Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Yo, You See Spring Anywhere?

Starting work at 10 pm always make me feel alive...like a resting badger that wants to tear off someone's face when woken up. Work is work.

You'll never guess what show was in town. Very lackluster turn out compared to how much people talk about this show. Every foodie in the audience had a hard on ready to blog about some stupid gastrique sauce they tasted and how they know more than the chefs competing.

Headed over to the Chicago Urban Arts Society space to check out the massive installation/show for street art which of course was packed to the brim...at fucking 10:00 when the show was supposed to end. Filled with people who like foodies had a hard on ready to talk shit, spit knowledge, or just be seen at this show. I felt like there was a lot of tension at this show as all kinds of people from graffiti writers, artists, shitheads, wannabes, toys, and scenesters all congregate ready for whatever to look cool.

Not to take away from the show, there was some stellar fucking work and the overall look/feel of the space was very well utilized as shown by this massive installation from Chris Silva, Brooks Golden, Thor, and many others would be a force to be reckoned with.

Complete with a moving framed home.

Hebru Brantley. Dude's work has a certain feel that is unexplainable. You just know you like it.

You Are Beautiful collective. You may remember this from the massive downtown installation a few years back. Fucking sick.

Been a fan of the Grocer's work for years. It's always enlightening to see his work and attention to detail. Never has a group of vegetables and fruit looked so "urban." Seeing his work on the streets made me happy because it really stands out and makes me want to eat a giant grapefruit.

So it was packed the whole time I was there and almost everyone I spoke to was part of the show or had a hand in setting up the show, which made me think 90% of the audience that was there were artists in the show. Throw in the occasional drunks and fellow art enthusiasts and you have yourself a successful show! Look at the creeper in the corner of the picture, ready to pounce on free wine any minute.

Had a very long night with some unforseen drama that I do not want to discuss, however it involved a broom, paint, a lot of water and a car. So headed up to Milwaukee for a friend's 30th birthday party at what can be the dumbest name for a sushi place ever.

Its a shame too, because the food and restaurant was really really good. The fish tasted fresh, service was on point and the interior was sleek and clean.

Here is the birthday girl doing her best impression of a flapping seal djing.

Here is an actual seal djing.

The motif of the place was Buddha, Buddha, and more Buddha. It was probably pretty sacrilegious of me to keep placing my drink on the hand.

You can never beat a good mustache opportunity, except when the mustache looks almost natural on a person, then the joke isn't as good. I should have stuck to the plan of turning him into a dickface.

May = Graduations from College. Getting all grown up and shit. Tarin's graduation party would turn out to be one rockin good time complete with a Bull's playoff win.

R.I.P hopefully he's in carpet heaven. Not the lesbian kind, but the kind of place where the whole place is a bare floor.

So here's the grad proudly showing off her random board of knick knacks and cool stickers, cards, and accessories. This would soon take a turn...for the good.

So sometime between 3 and 8pm, a lot of alcohol was consumed by all admittedly but in pure celebration form, Tarin would put us alllllll to shame.

Here she is chugging a cup of vodka...I kid. It was her own urine. I wish I had more sense to capture more pictures and video. Pure comedy gold. I love happy drunks who can roll with the good times and just be funny. Tarin handled it like a champ. Celebration bitches!

Here's her dog Bear wondering what "rosemary in your face, thats your best friend" means. As Tarin kept repeating this over and over and turned into "I shit on your face, thats your best friend." Comedy gold, like I said.

It's no mystery that I like/love beer. I also have gracious friends and colleagues have even more love for beer and know how to share as this bottle direct from Belgium proves. Apparently hard to obtain and a lot of hype built around it, I just hope it tastes good.

The week was a blast despite a couple of hiccups over the weekend that could have ruined my week. Fuck you to the haters and retards that do childish things. Karma is a bitch.

On the other hand, huge thanks go out to Tarin's BF Jesse for cooking an amazing spread at the graduation party and then letting us hang out long after guests left the party with his better half passed out on the floor. It was a great time. I'll be dreaming about the pork shoulder for a few more days.

See you next week.

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  1. sock it to me!

    i had mixed feelings about the street art show before i checked it out, and frankly, after seeing it, i feel pretty much the same way. there was some great work on display, but a lot of work i've seen many times over... on the streets of all places! weird, i know.