3. i remember seeing that deck-tych(?) at the 5 show you curated, right? shit is crazy detailed. really dope piece.