Monday, May 9, 2011

Jigga Who?

Started the week with a Stone Brewing cheese pairing over at Blokes and Birds. A cool, chic pub located in one of the douchiest neighborhoods, so this place definitely stands out.

The owner, Daily Webb keeps a nice stock of brown liquors of all kinds to wet your whistle going in or coming back out later. There is also a nice array of solid beers on tap and in bottles to keep your head ringin.

The cheese pairing was held downstairs which houses a more loungy, cozy atmosphere complete with barely any light. I had to get the only two candles lit in the whole building to snap this 2008 Russian Imperial Stout. It was a solid tasting complete with a professional fromagelist. It was quite rich and delicious, but you can never get away from that one cheese that just smells like your grandmother's toe jam, but tastes delicious.

I'm glad this whole space is being utilized to its fullest potential instead of what it used to be, which was an ex raver, mish mosh of random shit and weird dungeon parties for the downstairs...not that I've been to any of them. I just heard.

Gotta love Tony the Tiger reppen a graffiti crew. When he's not busy mind fucking your kids with sugar crusted flakes, he paints graffiti.

After seeing Tony, peeing in an alley, walking 4 miles, and having a couple of beers, I went to check out the fine folks over at Xmarx Chicago for their limited run pop up flour and bones dinner.

Abe Conlon, the mastermind behind Xmarx is a fucking psycho for the most part and sometimes he double books. It can never be a bad thing when so many people come out looking forward to eating your food. What does suck is not having a light over the line.

There was a separate pop up flour and bones dinner along with the signature Xmarx dinner where two distinct ethnic food styles are sort of slammed together. Imagine interracial one night stands, but instead of Gonnorhea, you get awesome food you never have to call back or marry.

I was here for the strictly Chinese inspired items as the military inspired font menu suggests. I started with the jump water pickles. Delicious - some of the pickles were more "pickly" than others but good enough for me to have eaten the whole bowl within six minutes. I love a good pickle in my mouth.

Here is chef Abe in one the girliest poses I've ever seen schmoozing with guests from the other dinner. It looks like he's saying "uh uhhhhhhhhhh, gurrrrrrrrrllllllllll, no he didnt!"

These hand dumplings were fucking fantastic. I don't know what it is about dumplings, pierogis, pot stickers, but I seriously can eat a shit load in one sitting. It's almost the perfect food complete with a starch component, protein, and vegetable. This plate wasn't enough, I would have punched an old Chinese waiter for more of these.

On top of the food, there was a solid cocktail list complete with a drink that is topped off with red wine in case you didn't feel gay enough for ordering something with the word fruit and sour.

The smoked tofu with trumpet mushrooms was damn good. The mushrooms were really meaty and anything infused with smoke that is salty will always going to be a good way to go.

The brothy home made noodle bowl was fanfuckingtastic. It had all the essentials - perfect noodles, pork belly, scallions, and a rich earthy broth. It's really refreshing to taste something authentic. I was by myself and yes I did eat everything on my own...don't judge me.

Yes, Shepard Fairey was in town and got dissed like a mofo.

I introduce to you, the new Lincoln Park.

Got invited to a friend's 30th bday party (Ryan, is in the last post about to toss someone's salad with pepto). The theme was a 5 course vegetarian/pescatarian beer pairing dinner all prepared by his GF Allison.

This was paired with the mussels which was fantastic with the food. I plan on drinking a lot of sour beer this summer.

This was also another notable beer with the cheese cake that was rich and capped the dinner off right. Nothing says grown up like a 5 course beer pairing dinner. Gone are the days of keggers, hot dogs, and puking.... now its craft beer, good food, and solid conversation about missing keggers, hot dogs, and puking. Zima anyone?

Full and merry from the dinner, I almost forgot that I had to paint at the Mid for the Afrika Bambaata show. Shred One, workin up the crowd and making me realize that I suck at DJing.

The vibe was really really good for the rather new venue complete with shiny everything and well dressed security staff. It was a fucking party like the old hip hop loft party days.

Here's Demon painting his period stain from last month.

Derek, painting what he wants to look like when he grows up.

Here's my "heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy" bird thing. I love painting on stage because despite how crowded it was getting in the venue, I had all the space in the world and no one asking me questions about what the hell I'm painting.

Maker watching porn and pretending to mix.

Intel twerkin the crowd.

1:18 am and its time for Bam to get on stage...I had work in the morn so I just took a random photo of him for this blog and left. This Friday was one of the longest days in a while, so I opted to for some porn at home and sleep, because Saturday would be another long one.

After my shit day at work complete with being late because of a malfunctioning bus, I was excited to see what Matthew Ryan Sharp had cooking for his solo show at Oh No Doom! Judging from these three solid pieces, it was starting off well.

And continued on with all new works and quite the variety from paintings, flasks, plushes, and even free popcorn, cotton candy and whiskey shots if you asked nice, which I didn't.

Here's Matt, wearing the same clothes from his one time appearance on To Catch a Predator.

These raw canvas banners all done with paint and one shot were some of my favorites. A lot of detail and craft definitely comes through on these paintings. Well done Matt. Stop making us look bad, dick.

The party continued over at what used be Janina's in the city's Northwest side by Addison and Milwaukee ave. The once er...semi vibrant bar housed the best in old school Chicagoans and drunks. Dionele threw a party/engagement surprise party for a long time friend.

This is a drinker's dream come true to have access to all of the booze one can drink for free. Whoever that was invited but didn't make it, missed out yo!!! I won't lie, I did drink a lot. I won't lie, I made out with someone here a few times as well.

These are all shots of the bar at 3:00 am after everyone left because...some were drinking since 5:30pm and things may have gotten a little weird and rude.

But, everything ended up great because there was an open pit fire! You can burn stuff!

Best pee mat ever.

This was a long fucking week and we are already getting into the middle of May!
I have a lot of people to thank for this week because it was a great week of activities and fun for me. Pat (Cold Grum Productions), Allison Duda, Ryan Burk, Dionele, Matt Sharp, Daily Webb, Abe, Adrienne, my moms, Oh No Doom! and Mothafuckin Tony the Tiger yo.

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