Monday, January 17, 2011

My New Phone Has a Video Camera

Untitled from Won kim on Vimeo.

And I fucking love it. Apparently I'm not the only one...

Worked a shift over at The Drawing Room downtown in the Gold Coast. Got two nice blisters on both thumbs and almost accidentally stabbed one of the food runners. Just another day in the life of I guess. I would dunk myself in a bathtub of this cilantro puree and eat my way out.

Went to a local bar called Ten Cat which is a gem in the Lakeview/Wrigleyville/West Lakeview/White People area. This old school bar dons quite a few choices of booze and a homely interior with pool, pinball, and and the most average but happy looking crowd I've ever seen.

Also stopped by the Long Room right across the street where I came across this amazing publication cleverly called "WASSUP." Need I say more?

Doing two bars in one night can take its toll on an ol' timer like myself starting his 30's. So I walked through the drive through at a Popeye's Chicken and ordered the most amazing meal I've had in a while...a piece of the chicken I gave away in a ride home ended up chillin on the window. That's how amazing this chicken is. It hung in there for a week.

Its that time of year when WBEZ puts on its official Hip Hop Winter Block Party. It has been a the Biograph Theater in Lincoln Park the past few years but finally found a new home at the Chicago Urban Art Society in Pilsen. I had a couple of pieces in the art side of things.

How awesome and reminiscent is this for a Korean male?

Along with the Cross Colour fades, there was collection of old school House and Hip Hop flyers from Chicago. Amazing how pristine these flyers were. Brought back a lot of awkward memories thinking about practicing the house tracks in front of a mirror, oversized Starter windbreakers and getting beat up.

I'm on the upper left. There was an awesome collection of artwork there from the likes of Miguel "Kane" Aguilar, CZR PRZ, Chris Silva, Ray Noland, Ruben Aguirre Jr, just to name a few of my faves.

Here is my other piece which was dubbed "The Hip Hop Penis" by some "friends."

Holy Soul Survivor bat man. That pic reminds me of the pic from Spaceballs: The Movie when they start combing the desert.

Vintage marker and spray paint collection. I would love to have this whole thing in my house. Where I can huff paint from all kinds of decades...can you imagine?

My favorite piece of the night...freaking sold super fast of course. Ruben Aguirre Jr. has skills. What a dick.

There were all kinds of memorabilia at this space. Including Dzine's personal boombox collection. Fuck an Ipod, gimme a boombox, ski goggles, and a pair of headphones the size of my shoes, so I can clearly look like an immigrant.

Can you imagine carrying around your boombox playing a 12" That, my friend is fucking hardcore about music.

Now here is a motto that will never get old.

Queen Nuntida here really got in the spirit by getting in touch with her hip hop roots cutting up a curtain from Target. She was later seen doing a rain dance right outside the venue.

So soundcheck was goin on and everyone had to clear the main room including staff. I have no idea how I got shuffled into this but I ended up feeling like we were hiding from immigration. Green card anyone?

Getting into the Latin spirit, cake was presented and a party was had.

Thank god sound check was done, the next step would have been beating the crap outta these pinatas.

Made some stickers to promote the blog. Put up a lot of these Saturday night. Made me feel a little better about myself calling a stranger an asshole in print.

This is what I love and hate about technology. I put up some stickers on the train and these young people read it and immediately wanted to see what it was you can tell by this gentle creature's face, it wasn't impressive on his friends phone. "Oh, its just someone's blog," THE WEB ADDRESS HAS THE WORD BLOGSPOT IN IT, what the fuck you think it was, a Windsor knot tying school for scarves??? Either way it was pretty awesome to be able to hear their discontent right next them. Pure honesty.

Gave Bangers and Lace another chance as the first time didn't really impress me too much. The second time around was a little better with way better beer choices than the first time I went. I was a little too distraught by the West Side Story back up dancer pictured above that the last thing I wanted to eat were "bangers."

I got outta there after drinking some heavy hitting beers so I met up with some buddies at a house party and decided that it was time to gamble. This game called tourney or shutting the box or whatever was pretty sweet. I don't feel like explaining the rules so just google it.

Untitled from Won kim on Vimeo.

It does get pretty intense and here is a clip of Miss Sara Jean killin it. I also won twice and walked outta there with 60 bucks. Hell yeah alcohol and gambling.

Ecstatic with a Bear's win, the gang and I decided to head out for some sushi over at Butterfly on Grand ave.
A decent BYOB with both Thai and Japanese dishes. Eating Pad See Ewe next to a spicy tuna roll was a little weird, but I got over it whilst drinking my Hop Juice.

Two bottles of wine, three bombers of strong beer, and a ton of good times later - we ended up at Richard's Bar near Halsted on Grand. This old school haven for beer is one of my favorite places to hang. No pretentions, no club wear, and blue collar to the tee. Good jukebox, drunks dancing - An old school Chicago joint.

We classied the joint with Jackie ordering a round of "RED" wine.

What a fucking week. Started the week with a 12 hour day from cooking to chalkboards. Here is the latest for Goose Island for the brewpub shoot out this Saturday.

I promised to post more, and I'm going to keep my word on this. Fucking January is almost over which means that there is more and more work that is going to happen. Ill try my best to keep documenting the drinks, eats, art, and whatever the hell else I can get into. Thanks for reading!!!


  1. It has been a long running dream of Maker and me to appear in the pages of Wassup magazine. We DJd in Aurora for like 3 years and they never ever took us up on our offer to appear on the cover for free. We'll keep dreaming. One day. One day.

  2. That is hilarious. I dont think they let brown people in the magazine.

  3. i think my mom has that same dashiki from back in the day. nice!

  4. I was shooting pictures at Liberty Lounge once and everyone there thought I was shooting for Wassup Magazine. They were so happy at the thought that the magazine was covering them.

  5. The spray can collection is awesome (like the other stuff). I don´t have many old spray cans left unfortunately... but for the vintage markers: they don´t look vintage, just heavily used. And I´m an expert for markers...