Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Delayed Reaction.

I found it really hard to relax sitting across from the dick head wearing glasses who openly professed his absolute hatred of women's basketball. I'm not a fan of women's basketball, because its boring to me, NOT because women should not be playing sports as John Wayne Gacy bellowed out loud. He is okay "watching women's gymnastics..." WHAT THE FUCK? Legal women playing basketball is unbearable but watching 15 year old anorexic commies in tights doing gymnastics? Hmmmm.

Shaking off the previous night, it was time for Sean and the Kims wine pairing dinner. I rarely take pics of the food I make so I ended up looking like a total food nerd taking flicks during the class. Here is wine braised short ribs.

Thighs marinated in red wine, smoked, fried and ready for the mole sauce. Coq Au Mole.

Mole sauce with guajillo peppers, chocolate, almonds, and like 15 other ingredients.

Veal demi glace courtesy of Matt...HOLY FUCK was this rich and awesome.

Sketch Thursday happened this week with the regulars coming in and drawing out our favorite bollywood scenes.

Josh here speaks fondly of selling mangoes and sari's back in the day. Bombay just isn't what it used to be.

Carl and Brian are not buying the story. It doesn't help that Josh was using his Gupta voice the whole time.

This is by far the best text conversation I've had maybe ever. The first green box was a response courtesy of Tooch just joking around...as you can see the white box was not joking. I was speechless.

Nothing like starting the work day with a bunch of paper doo doo all over your desk.

It's been a while since I've had anything outside of Whole Foods. Sushi and beer was on my mind and Sasha recommended Sea Dog.

Quaint little space with tables pretty close to each other but didn't feel crowded. Only complaint was that it was LOUD AS FUCK! It didn't help that the table next to us came straight out of a Bud Light commercial.

This dickhead was the "alternative" guy in the group who wore some kind of clever hip shirt with an obscure graphic and thick rimmed glasses. He was in a group of 12 ppl but kept looking around almost every five minutes. I'm sure Pitchfork, Renegade Craft Fair, and craft beers was on your mind the whole time...I get it, you're cool bro.

After I stopped being a dick, my food came in an overly dramatic way. I had the oyster shooter done two ways and an octopus maki to start. Not bad. Not stupendous, but not bad.

The orange sperm on my plate was extra spicy mayo which was nice to have, but just so random looking. I had the sushi 101 platter having ordered spicy tuna, salmon, and white tuna. It was good. Not great, but definitely good. I would like to go back when its not so crowded and filled with douche holes. I do also appreciate how little rice is around the pieces.

A bum served us.

Not this bum who is changing pants right on North ave.

Somehow in between all of this, I was able to finish up a commission piece that I was proud of. Chris, who is now a collector of mine picked the colors and style and this is what I came up with. It's like Burger King for art.

I have a ton of these little business cards for my blog. If I'm going to pay for a cab, might as well make the most of it.

What is it with bathrooms and naked photos? Its enough that I have to shit or piss in your establishment, you want me to jerk off in there too?

Jarrett's going away party on Sunday was at Five Star bar where the whiskey flowed too easily and where the stripper pole would get touched.

No literally, they have a stripper pole inside. Say what you will about strippers, that shit is hard to make look good. All of us tried it out and we all failed miserably to try and look cool spinning.

Here's Jarrett taking one last spin for the night before he leaves for LA. This picture is as sexy as a stocky white dude spinning on a stripper pole inside Five Star.

Despite a long week/weekend, there is nothing like eating some Korean soul food courtesy of my brother's wife. This makes everything okay.

Sorry for the late entry again. Shits getting real son! Ill see you next week! Thank you all for commenting. It makes me pee in my pants a little.


  1. The swirls in that commission joint are sexy.

  2. i fucking love your blog.
    - frances with art burst chicago blog

  3. Thank you so much Frances...it'll only get better from here on out.

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