Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Indiana. Illinois. Wisconsin. Gambling. Food. Drink.

This is when signs go bad at work. I hate people who think they can "draw" or "write." It makes me angry to know that some douche hole did this and thought it was passable; probably thought so because some other douche hole peers told him or her that it was good. The conversation went something like this in my mind. "Man, I can do what the signmakers do here, check it out" 2nd person - "Whoa, I didn't know you were an artist!" 1st person - "Totally, I didnt know either." Sorry, but you fucking suck at drawing and your letters look like absolute fucking hell, go back to reheating food and under seasoning.

With that said, a small crew of us decided it would be a good idea to get outta dodge and head 30 minutes East to Indiana and lose some money at the casinos. I've always driven by the skyway McDonalds but never ventured in and taking a look at this painting, don't plan on doing so again.

Oh. Boy. Here. Comes. The. Fun.

First sign that the casino is a bad idea.

Second sign - Boob lights.

Here's Liz getting hassled cause she's under 50 and not Chinese or Black.

For all of its glitz and glamour, you can still feel the desperation and see it all around you. You can also feel all of the farts from the overwhelming senior citizens that adorned all every single inch of this over maked up whore.

So all of that moralizing and ethical crap was before I found out that they had 3 Floyds Behemoth, Dreadnaught, and Robert the Bruce on tap. Here. Comes. The. Fun.

Yes, Sex and The City has its own slot machine game based on how many gay friends you have and how many men you've slept with.

And yes, the only girl that came was on the machine for an hour or so.

So one of the featured rooms at the Horseshoe is the special "Asian Gambling Room." Are you fucking serious? Yes. There were a lot of AZN's here gambling completely fine with segregating themselves from the rest of the world...like all Asians.

Sean was ready to start begging for chips until we realized that we all have work in the morning.

Here is a rare treat. A white dude teaching an Asian dude something new about electronics. And yes that old man came from that fucking Asian gambling room.

So a few Behemoths here, a few Gumball heads there, a couple of shots here, a couple of shots there end...you end up with a photo like this. If you blur your eyes however, this disgusting white mass looks like a huge cleavage shot.

After the light turned off, we realized that it was Sean's face all along.

So after a wicked two day hangover and throwing up purple stuff, Jeanelle Hayner and I collaborated on a soup dubbed "The Italian Mistress." A remix to the Italian Wedding complete with a crispy pancetta garnish to give it a nice salt kick. This was all for a weekly winter fundraiser at the Hideout.

There were at least five other soups to try including this awesome congee soup that had a myriad of toppings.

Shawn of Shawnimals stopped in and thought it was a soup kitchen for the homeless so he dressed the part.

Karen G here had to go to Milwaukee for work the next day and I decided that I wanted to get out of town even for a little bit and even if its only like 90 minutes away. We came prepared to not talk to each other during this commute with booze, headphones and various electronics that played picture shows.

Before we parted ways, Karen reached down under her chair for no good reason and found a huge book of DVD's with over 50 movies, shows, and docs. SCORE!

Stayed at a good freinds house who lives right along the lake complete with concrete barbels.

I can't wait to visit in the summer when all of those fat molecules melt and give Milwaukee its distinct butter smell.

You know its vacation when you can play this game for hours and not feel any guilt.

Finally stepped outside for a walk and came across this public playground.

Yes, Milwaukee is more progressive with powering its public parking vessels. You have no idea how much I wanted to smash the solar panel, but I realized that I don't drive so it doesn't apply to me.

Along my walk, I noticed some old tags of mine that were "buffed." I wonder what it says.

This is how you know you're dealing with good paint. It stains.

Stopped by Milwaukee's Public Market which is kind of a glorified and overpriced food court. I got lunch here and ordered a fresh juice that I swear to god took 10 minutes to make. ITS FUCKING JUICE! SQUEEZE THAT SHIT OUT ALREADY!

I burned off the lunch by impromptu painting the foyer wall. Didn't tell them, I just thought it needed a little sumptin sumptin. I'm glad they didn't get mad. Really glad.

Milwaukee has a giant asterik.

Made dinner for Dania, Kevin and a couple of their friends and had a surprise Danish dessert. Do not be fooled, if you hear Danish and Licorice in the same sentence, do not fucking eat it. It looks weird to begin with and then once you eat it, its just a ton of salt...it is absolutely the worst thing I've actually finished and I had to finish it because it got stuck to my teeth. Not a good experience.

Untitled from Won kim on Vimeo.

Afterwards...We got really gay. Sorry Wanda Sykes

Woke up the next morning ready to hit it and quit it. Lakefront Brewery is one of Milwaukee's primary beer alongside its mammoth ugly counterparts, Miller and PBR.

The entrance was designed by the same guys who made the KKK hoods.

Brewtour about to begin.

This is where you got your balls fondled and your vag. poked. A lot of sani wipes were distributed during this tour. Gotta love Mill Town.

Heres our tour guide. This is what a hot girl looks like in Milwaukee.

Laverne and Shirley anyone?

If 32 ounces of beer wasn't enough, Kevin and I hit the "Bratwurst House" in little German town near downtown. The special was a Chicago style hot dog...AW HELL NAW. FAIL! The dog was served on a buttered pretzel bun, giardinera, no mustard, polish sized dog and the bun ripped after the second bite! Nice try dicks. The other brats were okay, nothing stellar but the free beers we got and the bar drunk made this place tolerable.

Errrrr...weird. Think Ketchup and a ton of vinegar.

Walked across the street to Germany in search of some head cheese.

SCORE. This gelatinous treat came complete with snouts and tongue as the label said. Salty and smokey, it was like a meat jello slice.

After eating head, headed over for another impromptu painting, but this time for WhyB's monthly Rick Jameson Experience party. This was the 3rd anniversary.

After being everyone's hype man, DWood got behind the tables and closed that mothafucka down! The whole No Request Crew represented. I don't have a pic of Kid Cut Up as I was painting during his set, plus there are enough whities in this post.

The homie Dwellephant hooked me up proper letting me paint on stage. He killed it with this live painting of Why B after a night of drinking.

Here's my live art thingy.

It felt good to get away regardless of how close I was to home. Having painted and cooked without stress just felt really good and natural - like it should. I got to see some old friends and really just get to do whatever the hell I wanted to do, which I haven't done in a long long time. The only bad thing is that my foot hurts like fuck again so I'm thinking my gout got flared again. I'm in pain but grateful for friends and good times.

Ill see y'all in Texas.


  1. Salt licorice. yuck. I had it when I lived in finland. yuck. I do think this is my favorite post.

  2. Thanks Yazi!
    That salk licorice was the worst shit...It gives me shivers and fears of pissing out a salk rock.

  3. Cherry juice or cherries helps with gout inflammation! Komboocha too. Dope foyer piece

  4. Kombucha? Really? Did not know that.
    Thanks for the tip!

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