Monday, April 18, 2011

Working For the Man.

Went to Indian Grill house over in Lincoln Park for a co worker's "congrats on quitting your job and finding something happier and better" dinner. And as you can see Maureen is enthralled by the company surrounding her. Ha, we'll miss her at the hole.

Haven't had Indian food in a while so I went for the vegetarian sampler. It was quite good despite most of the flavors being similar. Side note, make sure you do not walk home after an Indian dinner. My butt cheeks are seriously like iron after having had to clench them till a toilet was present. I literally had my pants around my ankles when I walked in my door. It was still worth it.

Woke up the next morning and painted the nightmare I had almost crapping my pants.

Fast forward three days after double shifts between two jobs, cooking by myself without assistants, answering stupid customer questions, and no break in the near future. I ended up walking past one of the last functioning industrial factories in the North side. I kind of wanted to throw myself in that furnace.

A. Finkl in action is quite the site to see only because you have no idea what the fuck they're doing. Just a bunch of random equipment doing stuff to other stuff.

Finally made it after getting drenched and proceeded to start the drinking.

Started diggin around my friends collection and found some aged gems.

Here is my recent acquisition from his collection. I'll be ready for my beer goggles come any kind of natural disaster.

Only thing I did at work worth documenting.

That is an actual swordfish on display amidst all of its chopped up family and peers. Displays like this make me want to become a vegetarian sometimes.

Stopped by Chicago Burger Bar right by work to grab a burger and revel in how awesome their chalkboards look. I think they hired a retarded fat kid with two left hands to do their board.

More crap.

Thank god the food was good. Looking at the chalkwork built up quite the hater's appetite. I had the elk burger topped with a chili aioli and andouille sausage. Notice the side salad in my attempt to be semi healthy during this meal, but totally negated with the ranch dressing. Go America.

Went into work after dinner on my day off to paint what will become our new break room.

Gotta get that Lincoln Park stamp son!

This week was a shit show of a week. I worked a ton and barely had room to breathe. I missed out on a lot of fun things because I was just too tired and beat to go out. This upcoming week should be different and my groove and liver should be restored sooner than later. Until then, thanks for reading!

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