Monday, February 14, 2011

I Fuck Winter in the Face.

Attended an employee party at the Bottom Lounge where I volunteered to help out...ended up manning the raffle ticket area for over 1500 employees. Nothing like beer, free food, prizes, pinball and forced comradery to make you feel warm and nauseous on a Wednesday night.

The best part of the night was realizing that Bottom Lounge used to be one of a friend's party spot back in the day. This is the only thing remaining from the original loft. Brought me back to awkwardly falling down the stairs after some of the parties. Now its a haven for yuppies who want to feel "street" "hood" "urban" "minority."

It was that time of the month when Sketch Thursday occurs. Its always a good time with a panel of fine artists who take this time to catch up on projects, shoot the shit, or go diarrhea in the blue lit bathroom of Lokal. Here is Ways showing us what Sketch Thursday is all about, a character inhaling a sperm snake.

FRIDAY FUNDAY = Cleaning the office usually and as you can see by this shit pile created by Sam and I, its been a long week. Yes, this is one week of garbage and this is only the front room. This awesomeness is only matched by the song that we always play when cleaning the office. In honor of the song, we also are mute and gesture wildly.

Hey don't forget flowers. We get busy around here so its always a treat when a chalkboard that we are proud of gets put to use. Sucky thing is that all of the hype that this one shit show of a holiday gets is more attention than Black History Month will ever get. I can't wait for Asian History Month where I'm sure the national bring your pet to work day will get more love.

After my one minute of feeling compassion for other races, I went outside and saw this shit pile of snow and realized that I hate everything.

Stopped by the homey Tom G's house to chill, eat, and drink some stellar beers as is the norm at his house. Him and Sarah are awesome people with a young taste in art which is hard to find in Chicago as is proven with this awesome Dave Kinsey print.

As I went to pee however, I saw this even more awesome print of a nekked Sarah Palin sporting a machine gun. Is this not America in a nut shell? Also, check out the awesome positioning of my reflection. My face is on her Alaskan coochie.

Had this beaut of a beer while there. A sour brewed with Rasberries. So freaking good and refreshing, I felt like a small child eating sour patch kids for the first time.

Also did a blind IPA tasting as is the standard for beer geeks apparently to truly rate a beer by taste rather than hype. I ended up liking girls over dudes so I sat this contest out.

Ended up taking the train home buzzed and bored. This is what I do with leftover stickers on the train.

Ended up working another shift over at the Drawing Room down town during Valentine's day weekend after working a half day over at the food hole. Here is what a bunch of once flying animals look like cut up, cooked and seasoned deliciously.

Just waiting to burn arms, fingers, and make me look like a flapping piece of labia.

The dinner rush went fairly smooth with a solid head chef, and his line cooks that rocked hard during the rush of douchey couples that wanted to show love by watching each other eat food that would eventually turn to turd. Here is the Sous and Head Chef enjoying a true culinary delicacy - the BIG MAC.

So whilst eating this atrocity, Nick quickly realized that there was something different with his Big Mac. His patty was missing from the first tier which begs the question - how hard is it to fucking make a Big Mac? There's a fucking song about it. As is evident by this picture, it can be quite difficult for some. What kind of a fuck up do you have to be to mess this up? Bread on bread? Something is seriously wrong with this. It may seem trite to some but dang...This moron should just kill him or herself right now. If you're too stupid to assemble a Big Mac correctly, you can't be anything but a waste of breath.

Woke up early the next morning to er...take a walk around some freight trains somewhere and take pictures of only a few select freights that I dont know who did.

Hey did you know that the Grammy Awards were on? I didnt know until I got home and realized that my nephew fell asleep to it. He fell asleep watching the goo goo gaa gaa bee bee boo boo band or some shit I've never heard of performing on stage.

I wished my Sunday night ended there, however I needed to pick up these beauties from the homie Fonseca. I'll be reppin it hard doing gay culinary things. Er, that's what she said?

Met him at Beauty Bar where the eerily pink dance room made me feel like I was in a cavernous pussy, a senior citizen's mouth or someones fat stomach. Either way I was blushing.

Plantains or Green Card?

Why not enter the drunken spelling contest while I was here? I got past two round before I was shut down hard by what sounded like the word"broche."

BROOCH??????? REALLY????? WHAT THE FUCK? Can a brotha get a sentence, origin or word, definition or maybe a correct spelling on what the hell this word is? I swear to God one of the words was soccer and I get BROOCH! Sounds like an immigrant trying to say Bush. Whatevs, I got two free shots out of it.

Sorry for not posting on Monday. I kinda slipped and had to work on some shit. The comments have been lovely and I am grateful for people posting. Thank yous! I do read all comments and Devlin, I plan on checking out your taco joints son!


  1. that tbox was posted on flickr yesterday or monday night. slick WAYS sketch.

  2. Ways really has had a thing for drawing sperms over the years it's rather strange...

  3. I always thought Brooch was spelled "Broach", you need to hang around more elderly gold coast brauds apparently.

  4. this is my new favorite blog.

  5. We've long been inspired by urban art and have finally created a collection that pays homage to this secret addiction of ours!