Monday, July 4, 2011

Getting It In.

Started off the week with some painting at the cribbo. The best part of this evening was the planning we did for a trip to the House on The Rock which I'm pretty amped about. Oh yeah and some painting was done, cool.

Co-worker buddy Chris had an awesome viewing of the first Ghostbusters in his backyard. Forgot how good Bill Murray really is in this movie, so many good one liners and subtle humor. This night would also be the first time I got bit by a mosquito on my eye lid which basically swelled up and made my chinky eyes even chinkier.

The only thing that can ruin an awesome night like above is having to do inventory after cooking for 10 hours. I've never had such a desire to murder frozen peas and kale in my life until I had to count them. Another thing to note is how disgusting melting vegan cheese looks (I counted all of the vegan/veggie options). I kept thinking how cool it would be if this scan gun took photos like my phone. Someday...

This photo was taken at 1pm in Pilsen. I always knew God hated Mexicans but why make it so obvious?

This photo pretty much sums up my rare day off on Friday. It was an awesome day of painting, chillin, drinkin, and eating. Pretty much what this whole blog is about.

Speaking of which, we had an idea to paint the same wall on the same day right after one another with a time limit of 1.5 hours. Pretty much running a train on this wall. Since black guys always die first in horror movies, we applied this notion to the wall and made him paint first.

Snap. That was quick.

Keith dressed up for the occasion and wore his Sunday best. He may have beat a homeless person to score those sweet khaki skorts.

The black guy getting gone over by a white guy...

And boom goes the dynamite. Keith snapped off as well. At this point, I was 8 tecate's in with almost a pound of meat in my stomach. All I wanted to do was curl up and sleep which meant time to paint.

I have no idea how I pulled this off so to celebrate, I had more meat and about 10 more tecates. Its only 7pm.

I got my shit together the next day after a much needed resting and veg day and saw a motherfucking Delorean! Except Marty Mcfly was a Marty Gonzalez.

Went to a friend of a friends house for a little get together and saw this shower that looked like the underbelly of a pregnant pig. Can you imagine all those streams of water spraying you down??? This makes a baday toilet look like a little squirting bitch.

I've never covered up like this to paint indoors but remembering how I felt the last time and peeing orange, it was time to get busy. I felt and looked like a giant tampon.

Me rikey the colors.

Me rikey rong time. Time to stuff my face.

HOLY FUCKING CHRIST! This little fucker gave me raging food boner in my mouth. Adrian had his annual pig roast and cooked not one but two of these fuckers! Skin was perfectly seasoned and crispy and every single shred of Babe in the city was tender and moist. This was an amazing BBQ.

Go America! After the raping of the pig, it was time for some brisket at Tim and Julio's annual 4th BBQ. I did the rub and sauce for this seven pounder. It was smoked with hickory for almost 6 hours and I gotta tell yah...IT WAS FIRE. Had a nice pink smoke ring, super moist, tender, and had the crispy outside to it. Took six hours to make, gone in less than an hour.

After drinking about half a bottle of Makers' Mark, I figured a beer at a friends house was in order where my creepy ass relatives stared and judged me while I pissed. Eerie anyone?

Looks like swamp water but this concoction housed one of the best pickled green beans I've ever had in my life. The brine made me want to cock punch someone.

Guess who's back! The nephew got fucking huge! This kid is only 14 months old. Looks like Uncle is going to have to start working out to pick this kid up.

The week has been great. Gotta give a big ups shout out to Jp and his mom for hosting the awesome Friday to the intrusive graffiti writers. I always leave well fed on all levels. GO AMERICA!

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