Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Get Your Freak On.

Hung out with the homie Karen G after her triumphant finish of the half Ironman. Thats pretty dedicated and fucking impressive. My exercise consists of chewing gristle on steak and deep throating 711 hot dogs.

What better way to celebrate a physical feat than to drink a beer? This Mikkeller over at Maproom made my scrotum happy. This shit was smooth as Billy Dee. Mikkeller has been brewing some great summer beers so if you see any on tap, I'd definitely recommend it.

Met up with Suzanne for dinner for her birthday over at Frontier (only because Schwa's A/C was busted...FAIL!). This hunter-esque restaurant took over the old Corosh building which was actually built and designed by Corosh himself - a womanizing artist alcoholic who was also an excellent carpenter. My hero.

The outdoor area was always pretty rustic and neat but now it looks like an unfinished house.

I felt a little uneasy sitting in front of a roaring bear's crotch whilst I drank my beer. Sort of TGIF-ish. This was one of those unbearably hot nights last week where the humidity just made everything damp and miserable. The hostess sat us in the ONE FUCKING SPOT that had no air flow, a/c or any sign of relief from the growing crowds that continually came in.

These did help though. A dozen oysters for $10 is always a nice starter. Using the ice to keep them shits cold to rub my arms down even a better idea. Did I mention that our spot had NO FUCKING AC, BREEZE, or air flow whatsoever?

The duck tacos were delicious...the tortillas that they were sitting on not so much.

These green beans bathing in its own juices and a pool of butter were delicious. I highly recommend this.

I ordered the venison cheese steak sandwich that was quite delicious. As you can see by the portion of the fries, I suppose the sandwich is the side dish to the fries.

Work the next day was ummm....productive. I know it looks like a butterfly, or vagina, or a butterfly's vagina, but rest assured its my own vagina with mustard.

I forgot where I saw this, but goddamn! These molds are getting eerily accurate. Except for the pegleg looking balls.

Went to the burbs to cook for Hernando's son's first bday party. The menu was already pre fixed and since all the prep was done, we treated ourselves to a couple of dry aged ribeyes.

Does it get more American than this? Fire, steaks, and semi automatics.

Went on a beer run and saw this restaurant that has American, African, Mexican Fine Dining and "healthy food." I don't think I need to say much more than what the fuck?
Doesn't American = Mexican these days? Chipotle anyone?

Speaking of Mexican, painted in Pilsen again in JP's backyard. I like the size of the wall because it is perfect to do one small piece and just chill. It's fun to just paint for the sake of painting.

Side Boob.

This post is a little light and tame because I did have a lot of work and didn't really go out. The idea of heading over to Wicker Park Fest after attending Pitchfork the weekend before made my pants tighter and my headband more fluorescent. I couldn't bear the thought of being around that many sweaty teens, hipsters, dickwads, cuntbags, douche nozzles, and assholes two weekends in a row. So I just mostly stayed in and watched Weeds. I'm near season 5...shits crazy son!

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  1. i keep forgetting to check out frontier. thanks for the reminder.