Monday, February 7, 2011

Did You Hear That It Snowed?

Started off the week with a classic American Tradition, eating tacos. Pre "Snowpocalypse," Pre "Snowtorious B.I.G. My long time friend Sang and I for some odd reason decided eating at three taco places to taste compare was a normal thing to do. Here is the first spot West of Blue Island. Very subtle. They also owned a laundromat across the street with the exact same lit sign, taco illustrations and all. Weird.

I read JUGOS, and thought it was spanish for "jugs," slang for boobs. So disappointed when I ordered one and saw weird painted fruit in a cup.

I can appreciate all of the colorful signs and the one color clientele...brown. JUGOS, everywhere.

This is what I love about true taco joints. The pickles and variety of sauces. Nevermind where the fork came from, as long as there is vinegar and spice on the table, I would use a rat's anus to pick up these veggies.

Feeling a little adventurous and bored with my life, I opted to try the goat, steak, and pork tacos. Sang got five fucking tacos here. I was full as hell at two. Reminder that there are two tortillas to each taco...Sang swears by this taco spot in the city. It was good and all, but I felt the pork was pretty bland and the goat was goaty. The barbocoa was greasy and bland as well. A bit far for what it was for me. I should try the laundromat across the street by the same name and sign to make a full assessment.

Next up is the renovated Tio Luis Taco's in Blue Island in the South side as well. This was my choice for tacos in the Southside. I remember coming here for the same vat of vinegared pickles and accoutrements. Sang wasn't satisfied with my assessment of his taco joint so we had to go to a choice of my liking.

I can appreciate the chips and individual bowls for salsa so you don't all contaminate each other.

Still full as hell from the previous taco haven, we opted for the sample platter of five mini tacos to taste the proteins and compare. There were more steak choices, however they did use flour tortillas which is a big faux pas in the world of tacos in my opinion. It's sort of gringo in my opinion. They were tasty but not like I remembered them from a few years back. Maybe the three animals I had before coated my taste palette but they were just OK. Sang wasn't impressed as he is never really impressed with anything in life except for seafood out West.

His heart stopped for a second eating the fourth mini taco. I tried to do my part but I can feel the butt baby poking out in my pants.

Not satisfied with his taco craving, we decided to check out Big Star up in Wicker Park. I've been here before plenty of times recently so I didn't have to taste the tacos. Thank the Lord.

I do get my favorite drink in the world though. The Michelada. I just wish they served you a bigger glass so you can enjoy the full can of Tecate with all of the additions that make the shit beer decent.

It's pretty hip and full of well dressed 20-30 somethings. Since its all cool and chic in there, I felt terribly out of place. OH, I also have slanted eyes so I feel out of place everywhere.

Sang got the pork belly taco and fish taco. This would be his 9th and 10th taco of the night. I feel bad for his toilet.

So, you may have heard and seen that it snowed like the world was going to end. Every single facebook posting was a pic of the storm or just plain snow. Awesome. This is when my gout flare acted up as well which was good timing because I couldn't really move! So I just drew, ate, and watched a ton of TV. I kinda liked snowpocalypse.

I'm not messing around. Shit hurts like fucking hell. Wearing this thing in 2 ft of snow catching 2 buses and walking six blocks is no fun. Fucking art.

The group show I got to participate in was a lot of fun and surprisingly crowded considering the weather and impending drinkathons that were to come with Superbowl around the corner.

Art all up in this bitch.

I really liked this piece. "Hipster Lincoln" was the title. Totally. Very well composed.

There I am. Me rikey the pinky. Matches my dildo.

Here I am part deaux.\

The more and more it got crowded, the more and more I got socially awkward. I just drank and stared at people looking at my pieces to see if they were talking smack. I ended up just looking creepy and stalkerish. WHAT ELSE IS NEW?

Miss Sara Jean is like sooooooooooo over it. Joey Potts got excited watching me eat a hot dog at an art show.

Joe was equally impressed and intrigued. White people do look alike.

Karen and Stump keeping it real...

Real white.

Drunkenly hobbling to the bus station, I almost cried seeing this, but started laughing because I imagined the ridiculous falling of a drunk yuppy sooooooooooo ready to get his eat on, instead biffed and left all of this pizza on the ground.

Fuck the Police.

So I did end up watching the Super Bowl, but as a Chicagoan and football fan - I have never cared less for a Super Bowl. So I ended up drinking a ton of light beer and passing out watching my new favorite show - Party Down on Starz.

This post may seem kind of light, but my foot hurt like fuck and the snow was no joke! These are the kind of winters I remember growing up here in the late 80's - early 90's. My foot is better and its starting to get busy again so here we go!

Thanks for reading! I really do appreciate it. I like feedback even more! Lemme know. Shout out to Drooooo for always responding to posts! I do appreciate it!


  1. i think i've seen you in that boot before—damn dude. i've not met stump before. interesting name. i had every intention of making it to oh no doom, but beer was involved. as well as guests. and then tacos came up ironically. so, yeah. glad it received a good turnout.

    tacos for life.

  2. speaking of taco's, is it me or has La Pasadita fallin the fuck off? Maybe I had a bad night, but last time it was shite... still havent tried Big Star cuz my wallet dont wanna let me spend $3+ on a taco.

    I hope you got good gout meds mang, my doc had me on Allopurinol 100mg's a day, but I stopped after 2 weeks, not because of anything other than being a forgetful dumbass, havent had a flare up in a long ass minute tho... you should holler at the pilipinos they know all about the gout apparently.. yup all flips know about gout, and gambling.

    good read, needs more hate tho.

  3. Party Down is the shit! I'm just discovering it, myself.

  4. stupid gout.

    stupid filipinos.

    stupid north side tacos.

  5. Stupid gout...agreed!

    Stupid filipinos....only certain ones ;)

    Stupid north side tacos...garcia's is still the shit!!! literally...

    Hope your foot's feeling better!

  6. you really need to try carmelitas taqueria in uptown. their pork tacos and salsa verde are phenomenal.