Monday, June 27, 2011

Aaaaaaaaaaand We're Back.

What up. So a few things happened while I was out the past three weeks - most important being that my phone died on me taking with it a plethora of photos I had ready for an epic update with general douchery. I also have been w0rking almost non stop with a couple of breathers here and there to help keep my sanity. So here I am grateful for the three people that have asked about my blog graciously updating it for those three fans.

Here we are at Revolution Brewing Co. where fisting is alive and always encouraged. Scuba Steve was in town and was taken to a downtown "lounge" where Texans such as Steve cringed at the thought of more than five kinds of minorities in one room. So I suggested we go to the new white neighborhood of Logan Square where only Mexicans and Caucasians dwell...Texas.

This is what fisting beer taps, out of town Texans, and a few shots of Jameson will do to you. The best part is that they have identical bodies. This two headed Mexican makes me miss Texas...only a little.

Speaking of Mexicans, I forgot about this random drunk photo I took of the tongue tacos over at this spot right by Fullerton and Milwaukee ave. I puked pretty hard in the morning before heading to work and wondered why I tasted tortillas in my mouth. And now I know.

Worked an engagement party for an awesome couple out in Glen Ellyn at the parents crib. I wish I was super rude and dickish and started to take pictures like a creeper because this house was magnificent. Instead, I shuttered down like a foreskinned penis and just cooked everything. This was just the appetizer course...I didn't have it in me to take more pictures of the spread as the day went on because...

My staff and I started to drink and I just kind of forgot to. Most cooks and back of house staff know how disgusting and stupid the conversation can be with no topic uncovered. This was no exception.

The next week would prove to be another grueling day in the kitchen as I did allllll of the prep work to get ready to feed 500 people at the second annual Paella Parade. DJ Intel and I won the previous year for crowd favorite which rocked, but this year would prove to be less successful as Emilio's won and very well deservedly. I made three of these fuckers and ended up having to throw away one pan's worth - did I mention that this event was to benefit a feed the hunger program? IRONY!!!

Went out for drinks with some friends afterwards and this ended up happening. The scary thing is that this is her second time in this pothole off of Damen Ave. I hope I can look this happy when I'm in a random concrete hole.

After doing more prep work for another event, my brother and I went to one of the few decent Korean restaurants left. Do Rae Jang.

Their specialty dish is the famed Naeng Myun which is an ice cold beef broth soup for the summer. It's originated in North Korea which is probably why it looks so gray and dismal, but damn is it fucking good on a hot day. Season it yourself with some vinegar and hot mustard and this will make you want to give Kim Jong Il at least a handy.

I didn't want to bore you with too many beers I've tasted over the summer so far but these hyped, "rare," dark lord beers were well worth the $50 you had to pay to purchase...not the ridiculous $300 these were going for on ebay. It helps to know some beer snob/aficionados.

Time for the big day. The first Brew Ha Ha I organized over at the Chicago Urban Arts Society. Featuring home brew power house Lowdive, Powell brewing, and Brutally Honest. This is the calm before the storm.

Here's my station near the dock area where Matt Heyrocc and I would be pump out over 200 Korean BBQ marinated skirt steak banh mi sandwiches. I don't have any photos of this event because I was running back and forth like a mad man and serving the 150 attendees that attended. It was a great day for Chicago craft beer and you'll most likely see a Brew Hey Hey coming in Fall.

And bonus! There was a photo shoot right outside of dock where this butter face was getting ready for her quinceanera or something.

There is just so many things evil about this photo for some reason but Scuba Steve and Madadam were in it to win it this evening. I remember laughing a lot this evening.

It was the end of an era this past weekend where the homie Karen G called it quits after almost five years slanging drinks every Sunday over at Cleos on Armitage aka Jack and Ginger's. This would be my final bloody mary made by her ever. It was sad until I pooped red the next morning because of it.

Celebrated in style by having sushi over at the new Bucktown sushi spot Sublime.

It was an overall good experience. Pretty good rolls and fresh tasting and accommodating with some of the substitutions that had to be made for some of the rolls. I would definitely come back here over Coast. It's like Coast without the dim lighting, and all of the whities except they didn't have sea urchin...FUCK THAT SHIT!

Feeling soulless for not having painted a wall in over a month, I decided to meet up with some of the homies and finally get to paint on my day off. I was all gravy until this fucking shit face decided to take up two seats with her hulk like face. I stared at her while I carried two bags of paint and this fucking taint amoeba just sat there drinking out of her overpriced Sigg bottle. You ever wonder why people hate Lincoln Park? Why even work out? If you're going to end up taking two seats just call it a day and stuff your Lou Ferrigno face with pizzas so the two seat rule (one per cheek apparently) applies to you...Or maybe you were sitting on a sybian? Either way, you sir are a fucking douche cunt bag.

I would soon get over the issue afterwards and paint happily with Tese, Egor, Thoser, and Exhaust. This makes everything just fade away.

I felt a little rusty, but overall was happy with how many colors I used which is uncharacteristic of me as well.

Feeling a little cheeky, I suggested a few of the orange speckles to complete my section of the wall.

I have a lot of people to thank for helping this month happen - Matt Heyrocc, Crista, Amanda, Caity, Bridget Mitchell, Fanny Cantero, Kyu (my brother), CUAS, Andrew Lautner, Freddie Walker, Suzanne, Nuntida, and the list can go on but I do appreciate all of the effort!

See y'all next week bitches!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Most Epic Shopping List Ever.

Found this in the hallway of the place I private chef at. Who the fuck forgets some of these items??? I mean buns and soup I can see, but some of these items you would have to think long and hard (no pun intended) are kind of hard to forget.

Yeah, I know I'm slacking on my posts but coming off of food poisoning, work, and just trying to keep ahead of shit, I guess I lost track. I'm still taking pictures though so until my next post, check out this event I'm throwing near the end of the month!