Saturday, February 19, 2011

Need To Leave Town For A Little.

You'll never guess what holiday this chalkboard is for. The fact we even consider St. Patrick's Day a holiday is kinda absurd. No one observes the holiday for its true meaning - Its like seeing douche yuppies drinking on Cinco De Mayo. It loses all meaning when everyone and anyone can wear green and be "Irish" for a day. You really need another excuse to drink profusely?

I ride the bus at least four times a day. I understand the hustle and bustle of the commute and everything that comes with it. One thing that I cannot get over is loud ass conversation on the phone like anyone gives a shit. This fucking Rockford hippie talked loud enough over my headphones about shopping and dresses. YOU CLUELESS FUCK!!! Lower your voice! You think the people surrounding you want to hear about your hippie shit scarf that gives you the power of other people giving a fuck? WRONG. This is one of many people on the bus that irk me. I was finally able to take a picture without looking like a stalker.

Beer Dinner day at work. This is one of five courses that I had to prepare for a special Goose Island Beer dinner pairing. Brined pork loin tied and ready to be smoked. Kinda exciting.

I wasn't able to take pictures of any of the food while I cooked so good friend Karen G had it in her to take pictures of each course. This is her sharting face which can be very misleading.

The salad course was paired with the Sofie - Butter lettuce, poached pear, goat cheese, candied pecans with a grapefruit parsley vinaigrette.

The Matilda - Halibut fish fry, chipotle aioli, cucumber radish slaw.

The Pepe Nero - Peppercorn crusted yellowfin tuna, micro greens, blood orange sauce.

Pere Jacques - Smoked pork loin, creamed kale, lemon herb butter.

Bourbon County - Huge oil slick on plate. Chocolate cake, Bourbon County chocolate sauce.

Here's fellow beer presenter Sean looking like some sort of molester viking in this shot and sous chef Caity wondering where Sean's hands are.

Hung out with some co workers the next day and had a post drink snack/dinner at Reza's up North in Andersonville. I had the vegetarian feast which came on a plate made for children. What is awesome is that it all came back out the same way.

They also have an staircase from biblical times that led to the bathroom. Look at this stair case! I feel like people named Ezekial, John, Zebediah and maybe an occasional Jesus may have walked down these steps.

A giant mirror for the Apostles to check them selves out before hitting the town and anointing each others feet.

Good to know that shitty hipster street art is still alive. Amusing but still looks like a retarded paraplegic child with three fingers on each hand on a wheelchair did these. To each their own I guess.

Went to Butterfly Social Club to check out the homies ShaZam Bangles and Intel play. The night was fine except for this pink mess on heels.

You can see the pink, what you cannot see is the dog leash complete with chain around her neck. This is certainly new to me.

Not sure if the dude is her pimp or man, but seeing a girl on a leash in front of other people is something that is better off behind closed doors or at an OCB. Fucking weird. What's next, a portable hydrant to piss on in the club?

Amidst the human pet mess, I got to take a sip of this gluten free beer and then spit it right back out. I feel bad for people allergic to gluten because this shit be NASTAY!

Here's ShaZam getting his groove on in front of hippy sheets he brought from his house. "The colors brah, the colors."

This dude barely fits in the frame. I couldn't stop thinking that under his jacket would be a walrus's body with a human face. Its one PM when I took this picture.

Stopped by my beloved Map Room over in Bucktown. I was totally spoiled living one block away from here for two years. Now its a fucking journey to get over here. It's stayed the same forever with the same great list of drafts and bottled beer.

With that said, had this beaut of an IPA. Real smooth but bold finish. Went great with the fifty pretzel rods I had while sipping this beer.

Went to Darkroom to check out the homie Butta aka Hashbrown play his one man band set. I really can't ever say anything mean about this guy cause he's the most genuinely nice person in this city. Always positive, doing positive things and have always been a supporter of mine for years. Rare to come across talent and personalities like him. Only funny thing I have to say about him is that he smells like incense, so maybe he has a lot of gas? haha?

Untitled from Won kim on Vimeo.

Untitled from Won kim on Vimeo.

I really liked his rendition of Electric Relaxation. The audio is ruined a little by my stupid conversation with Uncle El...talkin about nothing per usual. Please check more out here.

It was a great weekend filled with rain, clouds, and getting things done. Thanks for comments and taco recommendations! I'm grateful for friends in this city and all of its talents and plan to keep making fun of it.
Hope y'all had a good weekend as well. New post Mondays!


  1. i know I read this but all I can remember is pork loin and oil slick chocolate cake

  2. i avoided the pairings at whole foods just because those events are so crowded these days (for good reason), but now i regret not making it out—looks delicious.

  3. Andrew, just give me a heads up if anything in the kitchen sounds interesting. Tom and Sarah had a great time. Devlin, you dont even know how good the combo was.