Monday, April 25, 2011

Seven Days a Week Isn't Enough

The nephew is starting to stand on his own and yelling a lot for no reason. He is turning one in one month. All hell is about to break out. I've seen him eat, make sure your finger is no where near his plate unless you want it cutely removed with his five teeth.

Good friend Tony Trimm had a good idea to score a semi free painting from me. By turning the process into a production where he'll eventually edit the live art aspect and create a sound montage behind me jerking off onto the canvas.

Tony and Roy get ready to shower together before the shoot. It's true what they say about black people, they really do have the yellow fever. Wu Tang anyone?

All set up and no where to go.

Three hours, a half bottle of bourbon, a bucket of chicken wings, and a piece pizza later, we get er done. Ill post the finished production. Now that I look at this from a far, it looks like two snails fucking out of their shell.

Back to the grind with giant mishapen chalk fruit. This whopping board is right in between the men and women restrooms. It is key to have headphones on when doing this epic board as to not hear dumb comments from day drinkers on their way to pissing or shitting or coking.

Got a new toy.

Speaking of tasty bourbons, I got to try out some recipes utilizing the only brown liquid I'll drink without shame.

Bourbon marinated pork chop, bourbon butter reduction, roasted sweet potato puree with bourbon molasses.

Crispy chicken thigh, bourbon arugula chimichurri, roasted lemon brussel sprouts with crispy garlic.

N0t to be outdone with Bourbon, Tony introduced and schooled Droooo and I on some fine scotch drinking. Disregard the frat boy sized bottle of Stoli Vodka. All I remember is how "petey" and tasty everything was. It was deceptively smooth like any fine liquor or beer. Scary how alcohol kinda fucks yah over with its smoothness. I equate it to girls hooking up with scumbags that got fooled with smooth talk, lies, and rufies.

Feeling a little "petey," we decided to head over to the much talked about Longman and Eagle...finally for me.

You'll never guess...they're stupid busy inside. Tiny open kitchen with an open dining room. It was packed so we opted to dine and drink outside. This will prove to be a good idea as we ended up getting pretty loud and drinky.

It was perfect outside as there were ample seating and only a few diners eating outside. We would soon ruin this and crowd this shit up.

So the restroom has two lockable doors - one for pissing and one for pooing or as I like to call them - doing drugs behind closed doors that lock room.

Grilled duck liver with quail egg. I forget the rest of the components of this dish because it was quite complicated. I felt bad for the food runner because she would always run out of breath after explaining what was on the dish.

Venison pate and pig face. Both were tasty but very skimpy on the other elements that came with the dish, seemed more like a garnish than elements that were supposed to work with the main part of the dish. I forgot to take a picture of the buffalo frog legs I had in the beginning which were quite tasty as well. NOT a fan of the aerated blue cheese though. I did like this gastropub and I don't mean to be hypercritical but earning a Michelin Star, youre going to want to get a little critical. I'm not going to say whether or not they deserved it, Ill just leave it at it was a very good experience worth visiting again.

Finally a little bit of muddled sun on a Sunday. Visited longtime homie Hernando out in mahfuckin Streamwood son! As you can see, it was vegetarian friendly. Nothing like breaking in a new grill and tainting it with meat juices to get er goin.

Here's the main reason i visited. Andres Orozco seeing an Asian for the first time ever. He's thrilled.

Sweet moment of the day, forcing the babies to play together so either family wouldn't look racist.

Good times seeing old friends and trying out new places is what makes Chicago fun again. Dark Lord Day is coming up this Saturday...Ill try my best to remember to take photos. Blackouts will ensue.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. that photo of tony's cabinet will be a helpful resource. good stuff.