Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Don't Mess With Texas Unless You Are An Immigrant.

On my way to San Antonio for Clogged Caps 7 and Midway Airport, I spotted this metallic shark ready to give the head of its life.

My flight got delayed so I thought it would be wise to grab a salad from Sprigs? I forget the name of the spot but its shtick was that it was all salad...this girl is not pregnant. I wanted to slap the shit out of her after giving me my food. What a miserable uncaring piece of diseased foreskin. These two employees of the hour were audibly making fun of customers and joking about how they didn't want to be there. Thank god I can see them making my food. Otherwise there may have been flaming cheetos powder in my salad.

After landing and having had three bloody marys prior to the flight and two on the plane, you can only imagine what my bladder was going through. San Antonio airport has these weird gray urinals, I felt weird putting my penis near something gray. Like I was pissing on a whale or dolphin.

The homie Scuba Steve picked me up from the airport where we immediately would head over to the first party for Clogged Caps at some bar that was like the size of two high school gymnasiums. Here is Cien painting a canvas to match his shirt color.

So this is when I started to get a little tipsy myself. In my defense, the other guy that started this was shroomin so I don't feel as bad putting my boobs on this character's forehead. You know what they say...one boob is always a little bigger than the other.

Stopped by my favorite taco truck complete with its own stoplight with all three lights lit to ensure safety and no confusion.

Keeping it real can be hard sometimes, but when you spell flour this way you know it's gangsta.

Stopped by Tucker's Lounge East of Downtown...any further East would be crack/meth/coke/sherm central. At least there is variety.

Really was diggin the vibe inside. Old school dive bar with decor left alone since the late 60's. The only thing updated were the white hipster bartenders...boooooooooo.

Why would you wear this for? Rodman? He ended up dressing in drag and marrying himself. I bet this dude has a ton of clothing from the 90's that finally fit and can now wear as "throwbacks," now that he isn't a fatback.

Here is Steve before and after the 48 hour Hollywood diet.

You'll never guess the name of the next bar we went to. We went to go check out the one man funk sensation known as Henry and the Invisibles. Awesome dude complete with sparkling blazer and all.

No matter how Elton Johnny he looked, dude killed it up on stage and had the whole place movin.

This has been my alarm clock this whole weekend. You can actually hear nature all around...because it's all around you and these fucking birds sounded like the multi noise guns you used to play with as a child.

These little metallic pillows had some of the best "breakfast" taco's in them. I use the quotes because they looked like regular ass tacos to me, but Steve and Vron swear they're made for breakfast and you wonder why everything is bigger in Texas.

Cool thing about this weekend is that all elements of the fest kinda collide and fuck each other. Performers check out and hang at walls and the graffers check out the shows and support. Bboys are the only shit heads that weren't really around unless the word bboy was used. Here's 2Mex showin some love and checkin out the wall before he leaves.

Too bad this is what the wall looked like. We hit a couple of snags obtaining a power sprayer to prime the wall...this is going to be a long fucking day.

Saw a cat lady reloading random bowls of food for the stray cats. Fucking hippy Subaru driving yuppy thinks that by leaving food in these bowls will help the cats. You just know that there are bums out there now fiending for cat food and lukewarm water now. It tasted aight.

After about three hours of sitting around and drinking, the power blaster arrives and is now a race against the clock to finish.

Here is Cindy's newborn representing that Sesame Street gang with the Cookie Monster hands. This is what Texans call an appetizer.

So while we waited like chumps, I figured out that we could leave the spot and not have to stare at paint drying on the wall. We went to get some Pho (eating it is a passion of mine). Where else but PHO CONG!!!!!! King Kong's AZN cousin.

This shit right here cured everything...for about 10 minutes until I almost shat my pants.

Finally got back to the wall and started painting like a crackhead.

Didn't get to finish but, I did put in a good dent.

At the afterparty which coincidentally is the wall we painted outside just two hours ago. Here are the selfish bboys being dickheads and hogging up the venue so no one can get to the stage.

Qwel waiting to perform on the stripper pole. He was jerking that rod for a good 10 minutes till he realized it wasn't a real cock.

So instead, he rapped one hell of a performance. Can't say enough about how much I like the Qwel and Maker stuff they've been doing, so I won't say anything at all.

The next day and a half was pretty much a blur with some painting and clowning happening inbetween. All I remember is Scuba Steve's 4.5lb. pork ribs and blueberry sausage. Steve's meat was pretty much in mouth the whole weekend. Salty.

Last day at CC7 so time to quickly go to all the spots and take pics of favorite pieces I won't normally get to see in Chicago. Jher 415.

Machine RTD

King 157

Not really sure but fresh tah def.

Risk MSK

Rime MSK




Gomer pt. 2

L.A. People and Detr from Atlanta I believe.

Sacred, Cents, Detour IWS. Sorry about the flick fellas, the pic does it no justice.

Some douche Revise CMW

The production is semi close to getting done. This is Monday by now mind you.


Slightly different from the start. Haste, Quake, and Supher got in beast mode and knocked out the rest of the wall by Tuesday. I don't have a completed picture, but I believe it came out well.

Since I had shit to do, thought I'd check out one more Tex Mex place and since this place was featured on one of them TV cooking show things, it was worth a shot.

SUCKED! The empanada as Exhaust said "tasted like a pepperoni hot pocket." It was a spinach cheese mushroom empanada. How does that happen?? The fish taco was alright...all very disappointing. This was to be my last meal in TX and I would later pass out on the plane and snore loud as fuck.

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